Monday, May 30, 2011

Christie Lake Antique Show


Happy Monday everyone and a Happy Memorial Day to all my American friends!!  Hope everyone had a great weekend.

I wanted to share pics that I took at the Christie Lake Antique Show this weekend.  This show happens twice a year, in May and September at the Christie Lake Conservation Area near Dundas, Ontario which is outside of Hamilton.  There are approximately 300 vendors selling pretty much everything you can imagine.  Enjoy the pics! Smile


Entering the field.. lots of people!  It had rained the night before and everything was muddy and the day was overcast, chilly and damp, then it warmed up and was humid.. lol..


I loved this booth but wasn’t sure about taking pics.. so I stayed back a bit.  Her prices were very high…  those apple ladders leaning against the tree were over $200.. each!!  The items were nicely redone, looked like everything was Briwaxed Smile.  Loved everything!


Lots of treasures!


Too many people, couldn’t get a good pic Smile


Tons of eye candy!


I loved this display of old doors and windows.  The prices were excellent, in the $20-30 range!


I loved this booth, they had nice displays and the prices were pretty reasonable.. I asked if I could take pics…  lol


Basket full of enamelware..


More enamelware stacked in a trunk.. I loved the white medicine cabinet sitting on the white table but didn’t want to pay $50.. I think the bedframe on the left was only $50, great buy for the right person!


Love the scooter, small table and child’s rocker


I loved this display of type trays, they were a great deal at only $20 each!  Excellent price if you collect them but I don’t so I just took my pics and kept going..



I was really drawn to these displays of the same item.. the sap buckets were selling for $5 each


Beautiful booth reminiscent of French country style.  The chairs were recovered in grain sacks; I love the effect of the rustic fabrics with the more ornate wood frames.  Beautiful!




Who doesn’t love these old apothecary cabinets? There were a lot of these in various sizes and shapes, all very expensive!


Another lovely display, these water buckets were about $25 each.

There were so many beautiful and interesting things at this show but the items that I really wanted were more than I was willing to pay.  I did get a few items:


Old cheese box almost identical to the one I already have.. but this one is shorter


I’ll be sanding the box smooth and Briwaxing it, or I might paint it then sand off most of the paint.. so many possibilities!


Someone told me that the beige enamelware was hard to find.  This must be true as this coffee pot was one of the few beige pieces I came across.  I love the green trim and the chip on the front.  They were asking $18 for this and $20 for the cheese box but we settled on $32 for both pieces.  I thought that was pretty reasonable.


Random hook I found at the booth with the windows and doors, he wouldn’t budge on the $5 price so I paid it, I love the shape and the chippy old paint.  I did come across another booth with lots of these and they were also asking $5 so I knew I hadn’t overpaid.

Hope you enjoyed the pics, I had a great day out with my daughter… makes life worth living Red heart

Have a great week everyone!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother’s Day!!

Wow.. two posts in one day!  Open-mouthed smile

Just wanted to share pics of my Mother’s Day flowers that my lovely daughter (who turned 21 just one week ago!) gave to me today.  She had to work today but since she’s working at a nursery for the summer and they carry fresh flowers, she had a bouquet made up for me!  Her bff works there too and her mom is now enjoying the same bouquet.. LOL. 


Gorgeous isn’t it??  Pink stargazer lily with 3 unopened buds, a lovely large pink rose, pink and yellow filler flowers and greens… LOVE !!


Another view showing the pink gerbera daisy.. these are my favourite flowers!! 

I also took some close-up pics..





Aren't they gorgeous?  I just love fresh flowers!!  Hope all the moms enjoyed their day! 

I’m still here!!

Hi all!! 

I haven’t done a post in months as you probably already know, but I will try to get back to a semi-regular routine.  I had a difficult winter which I prefer not to discuss and had considered closing the blog down completely.  I may still do that but in the meantime I’m going to do some posts until I decide one way or the other. 

This post will be relatively short, a cheese box re-do that I actually finished up last summer but never got a chance to post.  I just checked a previous post and realize that I did post a pic that had the box in it, but didn’t feature the box itself.

This was purchased for 50 cents at a rummage sale and had 2 layers of paint on it, a horrible peach on top of a seafoam green (oh, the 80s!  lol).  I think it sat in my shed for at least a  year and perhaps two before I decided that I really wanted to get it stripped and stained.


Here’s a view of the top, I love the split in the wood!


It was a very tough job to get the paint off and I almost ruined it by using the wrong tool for the job.  I did keep working on it to remove my mistake and it worked for the most part… but I’m not telling anyone what I did wrong, so let’s hope you don’t notice!  Open-mouthed smile  I did have to leave bits of the green paint on the lid but I think it looks great and adds to the fact that it’s an old piece.

Here it is!  I love the grain that I was able to uncover (no idea of the type of wood but it’s not overly thick).  I finished the outside of the box with Briwax but I left the inside as it was, as I’m not using it for storage at the moment…  and by the time I got to this point I had almost tossed it to the curb!!  


Here’s the lid with the split and bits of green paint.. love it!


Thanks for checking in with me again, I do appreciate it.  Future posts will feature my bathroom re-do, more refinishing projects and another travel post… Smile

Wishing all moms a very Happy Mother’s Day!!