Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A work in progress… barely!!!

Hi all!!

I hope everyone’s enjoying spring but I can’t believe it’s May already!!!  As I mentioned in my last post, a couple of my friends came over to help me dig up a section of my yard that runs alongside a chain-link fence on one side of my backyard.  We also had a great dinner of bbq chicken, baked potatoes and salad.. yumm!!  Best of all, I didn’t cook!  lol.. I’m sure my friends were relieved as well :D 


Results of our hard work!  As you can see, the neighbours don’t like to garden either!!  This section was full of grass as well as the dug-out grass and weeds from other sections of the yard - it became a bit of a dumping ground!


All of this is from that one little section!

My 20 white cedar trees were delivered this past Saturday.. at 8 am!!  I then spent most of the day continuing to dig grass out from both the back and the front (for the maple tree that I also got).  My back was killing me by 3 pm when I finally had to quit; I could barely walk by then.  I had only gotten about 13 of the trees planted but I just couldn’t go any further.  Whoever said gardening is relaxing is nuts!!! 


I think it looks 100% better, don’t you?  Obviously I’m nowhere near being done but as I said, it’s a work in progress.  I dug out a couple of feet past the trees so I can add some flowers, not sure when I’ll do that!  As you can see I added a couple of trees along the back fence.  Since I had planted a lilac bush in the corner 2 years ago (it hasn’t bloomed yet.. what’s the deal with that??) and didn’t want to dig it back up, I opted to put trees behind it as well.  At least in the winter there will be some colour in that corner.  Not sure if it looks okay or not, but I certainly can’t say it looks planned!  I also planted 2 other trees along the section of chain-link that you can’t see.. in a section that has been already been planted (but needs to be cleaned up..ugh!!).  Last night I got back out there (after taking Sunday off.. I just couldn’t face that yard again!) and continued digging in another corner of the yard… the other side of the privacy fence shown above.


This section has also caused me some issues.  When I got the house, there was an old clothesline on that pole (leaving the pole for future owners but planning on doing something with it) and a composter in the corner, which was full of un-composted junk.  I had no idea how to make it work so I finally gave it away.  Last year I attempted to dig out this corner but only got so far before I gave up.. (the pile on the right was another little dumping ground for dug-up grass and weeds :).  I got an old wicker rocker from a friend, spray-painted it a bright blue and added some hot-pink geraniums in the old canning pot.. I think I’ll do the same thing this year, it looked so cool!  Along the back fence is a section of lily-of-the-valley which was already there when I got the house.  So last night when I got out there I dug out a section big enough to plant the rest of the trees, left some of the lily-of-the-valley and dug out in front of it.. I know it will spread and I think it will look pretty tucked under the cedar trees. 


What do you think??  Still lots to do!  I think I’ll keep digging out the grass and make a nice big flower bed in front of the trees.  Not sure if I’ll get the whole yard done this year but I’m certainly going to try!  I’m in the process of looking for prim things that I can add to the yard so stayed tuned!

Now, I just wanted to add a couple of links to Garden Gates Open ~ Communities in Bloom, being held this year during the last weekend in July.  This is similar to the garden tours that many cities have.. the ones where only the most perfect gardens are showcased.  The difference is that the GGO organizers don’t care if the participants have perfect gardens or if, like me, they are still working on it.  The main goal is to leave the red tape behind, showcase everyday gardens by everyday people and concentrate on having fun.  Check out the CIB website:  http://www.communitiesinbloom.ca/ and http://londonphotowalk.ca/06/communities-in-bloom/ for pics of the London, Ontario event from 2009.

Well I think this post is long enough!  I will keep you updated as my garden starts to come together.. anyone want to help??  :D


  1. Check out Troy over at I Refuse To Recede and his wife Dian at The Thrifty Groove. They have lots of gardening friends. I am learning a few things! You did great work girl! Your yard is looking lovely. Give yourself some TLC! Tree planting can break a girls back! But you did awesome work! I hope you have a wonderful week! I have not been over in a while. I am having a hard time getting around blogland these days! Take care Anne

  2. Thanks Anne! It's so much work, can't imagine enjoying it.. lol. Considering what I started with, I know I'm doing ok but it sure would have been easier to take away than to add so much! Are those blogs you've mentioned?? I've also been having a hard time getting blogs posted and catching up.. I've had a lot to deal with the past few weeks and hopefully things will settle down soon and I can just do what I enjoy. Take care!!

  3. looks beautiful! Can't wait to see the finished pictures

  4. Hayley, those trees are great, you did an awesome job! Tree planting is tough, we have a few here that we have planted, we started out last June here with DIRT only and its changed so much, at least you have grass..we still have DIRT but hopefully not for long..
    I don't know who said gardening was relaxing..well maybe if all you had to do was pick weeds and water, most everything we have ever done is hard work! Keep at it!

  5. your garden looks lovely! nice work. an easy easy way to make a new garden is a mulch bed!

    more specifically you lay out newspaper in the area you want to replant as garden then you put mulch or leavs about 8-10 inches thick, then a layer of compost on top. do this is fall and by spring you will have a beautiful new weed free garden bed, no back breaking work! oops should have met you last week!

  6. Hi Anonymous! I've considered doing what you suggested, actually tried it but I don't think I did it quite right. I'll see how things go this summer and may have to try it in the fall, thanks!

  7. Barb.. thanks, still so much work to do! Honestly I was thinking it would have been better to start with dirt! At least it's not as much work as taking grass away!

  8. Hi Hayley!....I just wanted to pop in to say thank you for visiting my blog and to wish you a teenager free Happy Mother's Day as well! LOL

    You sure have been busy in your gardens and I too think whoever says gardening is relaxing is nuts cuz to me it's just alotta hard work!....but it looks like it's paying off for you!

    Thanks again!

  9. Hi Hayley!....I just wanted to pop in to say thank you for visiting my blog!....and I am with you, whoever said that gardening is relaxing is nuts because to me it is nothing but a bunch of really hard work!!....looks like it is paying off big time for you though cuz your gardens are looking reallly great!

    Thanks again and a Happy teenager-free Mother's Day to you too! LOL

  10. Thanks so much Janet!! It's a ton of work but I really hope to have something I can be proud of soon! Happy Mother's Day to you too :)


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