Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Valentine’s Day, look what I got & I’m outta here!!!


Hope everyone has a Happy Valentine’s Day Sunday.. I will be on a beach in Mexico with my awesome daughter….. can’t wait!!

See my sweet Valentine’s tree???  Do the cardinals and Annie look familiar?  I told my sweet friend Lex of NorthwindStar, who made both of these items (3 gorgeous cardinals and one very sweet Annie) that they were not being packed away with the Christmas decorations.. I love these, they are part of the decor now!  I also added a few felt hearts that I got at JoAnn’s after Christmas… 90% off!  Works year-round too!

Well, I got such a surprise in the mail today, I couldn’t believe there was something for me!!  My other sweet friend Barb of Dogmom Diva sent me this super-sweet little heart, tucked inside a cute bag and also included a cute card.. Barb, thanks so much, you really helped me..  it’s been a very stressful week at work and this made my week!  Huggggs to you!!!




PARIS!!!  So cute, and I love that button!  It smells good also but I can’t place the scent!  I think it might be stuffed with lavender.. but maybe Barb will tell me her secret :D  …

What a thoughtful and touching little gift, I’m so grateful to Barb!!  I just can’t thank you enough.. :)

So with that, I have to get ready to cross the border, have to pop in to my cousin’s before it gets too late.  Our flight is 6 a.m. tomorrow morning but since we have to be there 3 hours early we’re not even going to get to sleep tonight :( 

My daughter will have her laptop but I’m sure she won’t share much.. lol.. so I will post some pics when I get back!  If I can get online I’ll post comments.

Adios to all my great bloggy friends!!



  1. I hope you have a great time in Mexico. Your tree is a delight for the eyes, Char

  2. I hope you have a wonderful time on your trip. I love your tree! I have a 5 ft. 'prim' tree that I have been decorating for the different seasons. I love the cardinals. I need to make a few for it. :)


  3. Hayley, you are gone to Mehico now, hope you are enjoying the sand, water and a cool tropical drink for me!

    I am shocked the heart got there so early..I wish I had made it, but I didn't, I don't have all the talent so many of our ladies do, but when I saw it I HAD to get it for you since I know you love Paris..thank you for being my friend xoxox
    PS don't know what the scent is..I could make up something though lol..

    HAVE FUN!!!

  4. I love your little tree! I have a holiday tree that I keep up year round and have so much fun with it!

    Your gifts are so sweet! Don't you just love being remembered by thoughtful friends? It can sure turn a lousy day into a good day! =]

    Have a most wonderful, sunshiny time in Mexico!!

  5. HOLA!! Thanks everyone for the comments! It's been a bit cool and cloudy here this week, we've had times when it's been warm and the sun is strong when it's out... but it's quite breezy and when you're on the sea it tends to be cool.. and it IS their winter! We're hoping for more hot weather before we go home!! Next year if we go away we want to go further from North America, we figure it will be hotter :D Had fun yesterday playing with stingrays, will do a post when I get home! ADIOS!!

  6. Hayley, Hola! Yes the further south you go, the hotter it gets..say Aruba..awesome, beautiful water and Dutch..some great deals to Aruba..have been twice..We will be making a stop there on our Cruise in April...its hotter there but awesome!
    Have fun jellybean!


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