Friday, January 15, 2010

Reminder.. and some chatting!!! :D

Hi my lovelies!

Just a reminder that you have until the end of today ... Friday, Jan. 15 to sign up for my prim Valentine's day fabric item swap! I amended some of the rules so be sure to read both my posts and sign up on either one.. PLUS you need to email me your snail mail address. Any questions, email me right away so I can clear them up.

As noted in the 2nd post, I changed things up a bit. You won't be swapping with the person who gets your name, rather I am picking names.. kind of like the Secret Santa idea.. but Secret Valentines! Only I will know who has your name ;D

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I'm not sure if it's been the stressful couple of weeks at work or not.. but I've just been tired and not overly motivated.. LOL. Ugh..

As some of you know.. I'm taking my daughter to Cozumel, Mexico for reading week next month! We leave on Feb. 13 for one week and we are really looking forward to it! We went for the first time in May, 2008, 10 days after my daughter returned from Italy where she lived as an exchange student for 3 months. I figured she'd need a vacation! lol... That trip was my first one where I got to use my first-ever passport!!! As much as I love travelling I hadn't been outside Canada or the U.S. and I was itching to get a stamp in that book! Here are a couple of pics from that trip..

This is the beach at our resort.. the water was gorgeous! This was my first time in salt water too!

This is a tidal pool at Xcaret, an eco-park in the Mayan Riviera.. looks like a spa, but the water was very rough here.. you couldn't go in!

I hope the weather is really warm but not humid when we're there. Our last visit was very humid.. ..yuck.. that sticky feeling is just gross! lol.. I will be posting lots of pics when we get back. In the meantime I'll try to get back to posting for Travellin' Tuesdays! Wishing everyone a happy Friday!


  1. Oh my!! What beautiful pics! I just passed up a chance to got there this past November. I'm really kicking myself now! I'm afraid to fly, so that was why I didn't go. Can't wait to see more pics, Thanks!

  2. Well Jodi, I totally understand the fear of flying, I never used to have it.. but it does scare me now. However, I want to travel, and I live in Canada.. so there's not much here that you can get to easily. It would take 24 hours to drive to Florida and they're not even having great weather there! So I just have to trust that the pilots will get me to where I need to go safely.. I won't stop travelling! Good luck, hope you get to go!

  3. OH the Horror of having to spend time at that resort! You must be sooo upset!! LOL
    I hope you have a great time there! and try not to forget about me and send me a postcard!!

  4. Relaxation! Sounds fabulous! The watre looks so pretty. Happy Sundya to you!


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