Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The bees knees!!

Hi all..

I made these cute little Americana bumble bee bowl fillers this past weekend (ok.. there are no knees on these bees! :D ).  I'm making some traditional yellow and black ones as well, will post a pic when I'm done.  Go on over to my selling blog for details (you’ll need to scroll down a little bit!)

bumble_bees 001

So the picture is sideways, can’t seem to correct it!  I think it was the angle I took the pic from.. weird!
What did you all work on this weekend??


  1. How cute and clever...love them!!
    Hugs Theresa

  2. Those are adorable! Would look perfect in my wooden bowl with my salt dough flowers.

    Great Job!

  3. Those are the cutest bees about!
    Love your creations!
    I've been doing some x stitch and now my eyes are paying for it!!lol!
    Have a great day!

  4. Thanks everyone!! I agree, they'd look really cute next to some flowers... or maybe even some Canadian flags.. lol

  5. Oh Hayley, those are so cute! I love how they turned out! It's something different too-- I've never seen Americana ones before. Love them!

  6. They are just too darn cute :)))

  7. Thanks Angie & Sandy.. not sure what inspired me, maybe seeing Andy's Betsy Ross flag sign.. not sure but I'll be making more in the Americana, traditional and maybe primmy colours too.. bees are fun! Stay tuned for more :)


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