Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Long weekend pics.. finally!

Geez, a couple of weeks sure fly by don’t they… here we are almost mid-July already!  I wanted to post a few pics of my long weekend getaway.  A couple of friends and I went up to Wiarton (friend #1’s mom was raised there and lived out her last 20 years there).  We visited a great old log cabin out in the country that’s been converted to an antique/gift shop.  I believe the cabin came from Quebec and was re-assembled in Ontario.  The store is called “The Bruce Beckons”.  The area where we were is Bruce County.. makes sense :)   Over the course of the weekend, we also went to Sauble Beach; a lighthouse at Cabot’s Head (I think I have the name right), on Georgian Bay; and Tobermory. 

A pile of logs near the store.. I thought they made an interesting picture!  Since I forgot to take a pic of the outside of the log cabin store, this is as close as you get!  lol


Above 3 pics are of the loft area of the cabin, I didn’t get pics of the main floor.. geesh, what is wrong with me!  Check out the interesting antiques, that round ceiling fixture (made with some round metal piece and T-bar), the chimney in the middle of the floor and the numbers on the beams.  That must be from when they moved the building, they would have disassembled for shipping.. cool isn’t it??


Cute little shed with Dutch doors beside the main building.  What do we have in the section on the left??


A bathroom!  Awesome.. I love it!

Something to look at while you’re sitting around!  lol

I thought this was really sweet.. rustic log and pump next to delicate purple petunias.

One of the out-buildings

Kind of self-explanatory :D


Love all the window boxes they had on the out-buildings!

Okay.. moving on…

Cool sand castle (or is it a coral reef?) at Sauble Beach


Sunsets over water are always beautiful!  This is also Sauble Beach


Georgian Bay, on the way to the lighthouse


Here it is!

View of the Bay from the top of the lighthouse.. proof that we still have blue water in Canada!  Who knew???

Another view, very pretty!


Look what we saw on the way back from the lighthouse!  If I hadn’t been looking out the passenger side I would have missed it.. so we stopped for a photo op… I love waterfalls!


My foot in the clear water.. if you’ve followed my blog for a while you just knew that was going to happen!  LOL


Look closely, how many frogs do you see?  :D


The waterfall drains into a culvert on the other side of the road, right into Georgian Bay


Queen Anne’s Lace (I think!) on the side of the road.. used my macro setting!  Haha.. was just told about it so I’m using it. a. lot!


Tobermory!  This area is known for it’s scuba diving as there are many sunken ships off the coast.  Combine that with relatively clear water and I can understand the attraction!  Since we got here kind of late in the day, we didn’t have time to do the glass-bottom boat tour, just had dinner and did a bit of shopping before heading back to London.



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  1. I have been in that shop!!! My friend and I rented a cabin near there for a week once, and it was beautiful. The glass bottom ship was okay, nothing great, the glass wasn't very clear so you really didn't miss anything. We had a great time too when we were there.

  2. It's a nice shop, I love the oven built into the chimney on the main floor.. clever use of space!

  3. I am literally laughing out loud because I can honestly say I have never sat on a toilet and taken a picture!! Hahaha!

    Anyway, it looks like such a wonderful trip Hayley! Your pictures are so good, especially with that macro mode! =] The water is so blue, so beautiful!

  4. Angie, I was standing while taking the pics.. lol.. the owner of the shop told me that she put antiques for sale in there so you have something to see while sitting down.. lol... I thought it was pretty funny too.. and probably effective! I also couldn't believe the water was so blue, I'm not a big traveller in my own country.. usually head to the US, so I think I'll have to head up that way again. I've been practicing my picture-taking.. check my album out on FB!


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