Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Stopping in...

Hi all,

I know I said that I'd be posting more often but time has gotten away from me!  I spent a couple of weeks this month rearranging my living room, my bedroom and my daughter's bedroom, adding more storage to closets and creating more space in general.  I've sold a few things and bought a few things :)   Gone from my living room is the old Singer sewing machine table that I was using for my tv (sold it); in it's place is my dry sink that I had crammed into my kitchen.  Since my house is small and I have a lot of stuff I've decided that any piece of furniture coming into the house has to have storage.  The dry sink is working out so well, holding all of our dvd movies and I love how it looks.  I did have to figure out a way to actually set my tv on it so I took the tray that I refinished 2 years ago and set it in the sink part and put my tv on top.  Works like a charm!   Here's a pic.. I was concerned that the dry sink would look too big in this space but I think it's just perfect.

I've discovered Picker Sisters.. as seen on the tv screen.. lol.. awesome show!

In addition to trading one tv stand for another, I removed my "coffee table" from the living room, which was actually my daughter's trunk which never fit in her bedroom before I re-arranged it; it fits in there quite nicely now.  I'm amazed at how much space she has now!

Once the trunk was moved, I got rid of my couch which was too big for the space, kept the love seat and purchased a gently used chaise lounge.  I found a great piece at a yard sale a couple of weeks ago to use as a coffee table.  I think it's a trunk, but with drawers instead of a lift-up top, it could also be considered a low dresser.  What do you think?


Love it! 

Thanks for stopping by, I will definitely try to post more frequently :)