Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What is January??

We’re past halfway into the month.. so I figured I’d try to have something interesting to say about this month.. a little slow, I know ;)

January’s birthstone is garnet.. so let’s see what I can find online about the garnet.

"... to resist melancholy and poison, stop the spitting of blood and dissolve tartar in the body" -(William Rowland, Physician, on a special medicine prepared from Garnets, 1669)

Haha.. interesting isn’t it???

Now for the good stuff.. some jewellery!! :D




Nice combination of smooth beads and faceted stones in these grape cluster earrings!


Pretty little cluster ring with diamonds, set in yellow gold..


Now this reminds me of a ring I bought for my daughter a few years back.. but with a different centre stone.. this is such a sweet setting, don’t you think?


This is a rather fancy one.. the setting is a classic one, I used to see these all the time.. I love the tear-drop pendant.


This one I really like, I’m a big fan of pearls, and I like the red & white colour scheme.. pretty!!!

The flower for January is carnation.. definitely not one of my favourites but it is a pretty flower when it’s nice and fresh. I think I like white the most… I found this picture on www.judithbarathart.com .. hope she doesn’t mind me borrowing it!


Isn’t she a great photographer?? Beautiful!

Finally, if you live anywhere near me, January usually means blizzards, ice-cold temperatures, and snowplows.. but so far this month we’ve been pretty lucky!


  1. doesn't sound like the JAnuary I'm used to! Hot hot HOT!! all the way!

  2. I'm with you Jenn.. I'll take the pearls and that beautiful white gold ring (or platinum.. I don't know the difference!).

    Jazy.. we are jealous! lol

  3. I, too, am jealous of jazy, it is so cold here! and the snow! ugh, but hayley usually gets more snow than we do, so I try not to complain too much to her because of that! I like the jewelery!

  4. It's not that cold here! It could be so much worse like the last 2 winters!! Jazy is dealing with temps over 40C.. don't think you'd want that either!

  5. At least you know what you'll be getting when you step outside....here in Texas we have ice one day and sunny and warm the next. Maybe that's why I love it - it's moody just like me ;)

    (My favorite are the first earrings. And I don't usually like stones.)

  6. I love it all! LOL! Your post is so fun!

  7. Hayley, beautiful jewels, I love the grape cluster earrings, the almost look irridescent!



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