Saturday, July 31, 2010

An overdue re-do

I bought this ugly shelf at a huge yard sale last year (remember this dresser?  same sale)  .. I really debated about taking it because it’s one of those more open-grain woods that I really don’t like.  I got it with a ton of other stuff for $5.. so technically it cost around 50 cents or less… so I just threw it in the mix!


Last night I finally started making it over.  After removing that ugly wooden knob and sanding off that varnish, I painted it barn red, and sanded it back a bit for wear.  I then took some Tudor Brown Briwax to it.  Oh.. I found Briwax in an unfinished furniture store in my city a week ago.. took me a bit to figure out how it works.. lol..  but I think I like it now!  I’ve been searching everywhere online to find a retailer and didn’t have much luck.  The only place in Canada where I could find it was Western Canada and I live in Southwestern Ontario.  Imagine my shock when I went into that store to look around and found it, in every colour!!  After using it on a piece and not liking it, I decided to read the instructions.. LOL..  and found out that it liquifies in warm weather so I had to bring it back to a solid.  Once I did that I really enjoyed the finish.. I think Briwax will be my new bff now!

Back to the shelf :D  ..


I put it on a section of kitchen wall that has an ugly phone jack on it.. since I don’t have a landline this is just an eyesore.  The shelf is straighter on the wall than it looks.. lol.  It might be hard to see but I added a little piece of wire at the bottom.  I also replaced the wooden knob with a crystal-look one.


Here it is, all loaded up!  I added my wooden potato mashers, wooden paddle and a hand chopper (I think that’s what it is!), got them all at a yard sale a few weeks ago (see this post).  I also added a couple of painted wooden spoons sticking out of the drawer and my little Raggedy Ann doll that was a gift from my friend Lex of Northwindstar Primitives (check her Etsy shop for awesome handmade prims!).  I hung a handmade Raggedy towel (purchased from a coworker) from the wire.   I love how it turned out!


  1. Looks great! I love make overs. Recycling someone else's old stuff into currently acceptable items. Awesome.......
    ★ Linda ★

  2. Hi Hayley.
    You did an awesome job!!! I just love the color.
    Thanks for posting the pictures.

  3. Hi Hayley! I think your shelf looks great! It is amazing what a little makeover will do! Glad you got rid of that square knob! Adding the wire to the bottom was a great idea! TFS!
    hugs, Jayne

  4. Thanks for the sweet comments ladies!! Working on another piece.. stay tuned! :)

  5. Hayley, I love it, you are so talented my friend! good job!


  6. Wow it turned out great. Love makeovers.
    Just became a follower.

  7. Thanks Barb, sweet of you to say!!

    Nice to meet you Lori, thanks for becoming a follower.. I really love makeovers too and I'm hoping to get more creative in the future :)

  8. Hahaha about your Briwax. I was the same way. I did not like it at first even though I had friends that swore by it. I have to leave it in my laundry room instead of the garage and now I LOVE it too. I won't use anything else! It's my BFF also!!

    Wonderful transformation!! I love how the shelf looks now and love that color! Very cute display Hayley!

  9. Thanks Angie, your comments always make me smile!!


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