Sunday, October 3, 2010

Meeting prim friends!

I’m back, trying to catch up on some posts! 

On Sept. 18 I went to Holly, MI to meet some prim friends from a forum I joined called A Primitive Journey Community.  Since I live in Canada, about an hour from Port Huron, MI, I joined the Detroit and Lower Michigan chapter.    They have chapters all over the US so check your area - A Primitive Journey Community.

Unfortunately I wasn’t snap-happy with my camera that day :(  .. so I’ll just have to tell you that we shopped in all the cute little stores which included Holly Hills Primitives (if you remember from a previous post, I went there in July with my friend Janet), so I got to see Dawn again.. what a sweetheart she is!    We also went into a few antique stores.  In one, I found a potato masher for $5 so I thought I should grab it.  I found a potato ricer for $4 in another but my find of the day is this crock butter churn which I got for $39!!  I don’t think I’ve ever seen one for under $75 so I grabbed it really quickly!  There is a chip out of the lid but it’s not a fresh one, and other than that it’s in perfect condition.


I had such a fun day meeting so many prim friends, there were 8 of us in total and the director of our chapter is Rochelle, who has a blog called Prairie House.  Rochelle lives just outside Port Huron so it’s a double bonus for me, as I can go shopping with her when I get over to Michigan.  Actually, I have to do a post but have a piece of furniture to refinish first.. and it involved Rochelle so I will do a post when I have it completed.

As I always do, I went shopping at one of my favourite stores before I went home, Christmas Tree Shops.  I found a small bench with an ugly “prim” saying painted on top, stripped off the paint as best I could then painted it a nice mustard colour and topped with some Briwax.  It’s small enough to sit on my countertop so that’s where it is!  Here’s a pic… (sorry, no “before” but trust me, it was not pretty.. but it is wood!)


I put the potato masher on top and the ricer underneath… also propped an old muffin tin on top.  The little quilted square was a find in a shop in Holly.  I think it’s a Boyds Bears accessory which I got for $1.50.. it fits perfectly here!


A bit of fall decorating, I don’t really go over the top.  I rearranged my countertops and moved this bin back over to the counter beside my sink, I like it better in this spot.  See the fire extinguisher?  Got it at an estate sale… which I thought I posted about, but haven’t!  Ok, well I can add a few pics …


Got to go to the estate sale the night before and I was allowed to poke around in the basement.. which was going to be off-limits the day of the sale… and this is what I found!  I’ve since sanded off the outside finish and used some Rustic Pine Briwax to give it a nice glow.  I don’t have an “after” pic .. but it turned out nicely; since my house is small and this is a big piece, it’s currently sitting in the laundry room on top of an old drop-leave table. 


More stuff.. an old galvanized washtub, a chenille blanket (in perfect condition so I don’t think I’m cutting this up), a flannel blanket (unopened), a watering can, gas can, the fire extinguisher and a bow saw.


Yet more stuff… the owner’s son found these old medicine bottles (two still have drugs in them!), an old coffee pot, jars and a coffee grinder.


Jars, a chicken candy dish, enamel pitcher & flour sifter.


Old coffee grinder.. it can be mounted but the bolts on the back make that difficult.

Can you guess what I paid for all this??  NO?  $40!!  Yes, that’s it for all the estate sale items.  I was very happy with this!!

Ok, that’s it for a few days, I do have more things to post about but still working on them.. so till then.. :)


  1. Oh Hayley, you found some awesome buys! And how fun you got to meet a fellow blogger, that is so wonderful! Hoping to meet you one day, too!

    Thanks for sharing again, hugs


  2. Thanks Barb, that's so sweet! I'm sure we'll meet someday, you just never know! If you're planning a trip to New Orleans let me know, I'd love to go back :)

  3. So glad you were able to join one of the APJ chapters. I tried and tried but I was the only one in my whole state to sign up. =[

    I can not even believe you got that butter churn for $39!!!! What an incredible deal! You go girl!

    Your little bench made a very cute display!

    WHAT?!?! $40 for all of that?? No way! I would have guessed $140 maybe. That's awesome! I totally love that big piece! It looks like it belonged in a hotel or something. I just love anything with cubbies, they are so fun to decorate. Love the old medicine jars, and just everything you got. Great job on that auction!

  4. Angie, that's too bad.. you could join ours, it's a bit of a trip for you.. but we'd get to meet! :D

    The stuff I got actually was an estate sale, a friend of the guy cleaning out his parents' house let me in the night before... and she brought me into the basement where nobody was going to be allowed to go. I was there for hours, the son wouldn't let me leave, kept showing me more and more! There was just too much stuff to get it all upstairs and prepared for the sale. I was pretty lucky!


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