Sunday, March 21, 2010

A few purchases... and a bit of help needed!

Hi all!!

Yesterday I went to Michigan to visit my cousin and aunt and of course did some shopping!  Did some serious damage at Dollar Tree.. don't you all just love that store?!?!? 

I got these two items at the Christmas Tree Shop:

Got a great deal on this window box.. $4.99...  it's 24" wide so it will work under the window on my shed, wish they'd have had one that was about 60" for the front window but oh well.. this will look cute all planted up.  I think it's made of cedar so I'm not sure if I can just stain it and leave it or if I need to do something special to it.. it's way too pale to be prim!  Notice my Spice Chicks in the background?  I'm still looking for a more appropriate place to display them but I think this works for now.. get your own set from Lex's Etsy shop (NorthwindStar:)!!  The Sweet Annie that's tucked into their aprons is now available from Lex!!

I got three of these mason jar tealight holders for the patio, at $1.99 each.

Then I stopped at JoAnn's and got these cool homespuns:

I really love the brown and blue striped fabric on top, it looks so Colonial!  I also got the lighter tan stripe but can't remember why I wanted it.. just knew I did so I picked up a yard.. LOL.  The little brown leaf print was on sale, it reminded me of a fabric that the pioneer women might have used for a bonnet... maybe I'll see how hard one of those are to make... anyone have a free pattern?  ;)  Oh, almost forgot, they have quilting thread on for .99.. not sure if that's the regular price but if not, run out and get yours before the price changes.  I also got some Kraft cardstock, can't seem to find that up here in Canada.. I might use it to make business cards and maybe bag toppers.. I need a free pattern for the bag topper if anyone has any idea of where to get that.  Yes.. I know.. I want something for nothing.. LOL.

I did get several other items but didn't get pictures of anything else.   I got a couple of new candles at Walmart, a bunch of Easter candy and some little baskets.. just stuff!  Every time I come home I wonder why I bought what I did.. I had a trunk full but once it's all unpacked it doesn't seem like I got anything.  Anyone else experience that? 

While I was at my cousin's, I picked up my order of candle/wreath hooks and wax flameless tealights.. I'm going to do some new pictures and post on my selling blog tomorrow.  I had also ordered some Sweet Annie from Lex and that was waiting for me as well.. smells so good!!  I have a couple more orders coming in soon.... if they're in by April 1 I'll pop in to pick them up before I head to Tennessee.. there will be a lot more things coming to the selling blog!  I'm going to try to take paypal, all I have is my personal account but I'm told that is all I need..  I do have a sale pending so as soon as I get a box that will work and figure out the shipping, I'll send a paypal invoice and see if I can get it to work.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!!

Thanks for stopping by.. have a great week!



  1. Love the mason jar tealights. I haven't been to the Christmas Tree Shop in a while. Now, I have an excuse to go. TFS.

  2. Love the jar lights Hayley and the material. Sounds like you have been having a pretty good time out shopping.
    Enjoy your week.

  3. I love the jar lights too! You got some great stuff, can't wait to see what you do with them! :)

  4. I too love the jar lights! You have given me an idea. :)

    Glad you had such a great tim!


  5. Thanks everyone!!! I knew if I shared I'd give someone some useful information! lol. ;D

  6. Hi Hayley! I too love the jar lights, wow wouldt they be neat hanging along a patio cover! LIke mine!! LOL

    Catching up..been busy going through boxes, etc..egads what a nightmare my friend..

    chat later,

  7. I love those mason jars! I can't believe you only paid $1.99 for those!! That's a great deal! The homespun is pretty. I love browns. That brown and blue striped does look colonial. Love it!

    Wish I could help you with a pattern for the bag topper but I don't know. Have you thought maybe about buying a stamp? Or it might be best to just put "bag topper" in your search engine. There's no telling what you'll come up with, lol! Good luck with it!

  8. I like everything you got. I wish we had a JoAnns. Everytime I see the fabric that everyone got, it's always so nice. They don't sell fabrics like that around here.

    I know what you mean by having a trunk full until you unpack everything and see it wasn't all that much.

    I hope you are selling lots of your goodies from your selling blog.

    How has the weather been holding up? It was just perfect here until Tues, we got nailed with a storm. We DID have lawn, now everything is all white again. Oh well, at least we know it's all coming to a end. April next weekend...YEAH!

  9. Thanks for the suggestion Angie, will look into it!!

    Sandy, you and I are in the same boat.. we have to go to a different country to get great prim fabric! I know I can get it in or near my city (well, a 45 min. drive from home if you call that "near" .. lol..) at a quilt shop but it's quite pricey and if I'm going to the US anyway, why not buy some.. it's only an hour away!

    Barb, wish I was closer to help you! :D

  10. ya only got 3 of those tealight thingys?? Where are mine?? LOL
    Great deals though! can't wait to pop into a dollar shop when I'm over there! (add that to our itinarary,can you?)

  11. I'd love to have some of the mason jar tealight holders! Will you be selling any? Love you prims!

  12. Hi Regina!

    No, I got those jars retail at the Christmas Tree Shops.. even if I could find them, I'm sure that I'd pay a lot more and would have to charge my customers more.. :(

    Keep your eye out, I'm sure you can find something similar.. thanks for reading and commenting!


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