Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Before & After , etc..

Hi all

In my last post I showed you a dresser I had purchased at a yard sale about a week and a half ago.. well I have now refinished it!  It took reams of sandpaper because I really wanted to eradicate the old finish (still not sure how they got it and no, doesn’t seem to be a veneer!).  I also used a bit of Circa 1850 stripper to get some of the finish off but I find it less effective on varnish than on paint.  So I had to use my electric palm sander and 5 headaches later.. here is the before (front view)…


…. and the after:


I took this picture last night so there is no natural light and the pics always come out yellowy :(  

Notice the legs?  The dresser came on wooden wheels but when I was stripping it I discovered that one of them had broken in half.  I really liked those wheels and have saved them in case I ever come across some identical ones. 

Side views:



Ok, on to something I meant to post about a while back.  Do you all remember this little girl made by Jenn over at Bittersweet Prims?  I purchased it a while ago and had it sent to Michigan so it took a while before I picked it up (which I actually did about a month ago).  Well she is just the cutest, crabbiest little Annie I’ve ever seen and she’s been put in a timeout on the chair that I bought at a yard sale (see last post as well) a week and a half ago!  Doesn’t she look adorable and rather annoyed?  LOL.. I love her and the chair is perfect.. I may still prim it up but it works for now.


Again, this pic was taken last night so it’s not the best lighting.  Does anyone recognize the Valor kerosene heater behind Annie?  This is the only thing I picked up this past Saturday at a yard sale I happened upon.  I had other things to do so wasn’t out yardsaling but I did find my car following a sign!  I actually have another Valor that I picked up last year but it is a different design and doesn’t have those delicate little legs and is in slightly rougher shape.. and I paid more!  I got an excellent deal on this one so the other one has been put into the shed for now.  I just love this piece!  I haven’t looked too closely into the history but I believe these originated in England.  I’m picturing this one with my fan-back wire chair and my pinky quilt on a covered porch… and me all curled up reading a book on a chilly afternoon with the heater going.. doesn’t that sound awesome!  lol.. dreaming again!

I’m off this weekend with some friends so to all my fellow Canucks, Happy Canada Day tomorrow.. and to my American friends, Happy Independence Day on Sunday!  For ALL of us, Let Freedom Ring!


  1. WOW! Your dresser turned out great and looks sooo much better!! You did good!!

  2. Happy Canada Day Halsssssssss!!!!!

    AWESOME job on the dresser! It turned out fantastic and I know how much time AND work you put into it!! UGH, I couldnt even think about tackling a project that big right now. Im still wore out from surgery. I get up for 5 mins and Im down for an hour! 2 weeks today so I may be rushing it a bit!!!

    OMG - crabby is too frickin cute in that chair, ha - she does look rather po'd sittin there:)

    Have a great weekend!!

  3. wow your dresser is gorgeous! go figure that was the same piece sticking out the back of your car! well done! it is beautiful..and you are so quick too!

  4. Hi there.
    I love the dresser! You did an awesome job.

    It was great chatting tonight. Have a great long weekend.


  5. Your dresser is awesome... We have an old one that I'd like makeover as well and this was the motivation I needed... Thanks for posting this!

    London Neighbourhoods

  6. Thanks for all the great comments everyone, have a great long weekend!

    @ Judy - I do like it much better.. not into strange finishes, a more natural patina is always nice :)

    @ Jenn - Crabby loves living at my house.. she says "hi" and she's annoyed because she thinks you're over-doing it!!! LOL

    @ Donna - I sold the dresser that was in that space so the pressure was on! LOL..

    @ Janet - so happy you called and looking forward to meeting you and going on our road trip!!

    @ mygrowingcity - do you have a blog? happy I could inspire you and I'd love to see pics!!

  7. Hi Hayley, I love what you did with the dresser, that was an ODD finish on it before..lots of elbow grease as we say..looks fab.
    I have a couple of those cute little doll chairs, have always had my Boyd's Bears in them but no space in this house, yet..and the dollie is adorable!
    Have a wonderful weekend girlfriend!

  8. First of all... please explain Canucks because at first I thought you were calling them names.

    My parent's dresser like that has wheels also! I'll have to see if they are wooden the next time I go over there.

    What a cute little Annie!! I wish my kiddies were that cute when they are sitting in the timeout chair pouting.

  9. LOL Angie! Canucks is a nickname for Canadians.. have no idea where it came from but someone decided to call our Vancouver hockey team the Canucks.. lol.. I rarely use the term. I love my Annie, Jenn does great work!!


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