Thursday, July 15, 2010

Look what I got for free!!

I was on kijiji a couple of weeks ago and came across an ad for a free wooden ladder for my garden.   I didn’t realize this person lived about an hour away so when I found out I said no thanks.  I mean, free is good but I wouldn’t drive an hour for a free ladder.  About a week  & a half goes by and I get an email from this person.  She still has the ladder and needs to get rid of it and she was coming into London on Tuesday (July 13) if I still want it…. and offered to drop it off at my house.. can you believe that?  I told her I might not be home but if she didn’t mind leaving it I would really appreciate it.  As it turned out I was home (but totally forgot about it… where is my mind lately?!) and she gave me the ladder!  Turned out she was quite chatty but has some interesting things to say.  All in all, I think it was a good thing that I was home.


Here’s the ladder.. can’t you picture birdhouses on it?  Anyone have any other suggestions?


No idea what this middle stretcher/brace thingy is called but it’s kind of cool :)  Notice the round back rungs??


Look at this gorgeous ornate metal thingy!!  Again.. really no idea what it’s called but it holds the top to the rungs.. so cool!!  See why I appreciate old things???

So now I need to find a place in my garden to put this so I can add some birdhouses (YES, looking for freebies.. anybody??)… and whatever else comes to mind.  I think my yard will have more cool prim stuff in it than it does flowers.. ;D  haha.. at least “stuff” doesn’t need weeding!


  1. Plant a vine so it grow up the ladder, or hang flower pots from it! I love it--it's a neat ladder!

  2. We probably have a couple of birdhouses in the garage. next time you are here, you can look.

  3. Thanks Misslo! I was thinking of a vine but haven't sorted out where I should put the ladder!

    Thanks Heather, I'm actually coming over Saturday with a friend but you'll be at Uncle John's from what you said. Might not have time to stop anyway, but if you do find some before my next trip over I'd appreciate you setting them aside.

  4. I LOVE it! I me self one last year at a Garage Sale. I want to decorate it up when I get home with my flowers if they are not dead by the time I get home. Hubby has been promising me that he is watering them. I talk to him every day and he was telling me that they are getting the same heat wave down there.

  5. Hi Hayley! Just dropping in to say hello now that I have signed up to follow. I love your ladder! That ornate hinge at the top is so cool! I don't think I have ever seen one like that! And to think you got if for free and delivered! I will read your older posts later. Bed time for this kid!
    Hugs, Jayne

  6. Sandy, post pics when you get it decorated, give me some ideas!

    Jayne.. you're PrimWyoGirl! I think I've been following you.. if not, I have seen your updates so I'll swing by and sign up.. I love this ladder, the metal detail was such a wonderful surprise!! Take care!

  7. That is a neat ladder. Never seen one with a neat metal design on it.

  8. Stuff that doesn't need watering or weeding is the best stuff to have in a garden!!

    That is a neat ladder. Practically my whole family is in the construction business and I have never, ever seen a ladder with such ornate metal! That is lovely! It is going to look great with birdhouses hanging from it!


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