Saturday, February 6, 2010

A little help here! :D

Hi all!

I continue to be inspired by the talented ladies posting pics on the FB group “A PLACE FOR US PRIM GALS TO SHOW OFF THE PRIMITIVES IN OUR HOUSE”. There have been several pics posted of some wonderful bathrooms and I have decided to re-do mine. I actually have to do something anyway as I seem to have a bit of an issue with mildew at the top of my walls.

First, let me show you what the bathroom looked like when I bought my house about 2 years ago:


Gorgeous, no? :P .. love the bright blue J cloths she left me.. lol. You can’t see it, but the green tiles wrapped all the walls so they had to come down…. I’m not a big fan of tiled walls.

This is it now:


The first thing I had to do was replace the vanity which was leaking.. not to mention fa-reakin’ ugly!!!!! The toilet was the only thing fairly new in this bathroom so it stayed but the floor was replaced. I got a great deal on this flooring, it’s a piece of sheet vinyl (I find ceramic is cold.. good in the hot parts of the world but not so much in Canada!)… got it at the orange big box store in a 6x9’ roll for $24.99. That’s one advantage of having a tiny bathroom… you can use remnants!


This is a better view of the vanity. I looked for weeks for something that was the right size and nice-looking with some storage. I would have preferred to have several drawers but this one has a very large one at the bottom, not too deep but it holds a lot of stuff. Behind the doors is a rather cavernous cupboard, still trying to figure out what I can do to organize it better. I’ve redone it several times using several different baskets and containers but it’s still a pain! The drainpipe of course runs through the middle of it so that’s one problem. Oh well, one thing at a time.


As I was saying, I looked for weeks and found this again at the orange big box store, and the mirror came with it. It was a bit more than I wanted to pay but what can you do? I was trying to find something that didn’t look cheap and really wanted an old wooden dresser that I could convert but had no luck. This vanity is wood, but like most furniture pieces, it’s not solid wood. It has a black marble or granite top (not sure and a cherry red finish. I chose a simple faucet set, I wanted the handles to be easy to turn and not those ones with the washers that always get stripped. The faucet part of this is a small gooseneck that turns from side to side. I thought that was a nice feature for a bathroom! Notice the fleur-de-lis hand towel ring on the wall.. a 50% off Hobby Lobby find!


In addition to the flooring and vanity, I removed the ugly green tiles on the walls. I actually had no choice because the previous vanity was one of those built-in ones that had the tile installed around it, not behind it. So, I was left with a big hole. I chose an mdf beadboard to put on the walls; this came in individual pieces with a tongue on one side and a groove on the other; once attached to the walls, they look like a solid piece of beadboard. I chose a high baseboard and for the top, a 4” straight piece. The pic above shows the baseboard as well as the pretty toilet paper holder I chose (notice how it's beside the toilet .. the old one was on the opposite wall..never understood that!)


This pic shows why I chose the 4” thick top piece for the beadboard. I found a pic that showed this type of top with hooks for towels and since my daughter and I use 2 towels each and I don’t like those traditional towel racks, I opted for hooks. The towels aren’t colour-coordinated but that’s life.. lol. When I go to sell the house I’ll make sure there are matching towels on these hooks! You can also see a reflection of the light fixture in the glass and some of the crap on the walls that I have to cover up. :P


This shelf above the toilet is made from an old shutter and the supports were also purchased 50% off at Hobby Lobby.. note the fleur-de-lis again :) I was going to paint the supports white to match the shelf but haven’t gotten to it yet. Please ignore the patching I did and the screw stuck in the wall.. lol.

I chose a Para Paint colour called Trading Post for the top half my walls. I love-love-love this colour! However, for the first 17 months that we lived in this house, we didn’t have a fan in the bathroom ceiling so there are streaks down the walls from the ceiling, caused by the moisture from the shower running. I have tried cleaning the walls with little success. I also have cleaned the mildew off the walls and that seems to work for a little bit. Even with the fan, there’s an issue. I was told by the person who installed the fan that the attic is so heavily insulated that the moisture can’t really escape the bathroom. That makes sense to me, but I also think I was sold the wrong paint.

So you’ve probably noticed the Parisian-themed shower curtain with matching hooks, the Eiffel Towers (3-d and pictures), the fleur-de-lis and the soap dispenser that says Paris (you probably can’t actually see that.. you’ll have to take my word for it :). About 6 years ago my daughter and I decided that we wanted a Paris-themed bathroom. I have no idea why we decided that but we started in my last house, continued it to the apartment I rented for 2 years and carried it to this house. I’ve decided that I need a change and want to prim the bathroom up.

This is where you all come in. I need some advise. I’m considering painting the beadboard. I love the white and I think white is the best colour for it, but I’m wondering if I should go dark on the bottom and paint the upper half of the wall a lighter colour. If I’m going to get the proper paint, I think it should be in a lighter colour. Hopefully that will solve the problem with the walls (after I prime of course). My thoughts on colours in the bathroom are still red but with mustard (I could do that in a homespun shower curtain). I have this great wooden wall cabinet that I’d like to hang in there but it’s red so would get lost on the walls if they stay red and I’ve decided that I don’t want to paint the cabinet. Here’s a pic of the cabinet:


It was set upside down on the floor so I rotated the pic but I think you get the idea. I paid a lot of money for this and I love it so other than dusting it, I don’t want to change it. Well.. maybe I’d take the pegs off and string wire across the bottom and put some prim towels on it.. okay maybe I would paint it.. any ideas??

I was also considering a black and tan theme for the bathroom, but I don’t think I should paint the vanity so there is still an element of red in the bathroom with the cherry finish. Basically the room is currently red, white and black and I’m okay with keeping that scheme and I will keep some of the Paris theme as well, but I want a new shower curtain and I need to paint. I could go black, tan and red as well.

So what do you all think?? Would you paint the beadboard and if so what colour? Red?? Mustard?? Tan?? What about the upper half of the walls? What about the vanity.. should I paint it? Keep in mind that I may be listing this in about 3 years so I have to be careful about any permanent changes that I make.

Thanks for any advise you can give me!!


  1. So many choices! Perhaps the dark would look better on the bottom and lighter on the top. I am not a real savvy decorator but I like challenges. This post caught my attention because I have no fan in our bathrooms and the mold is terrible. In fact all of the outer walls seems to have a mold problem. We use KILZ a lot to kill the mold! LOL! Actually it is a fantastic product for these problems. I think mustard or tan would work well with your cabinet. Keep the posts coming. Stop by my blog I posted about my Prim Swap and you can see my cute Prim Kitty. Thanks Haley, have a great weekend.

  2. Hi Hayley,

    Oh WOW, your bathroom changed from the time you purchased your home. And it looks nice and so different now. But I understand, due for a change and looking for more prim.

    I would paint the beadboard a darker color with a lighter color on top. Personally I wouldn't touch your vanity just due to the fact that you are looking to sell in 3 years. Not everyone likes our look so there are somethings we have to live with even though we don't want to. That is how I feel right now with my house. Certain things I must leave alone due to knowing I will be selling. So if you are leaving the vanity alone, I would leave the little cabinet alone also.

    What I did was went and got paint chips in the 'Colonial' section to decide on colors to paint my half bath, main bath and rec room. I have decided to paint a burgandy/brown tint the trim work in my main bath. My half bath will be beige walls with a green trim work and cabinets. And then the rec room with be more of a tan with a burgandy/red color for the trim.

    They sell paint made for bathrooms, more or less mold proof. Not sure how mold proof it is but I never had a problem with my bathrooms and never had fans either. It is also very easy to wash. I know down here it's called SICO Kitchen/Bathroom.

    You must keep posting pics of the update so we can see how your coming along.


  3. Hi Hayley, here is what I think I would do..not that I am a great decorator, either...I would go tan or taupe on the beadboard, and I think the right color gold would look great with that awesome it would look great with your vanity..Love your are going to miss your Paris theme..but Prim is nice...what are you going to use for a shower curtain??


  4. I am so happy that I found your blog and became a follower. I think you are doing a perfect job of the makeover and can't wait to see more, Char

  5. Thanks Char, what a nice comment, it's greatly appreciated!

  6. Oh no girl, you done got me hooked!! Haha! I joined that facebook page. Great, now I'll be on there even longer! =]

    Well, you do have a challenge before you, don't you? I love the Paris theme you have going on and your makeover is wonderful!

    My thought is this: I would buy a shower curtain first because that is really the first thing you see when you look at your bathroom. Then pick your colors from it. I would leave the red cabinet like it is but that would mean you would have to paint the wall a lighter color which would mean you would have to paint the beadboard a darker color, and I think it looks great in white like it is. Sorry, but I'm not much help. I'm the world's worst at making decisions. I know whatever you decide will look great and I can't wait to see it finished!


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