Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Meeting a fellow blogger!

On Saturday I met a fellow blogger who lives just outside my city… she’s been following my blog and had made comments and I thought I had checked hers and was following.. didn’t realize until a couple of weeks ago that I hadn’t checked her blog very closely and wasn’t following and she lived so close to me!!!  Boy, was I feeling bad about that, definitely wasn’t snubbing her but I’m sure it looked that way for a while.  I have no defense.. lol.. but I think Janet has forgiven me!!  It’s just a surprise to find a fellow Canadian prim blogger, let alone one in my own back yard!  Check out her blog, Olde Crow Primitives, she’s got a gorgeous house in the country, a new summer kitchen and she makes fabulous quilts!!  After profusely apologizing to her for my oversight, we spoke by phone and then decided to go shopping in Michigan.. and she told me about a place in Holly, called Holly Hills Primitives..  what else could we do?  So off to Michigan we went..  lol.

Mapquest wanted to take us through Flint but I knew there was a shorter way, close to where my cousin lives in Utica.  I drove and we went first to my usual Dollar Tree then couldn’t quite figure out from the map where to go next.  I had an idea of where I should be but wasn’t totally sure, so we stopped and asked for directions; when we got off on M59 and up to Van Dyke I knew exactly where I was.. since my cousin is just down the road!  This is where I thought I could link up with I75.. should just have emailed my cousin!  lol..  Next time, I will take the route I’m more familiar with!

We made it to Holly, MI and found the shop quite easily.. on the main street in this small, quaint town with angled parking… I love angled parking :) :)!  After lunch at the Bittersweet Cafe.. very cute little place with great food… we found Holly Hills Primitives across the street and met the owner, Dawn, who was very warm and welcoming.  We had a fabulous time visiting with Dawn and the owner of a cafe attached to the store called Zanie Janie’s… Janie’s such a blast, it was fun meeting her!!  Holly Hills is a really cool store, packed with antiques and prims, and lots of handmade items.  The walls on one side are lined with several facades from old buildings that were rescued from the wrecking ball.  Such a unique idea and honours the heritage of the town!  Both Janet and I found the prices to be very good and we both found some treasures that didn’t break the bank.

holly_trip 001

I picked up this antique folding laundry rack... got a great deal from Dawn so I couldn’t pass it up!

holly_trip 002

holly_trip 003

Can’t wait to get that nasty green paint off!  I’m not sure where it will go.. really no space for it but I’ll figure something out! 

holly_trip 007

All Patriotic items were 50% off.. I am Canadian, but hey, the U.S. is right there!!  lol  I think my doll is so cool and very prim!

holly_trip 005

These were my Dollar Tree finds of the day!  Yes, they’re getting their fall stuff in already and I knew if I didn’t snap these babies up I’d never find them the next time I cross the border.. since I’m not totally sure when that will be!  They are so pretty and nice quality for $1!!

Janet and I did manage to find one yard sale… but didn’t realize we’d be driving down a gravel road to get there.. but it was a nice road, with the trees forming a canopy.. I got this corn bread pan for $1.  I think I’ll paint it flat back and display it. 

holly_trip 004

Thanks Janet for such a fun day!!

On to the next adventure.. wherever that may take me :D


  1. That was a great trip! I really enjoyed it.

  2. Glad you had a great time! Too bad we were out of town, we would have loved to meet Janet too! Love your purchases. have a great week! Miss you!

  3. Hayley, what fun! Isn't it great meeting new friends in person, and to have Janet so close is awesome..


  4. Hi Hayley,

    So nice to read that the two of had a fun day. I feel so bad we could not meet up with eachother. Even though it will make 2 1/2 weeks that I have been here, I did not get as much done as I had hoped. There just never seems like there is enough time...

    I love your goodies that you got. That corn pan is just awesome!!! Sure wish I could be lucky to find things like that in my neck of the woods. I keep looking and think someday I will be lucky...LOL

  5. Hi Hayley, just wanted to pop in and say how much I enjoyed meeting you and Janet. We've been on vacation for 8 days and I finally made it back to a computer. Can't wait for you to come back for our fall goodies (lots of things planned for that)! Have a great week, Dawn

  6. How wonderful that you met up with a fellow blogger. Thanks for passing on her blog... I'm going to meet her.

    You got some nice goodies! I've been wanting one of those corn bread pans but not to use as decor. I want to make corn sticks! My family loves corn bread. This would make it extra nice to not mess with cutting the cornbread and it crumbling all over the place. I'm still looking for one though.

  7. Thanks Dawn, we had so much fun and will be back in the fall I'm sure! Say hi to Janie for me!! :)

    Thanks Angie! I've seen black ones (cast iron maybe) at Cracker Barrel for about $10.. hopefully you can find one there! I can smell the cornbread now :)

  8. Hi! I'm visiting, and now following your blog from your comment on Country Samplers Facebook status. I love your blog, can't wait to read more!! :) Have a wonderful day!


  9. Thanks so much Jennifer and welcome! I don't post on a regular basis, but try to at least a couple of times a month, some months are much more frequent than others.. stay tuned! :)

  10. Holy smokes, I'm not very far from you all visited in Holly. I saw M59 and Van Dyke and just sprung a smile across my face. I will have to make sure I visit the place you wrote about.

    Janet helped me get my blog started for selling my thises and thats and I just happened to come over to your blog to visit today and see this post. How cool. And how small the world is. :-)

    Great post and I hope you are enjoying your fall,


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