Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Yard sale finds.. you will LOVE!!

Hi all.. I went out Sat. morning and got a treasure trove of things, managing to squeeze everything into my car!!  Who needs a truck?  I’d just fill it up anyway! lol

First, this is a chair I purchased from Kijiji (think Craigslist) on Friday night, it’s metal and wire, kind of Victorian but I have a dream!  I paid $25 for it, more than I wanted to (because I’ve gotten kind of cheap :D ) but I actually think it’s  a good price.  I will probably end up painting it, not sure what colour, but I do  have to paint my porch and I have to work with that ugly brown brick so I’m not sure… any suggestions on colour?  The porch will probably be Benjamin Moore’s Nordic Grey. 003

My dream?  A deep covered porch with this chair, a wicker love seat or vintage glider, quilts, a ceiling fan, lamps and a good book.. does anyone else have this dream??  I just found this pic that incorporates some of my ideas and look..  a chair just like mine (in a different colour but I can't tell what it is)!!!!
It’s fun to dream isn’t it?  At least I have a few things to get me started!

Ok, on to Saturday’s finds!!!!

This is a great doll’s chair, I think it stands about a foot tall!  Paid $1!!  I’m going to sand it down a bit and probably paint it black with a red base.. well, maybe.  :D

Aren’t these wooden totes the best?  I know the heart cutout harkens back to the 90’s but it’s kind of difficult to change so I’ll work with it.  I will probably prim this piece up and offer it for sale.
I’m not sure if this basket was a good find or not.  The guy selling would not budge on price (in fact he had a bicycle that was exactly what I wanted to put in my garden and he wanted $65 for it!!  Really???)  Anyway, I’m still looking for a bicycle and this will fit nicely on it when I do find it.  As I said, he wouldn’t budge on price but agreed to $6 for the basket and the drawers in the following pic.
Closeup of the tag on the bottom.

One open drawer and a divided one..  not sure yet what I’ll do with these yet.

This was my major find!  I guess you could call it a trencher, it appears to be handmade and probably not that old, but I really love it!  It’s very solid and HUGE and she agreed to sell it to me for… drumrolllllllllllll….$3!!!! 


See how much of my patio table top it covers?  This will look amazing on my harvest table that I don’t have.. lol.  Another dream :D 
The next few things were all purchased from one lady.  I managed to get this small dresser into the trunk of my car but had to tie it down.. :) It looks like it might be tiger maple but I suspect it’s not.  The drawer fronts have a strange texture on them.  I’ll be sanding this piece down (the top is scratched up anyway) and painting.  I might sell the dresser that I have beside the front door and put this one in it’s place.  I really have no room for both and this one is smaller so I think it works better in the space.

Check this out!  Two quilts.. the pink one is either a double or queen and the blue is a throw.  I think these are perfect for my “dream porch”.  There is also 1 sham that matches the pink quilt.  These aren't handmade but they do seem to be well-made and they're heavy so I think they're a good find.

Closeup of the pink one..
Closeup of the blue one..
She also had a bag full of gadgets.  I don’t know what the wooden things are on the right at the back but I see them on a lot of prim blogs and Facebook pics .. potato mashers?  I love them and will be keeping those and the butter hands and the paddle.  The rest I may sell or I may attach to one of the drawers above.  I got the dresser, the quilts and these gadgets for $20.. totally blew my budget!  LOL.

I really have to slow down on the yard sales!  I’ve only gone out a couple of times this year (went nuts last year and have a ton of things that I haven’t done anything with yet!).  Once I get things done then I can think about going out again.  I think I’ve done pretty well so this should satisfy me for now!  LOL.. well.. maybe ;)

Till next time.. have a great week!


  1. Oh my goodness Hayley. You did fabulous on your outing. I love everything especially the dresser, trencher, mashers and the blue quilt. And yes those wooden things are mashers. I have a couple in my kitchen and I just love them. I have found they are very hard to come by and then can be quite expensive to buy.
    Enjoy all your goodies.

  2. Thanks Amy!! I'm not usually this lucky!!!

  3. Heaven's sakes, girl! You hit the MOTHERLODE!!!!
    Those mashers are solid wood? Not pieced together? WOW! I should be so lucky and all for $20! Goodness, I want to yard sale where you yard sale!!!!! Linda

  4. Hi Linda! As I mentioned, I'm not usually that lucky, just randomly drove (I was meeting a friend downtown and was really early so I just drove, found that yard sale and ended up being late.. LOL). I believe they are solid wood, there are cracks in them but I don't know how to tell if they are pieced together. I really love them! Thanks for your comment :)

  5. Oh my!!
    You sure got some amazing goodies!!
    Love them all.

  6. sounds like you did great! Love the pictures! See you soon!

  7. You must have a huge car...LOL

    I love the yard sale treasures.


  8. Hi Janet, it's big enough but my old car held more and it was kind of smaller! I got everything in one load except that chair, which was the night before. I surprised myself actually! lol.. thanks for the comment


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