Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Spring all!

Hey everyone! 

Wow.. seriously slacking on my posting!  I love the nice warm weather we've been getting but it's usually during the day, Monday to Friday when I'm stuck inside at my desk and can't really enjoy it.. then I just feel wiped out by the time I get home!.  Can't wait till I get my mojo back and can get out and start working on the yard sale finds from last year that are still sitting in the shed.

Last Saturday it was really cold, we had little pellets of hard snow coming down at one point!  So I'm really hoping for some warm days ahead soon.

This Saturday I have a couple of friends coming over to help dig up some of my yard.  I ended up with another house that had no landscaping!  This is probably not a good choice for someone who's not a gardener.  I've been working on it the past two summers and not getting far!  One side of my yard is chain link fence and since I do prefer privacy I have tried to plant things that will grow on the fence or provide a hedge but it's been slow going.  I found someone selling bushy little white cedar trees for $3 a piece and went out and chose 20.  He prefers you to dig and take them but that didn't quite work for me so for another $50 he'll dig them up and deliver them, along with a maple tree I got for $15.  Great deals!!  So on Saturday I hope to get the whole area beside the chain link fence dug up and turned over and ready to take the new bushes.. hope the neighbours aren't offended!  lol :)

Not much else going on right now.  I don't have pics to post so I'll cut this short to prevent rambling!!

Supposed to go to Michigan Sunday to help my friend find some baby items.. so hopefully I'll find some great deals for me and can post them!

Enjoy the weekend, I really hope it warms up!!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Hi all!

Once again, I am way behind in my posts!  I'm also behind in reading so I hope to get caught up this week!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!  My daughter, her half-brother and I went down to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee for the long weekend (added a couple of days for travel :) and had a great time!  My daughter and I had been down there for the Easter weekend in 2007 but her brother had never been before.  Once again I rented a cabin in the mountains, we went to Dollywood and to Gatlinburg.  Unlike 3 years ago, we had fabulous weather, I was so happy!!
Check out these pics!

Please check out my selling blog for new items!  I take paypal now, makes things so much easier!  I created two new posts, with pics that I took in Paris and New Orleans.. there are so awesome shots that would work well in a prim home or give as gifts.

Well, going to cut this short, but I’ll try to post again this week!

Have a great week :D