Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Things I’ve been making…

Hello all!

I thought I’d share a few things I’ve made in the past little while.


This towel was made for a swap, I’ll be working on a couple more that are similar when I go to Mexico next week.. something to do on the beach.. :D. It’s made of muslin with a homespun accent trim on the bottom. All the hems were finished by hand and the homespun was sewn on by hand as well. It’s partly a desire to sew as the settlers would have, all by hand, making sure the stitches are tight enough to hold the item together.. and partly because I’m just too lazy to pull my sewing machine out to see if it actually works.. LOL! So much easier to just sit on my bed with the tv blaring and stitch away…


Close-up of the stitching, I found it online for free and altered it a bit to fit my skill level.. I’m sorry that I don’t know what site I got it from so can’t give credit, feel free to leave a comment so I know where I got it! I’m kind of proud of this, made it for a very special friend and I haven’t embroidered since I was a kid… probably didn’t do it right, but I did it how I thought I should and I’m ok with that!! Just a note, the back was done very neatly with almost no knots!


Candle mat I made for my friend as well.. again all hand-stitched.. warm & natural for the top and flannel for the bottom. I free-handed the design so I didn’t know what it would end up looking like.


Two more candle mats, very similar to the one I sent away. I’m selling these.. I hope.. lol.


Another hand-made towel, homespun with the stitching on muslin. This is a hen with her little chicks and some stars in the sky. I got this pattern from a book I bought several years ago and altered it a bit. The stitching is in brown embroidery thread. I really like it!


This towel is made from a striped flannel pillow case. The design was stitched in dark blue and the hems were done by hand as well.


Another towel made from the flannel and stitched in blue with an added row of blanket stitching along the seam.


I think you can call this a pillow tuck? It’s about 8”x9” .. so a fair size I’d say to tuck onto a prim shelf. I used the striped flannel again and sewed by hand all around then stuffed lightly with polyfill. A piece of homespun was attached with a running stitch and a piece of warm & natural was used for the ‘1867’ stitched onto it, then the piece was attached to the pillow, a couple of safety pins and a rusty bell also attached. I used 1867 because it’s the only year in Canadian history that means anything to me.. the year our country was born.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.. thanks!!


  1. Hayley ....wow I LOVE everything you made ! Beautiful. Those candle mats are just so sweet and the towels....well I'd hang them in my kitchen proudly ! Fantastic job. Did I read that right ? Mexico ? You lucky Ducky ;0) Have fun soaking up the sun ! Hope your week is off to a wonderful start.
    Prim Huggs n Blessins

  2. I love all your stitching! Especially the little chicks! Would I be able to copy it? I did the hearts in your 1st pic but then I tried to color it in and was none to impressed with the outcome. Yours turned out much nicer!
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love the blue flannel fabric...such neat work too!


  4. love your creations :) you are very talented Hayley :)

  5. Thanks everyone, I appreciate the comments!

    Yes TJ, we're going to Cozumel, a Christmas gift to my daughter. What do you get kids these days when they have enough "stuff" and you have a small house and you both love to travel? lol.. it's her week off university next week and I can tell you she really needs a break. Will post pics when I get back, not sure if I'm taking the laptop or not.

    Christine, I got that hen pattern from a book I bought years ago, it's actually an applique book so I'm assuming I can reproduce the images (obviously I wouldn't sell the image or claim it's my own). I took the book apart and donated what I didn't like so I have no idea what it was called. Another option is to look online for free colouring pages, they're usually simple and you can adapt to a stitchery pattern. Might not be easy to find prim but it's worth a look.

    Rondell, I loved the stripes as well, bought the pillow cases to use in the spare room but decided I wouldn't end up using them so I took them apart to make the towels and the little pillow.

    Andy.. thanks hon! Hugs to you ((()))

  6. Everything looks great! I think my two favorites are the candle mats and the chicken dish towels and the hearts at the top coming in third.
    Have fun on your vacation, nice and warm!

  7. Well you've been a busy, busy girl! Loving everything you are making! The hand-made towels are a neat idea. I was actually thinking about it last week. I was wondering why I couldn't take squares of my homespun and embroider something on a patch of osnaburg. I love what you've done, very nice!

    Enjoy that trip to Mexico!! I just came back from Puerto Vallarta a week ago and let me tell you-- it was sooooo hard to come home to cold, snow and ice when it had been 80 degrees and sunshine all week!! Soak it up while you can! =] Will miss you while you're gone!

  8. Hey Angie, I guess this is what happens when you're single and your only child is 19! lol.. but thanks for the compliments! Go ahead and make something.. just do it! You'll love how it turns out... and you can share it with us!

    I hope we get good weather! :D


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