Sunday, August 1, 2010

Another overdue re-do!

I bought a ton of stuff last year at yard sales and rummage sales with good intentions of transforming them into something fabulous.  Unfortunately it rained every weekend last summer so most of my finds just ended up sitting in the shed all winter.  I envisioned this shelf holding bowls but it would have been too much work to create a 2nd shelf as it would have needed some support from underneath so I had to re-think it.


There is one shelf across the middle, hearts on the inside bottom section and holes on the bottom cross-piece where you’d put wooden pegs.  There is also a dowel near the top that is in an odd place.  I knew I wanted to put wooden bowls on this shelf but the dowel would have to be removed.


A closer look at the hearts.. the middle part creates an indent so most likely there was a dowel here at one time.  Oh, the 90’s!!  lol


Ok, so the first thing I did was remove the dowel at the top.  It was just in such an awkward spot that I would only have been able to put a large shallow bowl on the shelf and I wanted to have more options.  I moved the dowel down to rest on top of the shelf, to form a lip which would stop a bowl from slipping off.  See the closeup in the next pic..


I also added pine beadboard to the back of the entire shelf, filled in the peg holes at the bottom and sanded the whole piece.  I left the holes in the top, for screwing to the wall.


Here it is, basecoated barn red with black on top, sanded and Briwaxed.  I’m going to be looking for some old hooks to attach to the bottom section to hold bonnets and will also be looking for a few bowls to add to the top.  Thanks to the lip I created, I don’t think I need to add anything else to hold bowls in place.  Now I have to decide where to put this in my house..  maybe that odd wall in the living room that I always seem to end up with!