Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ohio.. and an upcycled jewellery holder :)

Happy Thursday!!

Hope everyone is doing well and had a great long weekend... Thanksgiving for my fellow Canadians and Columbus Day for my US friends :)    My daughter and I went to Ohio on Friday and came home Sunday.  We got to Columbus a bit later on Friday than planned so we found a hotel then went shopping.  If you've never been, there is an amazing shopping mall called Morse Crossing (I think :)  .. since I didn't expect to come across this mall I didn't have my camera with me!  It was really cool, had a lot of high-end stores, some "regular" stores.. lol.. a theatre, a large fountain and some clever lighting.  It looked like a village.... we loved it!!!  

The next day we got going around noon and took our time driving to Berlin.  I think we got there around 2 pm and went from store to store, taking in the beautiful displays and discovering some great craft ideas ;)  ..   There is a store called 1817 House (it's in the oldest house in Berlin!), and they're having a clearance sale with everything at 40% off.. here's what I got:

A cute little prim tree, a blown-glass owl ornament, 2 chocolate molds and 2 rolls of antique silver garland.  I love it all, and can't believe that I didn't spend a lot more money.  I decided to get what I wanted and not be too impulsive.  It's so hard to do when shopping in the US, but I managed..  lol.  It was a gorgeous weekend, we had great weather and had a really fun time together.  The best part is that she drove a lot of the way, her first time driving in the US! 

Now on to my upcycled project... I've been looking at the jewellery holders in the stores and of course being a prim lover and a crafter, just couldn't see paying for one of those mass-produced holders that most likely would fall apart in short order.  So I was Googling and saw a great idea for an old rake head, and realized I had one!  Out in the garden.... in the dirt.  Yuck!  Well out I went the other night in the pitch dark, fumbling for this rake head...  you knew I was going to do that, didn't you?  lol.. well, I found it, brought it in and cleaned it really well.  The next day I sprayed it with clear Krylon, glued my plaster fleur-di-lis (which had been hanging on my bedroom wall) on the handle, and added a piece of brown grosgrain ribbon for it to hang from then added my necklaces and some bracelets... I LOVE how it turned out!

Here's a close-up of the rake head:

Hope this little project inspires you, enjoy your weekend :)


  1. Great job on picking up some awesome pieces on your shopping trip! I love it all! You showed great restraint especially with it being on clearance, lol.

    Neat idea on your jewelry holder. It turned out really cute! I have an old rake head that belonged to my dad that is hanging on my family room wall. Dad thought it was so silly that I would want it on my wall. Maybe if I hang jewelry on it, he won't think it's so silly, haha.

    Glad to see you posting again girl! I just don't have time for Facebook like I used to so I've been missing you!

  2. Thanks Angie!!

    Miss you too girlie, happy you keep a watch on my blog ;)

    I was kicking myself after I left that store, I wish I'd bought more garland :( oh well.. will have to get creative I guess!

    You can always hang scarves from your rake if the jewellery doesn't work for you! lol

    Take care xoxo


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