Monday, January 18, 2010

Valentine’s swap and a yummmo recipe!!

Hi all,

Just a short post and sorry, no pics again!!! I’d best get my act together I suppose… sigh :’(

Those who signed up for my handmade prim Valentine’s textile swap have been emailed their recipient’s name. Remember, I changed some of the rules.. so it’s a Secret Valentine’s swap, no partners, instead I chose names.. cause I’m cool like that!!!! :D You have 2 weeks to get your items shipped out! Questions, please respond to the email I sent out last night.

I went to a friend’s yesterday to play a board game called Cashflow.. never heard of it before. It was fun, I almost won!! Darn! Well in addition to playing the game we ate, of course! My friend made this amazing crustless quiche.. it has ricotta in it and is sweet, the “cake” part of it reminds me of a sweet cornbread.. we’re not big on cornbread up here in Canada so my experience is very limited. This recipe is from, click here for the actual recipe. My friend gave me a piece to take home and I would NOT share with my daughter.. lol.. it was that good! I brought it in to work for breakfast :). You can top it with fresh whipped cream, preserves, whatever you have. Enjoy!!

In addition to the quiche, I brought a salad. Here is a very quick “recipe” for it. The quantities depend on how many you’re serving.

- lettuce such as mixed spring greens... don't be a hero, get the pre-packaged! ;)
- Craisins.. to taste
- Granny Smith apples cut into chunks
- goat cheese (nice texture and much less salt than feta)
- grilled chicken, chopped

Mix all together, or as I did, keep in separate bowls and have everyone build their own. Suggested salad dressings: Balsamic Vinaigrette or Creamy Poppyseed (these are both from Kraft Canada, not sure what you have in the US!)

Enjoy the rest of your day :)


  1. Oh gosh Hayley, those both sound to die the market I go, to the market I go...those recipes sound like keepers.

    Got my info for the swap, can't wait! Have a good day my friend:)


  2. Barb, wish I'd had my camera, this quiche looked just like a sponge cake coming out of the oven and it tasted so amazingly wonderful!! The salad is a very good, easy one to make, not a lot of ingredients to carry if you're taking it with you. Let me know how they turn out!


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