Sunday, January 31, 2010

Wishful thinking!!

I was inspired by a Facebook group I joined called “A PLACE FOR US PRIM GALS TO SHOW OFF THE PRIMITIVES IN OUR HOUSE”. There are so many gorgeous prim things in these rooms that I’m overwhelmed! I haven’t uploaded any pics yet, my rooms aren’t nearly as beautifully prim but I’m certainly enjoying the gorgeous pics!

I’ve decided to compile a wish list of things that I want to get someday. I’ve gotten the pictures from the internet; just hoping that I don’t infringe on anyone’s copyright!

antique stove

I hate to cook, but I would LOVE to have one of these antique reproduction stoves like this beautiful white one above.. and here’s another one:


This one is a wood-burning cookstove.. isn’t this cool??? I think I could figure it out!

One of my long-standing wishes would be to obtain one of these gorgeous antique wooden ice boxes. I have seen a couple in my city at a reasonable price but they weren’t in very good condition. Think I’ll wait until I have the money to buy what I want. This one is gorgeous and has 3 doors, most have 2 and some have 1 door on front and a door on top where the ice was dropped in.

I’ve wanted a “granny door” or wooden screen door for years! I have the hinges but haven’t gotten the door. Here’s a picture of one that’s being used as a pantry door.. clever idea! Other options: laundry room or linen closet, just back the door with homespun and you’ll hide the “stuff” behind the door. Of course, you can just use it on the front of your house as it was originally intended :D

I also love pie safes with punched tin panels like this one. I like the simplicity of the 2 doors and the little drawer at the bottom.

What collection would be complete without a dry sink? I really love this one, maybe in a different colour!

Now a wet one! This would look great with a skirt of homespun! Now where would the dishwasher go???


There are so many wonderful antiques that I’d love to own some day. I don’t like to cook but I would love to have a great big kitchen to decorate. My dream is an “unfit” kitchen like they had before built-in cupboards were standard, more like a big old farmhouse kitchen (think The Waltons kitchen!). Of course, I’m not Olivia Walton so I would need my microwave (oh wait, it died last week .. wahhhhhhh… send flowers please! ;) .. a dishwasher, toaster, blender, fridge etc..

Now on to my non-furniture wish list!!

Brown Tahitian pearls.. oh my!!

Which I could just pick up myself in Tahiti! I KNOW!! Breathtaking isn’t it??? Remember everyone, this is still my wish list! :( Can you just imagine waking up to this? Gorgeous!

Ok, one more just to keep the torment going.. hahaha..

Well now that I’m depressed.. LOL.. have a great day all :D

Favourite things..

I’ve been slacking so much on my blog!!!  I finally finished and mailed my swap item.. a few days ago.. so I can’t use that excuse any more!  LOL

I thought I’d share a few of my favourite things with you.  You may have seen this in other posts.. my Hoosier (actually made by the Hoosier company, who was the first company to add the flour sifter).  I think this one was made in the 1920’s but I couldn’t find a date on it.  I have a fabulous wooden swan on the top that I coveted from a store called Crate Designs.. not sure if you have them in the US, I just know this swan was really expensive.  Finally got it several years ago, I just love it!  Next to the swan is a great checkerboard I bought at an outdoor festival a number of years ago.. again it was very expensive but I HAD to have it!  Then there is the snowlady and her chair that I had sitting on the floor beside my Christmas tree (the real one).. a Christmas stocking stitchery that stays up all year and a little wooden light with a silicone bulb. 


Here is a close-up of the “countertop”.  I just moved a few things around today, added a piece of burlap as a runner and moved the round braided mat from the kitchen.  The saltbox sitting under the flour bin is one of the unfinished paper mache ones I got a couple months back at Hobby Lobby in Michigan on one of my cross-border shopping trips.  I painted the roof and base black and the house rust red.  I know it should have a light in it, haven’t gotten around to it yet :) ..  in front of it is a mason jar with a candle holder that sits on the lip of the jar and holds a tealight.  In front is an old metal tray found at a yard sale that I painted black and added some spices to for texture.  I’ve added several small homespun rag balls and some cinnamon heart bowl fillers plus a larger crackled ball; I made all of these :D.  At the back, I added a dowelled frame that I found at a yard sale last year with two little pieces of homepun hanging on.  Next to that, I have a great prim towel that I purchased months ago from a talented coworker.  She stitched on a cute Raggedy Ann plus some hearts and added a border of homespun.  Love it!!  It’s hanging on a built-in towel rack.. what an ingenious idea!  I’ve also moved my little wooden paddle and pantry cake that I received in a swap with my friend Sandy back in November.. I think it looks cute here in front of my candlestick lamp.  Hanging from one of the upper cupboards is a cute grungy Annie. 


Beside the Hoosier is another of my favourite things, my one-room schoolhouse desk.  I love this piece!!!  My house is very small so it was a challenge finding room for these two items.  Since I cut a hole in the wall between the kitchen and living room (see that here), I lost a solid wall that would have been perfect for the Hoosier .. the other wall has a random window in it and the other two have cabinets and appliances.... oh well, I like it in the living room!!  I don’t have a whole lot on it, some dolls on the seat, a wooden teacher doll on top, a wooden apple in the inkwell as well as a little stack of wooden books.  I also have a silver tray with a brush, comb and mirror set sitting on top.. can’t see these but they are sitting at the base of my little light that I also got from Sandy  :)


Another of my favourite things are old windows.  These ones were bought at a yard sale for $5 each.. I was trying to get them for a lot less but she wouldn’t budge!  They are still sitting in the shed, haven’t decided what to do with them but windows with this many panes are hard to come by so I’m not giving them up anytime soon!


I also love this one that I have hanging over my head.. this one’s been following me for a while :D  I also LOVE this paint colour.  I had a lovely green that I used in this room and my last 2 bedrooms and it was time for a change.  This one is called Caramel Apple from Benjamin Moore’s classic line (assuming I’m remembering correctly.. lol).  It is quite dark but really pretty.  Woo.. I’m brave !  :D


Now just a few little things… my favourite drink (not a coffee or tea drinker!):

My favourite chocolate bar (yes that’s what we call them up here… lol).  If you’ve never had these, you are missing out!!  These are waaaaaaaay better than M&M plain!!!  I promise!

My favourite chips:

Favourite chick flicks (and I am NOT a huge fan of chick flicks!).. Bridget Jones’ Diary.. both of them!

Lastly…. my favourite city (no surprise there!):077

Thanks for stopping by!


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What is January??

We’re past halfway into the month.. so I figured I’d try to have something interesting to say about this month.. a little slow, I know ;)

January’s birthstone is garnet.. so let’s see what I can find online about the garnet.

"... to resist melancholy and poison, stop the spitting of blood and dissolve tartar in the body" -(William Rowland, Physician, on a special medicine prepared from Garnets, 1669)

Haha.. interesting isn’t it???

Now for the good stuff.. some jewellery!! :D




Nice combination of smooth beads and faceted stones in these grape cluster earrings!


Pretty little cluster ring with diamonds, set in yellow gold..


Now this reminds me of a ring I bought for my daughter a few years back.. but with a different centre stone.. this is such a sweet setting, don’t you think?


This is a rather fancy one.. the setting is a classic one, I used to see these all the time.. I love the tear-drop pendant.


This one I really like, I’m a big fan of pearls, and I like the red & white colour scheme.. pretty!!!

The flower for January is carnation.. definitely not one of my favourites but it is a pretty flower when it’s nice and fresh. I think I like white the most… I found this picture on .. hope she doesn’t mind me borrowing it!


Isn’t she a great photographer?? Beautiful!

Finally, if you live anywhere near me, January usually means blizzards, ice-cold temperatures, and snowplows.. but so far this month we’ve been pretty lucky!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Valentine’s swap and a yummmo recipe!!

Hi all,

Just a short post and sorry, no pics again!!! I’d best get my act together I suppose… sigh :’(

Those who signed up for my handmade prim Valentine’s textile swap have been emailed their recipient’s name. Remember, I changed some of the rules.. so it’s a Secret Valentine’s swap, no partners, instead I chose names.. cause I’m cool like that!!!! :D You have 2 weeks to get your items shipped out! Questions, please respond to the email I sent out last night.

I went to a friend’s yesterday to play a board game called Cashflow.. never heard of it before. It was fun, I almost won!! Darn! Well in addition to playing the game we ate, of course! My friend made this amazing crustless quiche.. it has ricotta in it and is sweet, the “cake” part of it reminds me of a sweet cornbread.. we’re not big on cornbread up here in Canada so my experience is very limited. This recipe is from, click here for the actual recipe. My friend gave me a piece to take home and I would NOT share with my daughter.. lol.. it was that good! I brought it in to work for breakfast :). You can top it with fresh whipped cream, preserves, whatever you have. Enjoy!!

In addition to the quiche, I brought a salad. Here is a very quick “recipe” for it. The quantities depend on how many you’re serving.

- lettuce such as mixed spring greens... don't be a hero, get the pre-packaged! ;)
- Craisins.. to taste
- Granny Smith apples cut into chunks
- goat cheese (nice texture and much less salt than feta)
- grilled chicken, chopped

Mix all together, or as I did, keep in separate bowls and have everyone build their own. Suggested salad dressings: Balsamic Vinaigrette or Creamy Poppyseed (these are both from Kraft Canada, not sure what you have in the US!)

Enjoy the rest of your day :)

Friday, January 15, 2010

Reminder.. and some chatting!!! :D

Hi my lovelies!

Just a reminder that you have until the end of today ... Friday, Jan. 15 to sign up for my prim Valentine's day fabric item swap! I amended some of the rules so be sure to read both my posts and sign up on either one.. PLUS you need to email me your snail mail address. Any questions, email me right away so I can clear them up.

As noted in the 2nd post, I changed things up a bit. You won't be swapping with the person who gets your name, rather I am picking names.. kind of like the Secret Santa idea.. but Secret Valentines! Only I will know who has your name ;D

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I'm not sure if it's been the stressful couple of weeks at work or not.. but I've just been tired and not overly motivated.. LOL. Ugh..

As some of you know.. I'm taking my daughter to Cozumel, Mexico for reading week next month! We leave on Feb. 13 for one week and we are really looking forward to it! We went for the first time in May, 2008, 10 days after my daughter returned from Italy where she lived as an exchange student for 3 months. I figured she'd need a vacation! lol... That trip was my first one where I got to use my first-ever passport!!! As much as I love travelling I hadn't been outside Canada or the U.S. and I was itching to get a stamp in that book! Here are a couple of pics from that trip..

This is the beach at our resort.. the water was gorgeous! This was my first time in salt water too!

This is a tidal pool at Xcaret, an eco-park in the Mayan Riviera.. looks like a spa, but the water was very rough here.. you couldn't go in!

I hope the weather is really warm but not humid when we're there. Our last visit was very humid.. ..yuck.. that sticky feeling is just gross! lol.. I will be posting lots of pics when we get back. In the meantime I'll try to get back to posting for Travellin' Tuesdays! Wishing everyone a happy Friday!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy Sunday all!!

Hi everyone!

I was so happy to get last week over with! I work in the payroll department of a fairly large hospital and last week was just crazy, not sure why but there were just a lot of issues.

My daughter and I decided yesterday to hop across the border to go shopping. Last weekend the weather was so bad that the highway was closed at one point but yesterday it was smooth sailing.

She hated all the places that I wanted to go to.. lol.. so sat in the car some of the time.. brat. ;P .. I stopped in at Hobby Lobby, was hoping there'd be some great leftover Christmas stuff but there was really not much there.. next stop was JoAnn's.. got a couple of pieces of homespun at 25% off, so they were only $3/yd, and got some nice muslin at only $1.99/yd. Great prices.

We spent many hours shopping but didn't find as much as I would have liked, however I still managed to spend a lot of money.

Well.. this is a short post, sorry folks.. no pics to boot! I need to get cracking on some projects around here and work on my swap item.

Have a great Monday!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

It's my SWAP and I'll cry if I want to!!!! Please read!!!

Hi all

So the fun of having a blog is being able to do what you want.. so I'm exercising my rights to make some changes to my prim Valentine's Day swap. My reasons are based on some very valid concerns about shipping across the border. I would prefer to alter the swap than have anyone miss out on participating. So far I think I'm the only Canadian in the swap but I do have a U.S. address that I can use thanks to my cousin, so I think that will help if no other Canadians participate. So I want to encourage everyone to sign up who was hesitating before!!!

Here we go!

1) First thing.. you will "swap" with someone in your own country so you are not required to ship anything across the border. If you are Canadian and have a U.S. address that you can use, please submit that address to me if you wish. If you prefer, you can use your Canadian address. I am participating so I will use whichever address works based on the number of participants.

2) I have changed the definition of "swap". Instead of 2 people trading with each other, I'm doing a "Secret Valentine" sort of swap now. I'm making a list and will go down one by one and pull a name to go with that person. Therefore, the person you send your Valentine item to will not be sending their Valentine item to you; instead of a swap partner, you will be giver and recipient :D. This will help keep everything a surprise.. what do you think??

All other rules will remain the same. Please go to the original post here: to see the rest of the rules.


You'll get your recipient's name by email by Jan. 17!

So I hope everyone is clear on the rules, sorry about the changes but I think it will work out well!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Let's do a SWAP!!! (See updated info)

Hey everyone!

As you may have guessed from my last post, I'm not a big fan of Valentine's Day.. :D .. guess it's that whole being single stuff.. lol! I also feel that it's getting a bit out of hand.. have you seen the stuff they have in the stores now? Crazy!

Now having said that, I figure why fight it?? So, I'm thinking that a Valentine's swap is a great idea.

Keeping in mind the expense of Christmas past I'm going to keep this a small swap and since Feb. 14 is not that far off.. only 6 weeks.. we have a short timeline!!!

So the rules are:
Font size
1) you must have a blog and I would appreciate you spreading the word about this swap by adding a link to this post
2) you must be a follower of mine.. please feel free to add yourself, I love having new followers!
3) this is open to Canadian and US bloggers* (and I will be randomly matching you up with someone in either country; please do not sign up if you're not willing to send across the border)
4)* this is where the * comes in.. this is also open to other countries, but the catch is, based on the expense of international shipping and the time contraints, your partner must be in your country; if you are my only follower in your country, this is a great opportunity to encourage someone new to sign up
5) please reply to this post if you want to participate, then send your home address to me at; ensure you do both please!
6) sign-up deadline is Jan. 15, matches will be done and emailed out by Jan. 17
7) swap item must be sent out by Feb. 1 at the latest (please check the postal guidelines and if possible send it out earlier) items should be received by Valentine's Day but keep in mind that is a Sunday!
NOTE - THIS GIVES YOU JUST A MONTH TO GET YOUR SWAP ITEM MADE AND SENT!!! Make sure you can fulfill your committment!
8) email me the method of shipping and the tracking code
9) make sure you contact your swap partner to let her know you received the item and thank her

10) feel free to post your swap item on your blog.. we all love to see pics, don't we??

Now, what exactly is the swap? Well, I'm thinking something made of a fabric/textile, as it should be one of the least expensive items to ship and there are so many options.. even for Valentine's Day, with it's limited motifs! UPDATE - THIS ITEM IS TO HAVE A VALENTINE'S DAY THEME & COLOURS.

Item must be hand-crafted; if you're not a crafter you can purchase the item (still must be hand-crafted and not an imported item) but the goal for this swap is to keep costs down. Examples of items: stitcheries such as wall hangings (send unframed to keep costs down if you choose), candle mats, candle huggers, pillow covers (un-stuffed if you choose), towels, bowl fillers/ornies (like hearts, cupids, love letters.. google fabric envelopes??), small dolls, etc. The item must be prim'd, grungied, antiqued, stained etc.. feel free to use glitter glass, mica, very fine glitter if you want, but it still should look old and prim.

You can add any extra item if you want, but it's not necessary!

Hope this is clear, if not, please email me. Let's have fun!!!