Friday, March 19, 2010

Just checkin' in..

Hi all,

I know I've been slacking again on my posting :(

I've been working on primitive wax-dipped spicy egg bowl fillers this past week which are now posted on my selling blog, Hayley's Prim Shop.  I've also been wrestling with how to take paypal but my dear friend Sandie assures me it's quite easy.. lol.. hope she's right!  Check out her website The Hollow Cupboard.  She lives up here in Canada not too far from me, but she's actually an Ohio girl so check her out, send her an email to say hey. 

Other than making these eggs, I've been spending time online trying to book a cabin for Easter weekend.. finally succeeded so I'm taking my daughter and possibly her two brothers (not my children, long story.. will not get into it :) to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.  If anyone has not been there I highly recommend it.. just love this place!  The cabin is actually in Gatlinburg, a town at the foothills of Smoky Mountain National Park.  It's a town that reminds me a lot of that Clifton Hill strip in Niagara Falls, ON.. just a lot of little tacky touristy shops and things like Ripley's.  At least that was my impression 3 years ago!  We can't wait to go.. if you know me at all or are starting to know me, then you realize I'm getting itchy feet and need to travel someplace!  We'll be driving down and from my house it's about a 12-hour drive so it's a long trek but worth it. 

Well, I don't have anything new to report other than we've been getting the most amazing weather but I hear that's going to stop shortly!  lol.. March in Canada, you just take the good if you can get it and be glad of it!  I just really hope the cold weather coming in does not follow us to the Smokies like it did 3 years ago.. everyone cross your fingers for me!

Enjoy the nice weather for those who have it.. have a great weekend all!


  1. those eggs look amazing! You are so talented Hayley! Enjoy your Easter vacation! Say Hi to Dolly for me! :)

  2. Your eggs are wonderful. I might just have to get me some. Gatlinburg is one of my most favorite places to visit. We vacationed there the year before last. Actully we stayed in Pigeon Forge at a big campground. Dollywood was wonderful.

    Have an awesome time on your vacation. We will be in sunny Florida for Easter. I am so looking forward to that!


  3. Thanks for the nice comments on the eggs everyone!! They were fun to make once I stopped fussing with them! LOL.. I think we've all been there!

    I can't wait to go to Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg again, I love the beaches in the Caribbean but if I could live in the mountains that would be my first choice!

  4. Oh I use to go to Piegon Forge all the time on vacation when I was a little girl! Love it! Gatlinburg is so pretty! I know you will have a blast! what a special place to be able to go for Easter! Kinda like you'll be in God's world! By chance are you staying at Macaffe's(spelling) motel? that's where we always stayed! Have fun and take pictures for us! XO Fran.

  5. Hi Fran! I've rented a cabin in the mountains in Gatlinburg. I can't wait to see it! We're hoping to go back again next year! A beautiful part of the country for sure :)

  6. Oh Hayley, those eggs are prim wonderful!! Love how they turned out!

    Sounds like a fun trip! I hope you all enjoy! I just got back from a 12-hour trip (from OK to IL) with my three kids and my mom! I was really surprised how well they all behaved. It was wonderfully nice for a change. Lol! Enjoy your time~


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