Sunday, January 3, 2010

Let's do a SWAP!!! (See updated info)

Hey everyone!

As you may have guessed from my last post, I'm not a big fan of Valentine's Day.. :D .. guess it's that whole being single stuff.. lol! I also feel that it's getting a bit out of hand.. have you seen the stuff they have in the stores now? Crazy!

Now having said that, I figure why fight it?? So, I'm thinking that a Valentine's swap is a great idea.

Keeping in mind the expense of Christmas past I'm going to keep this a small swap and since Feb. 14 is not that far off.. only 6 weeks.. we have a short timeline!!!

So the rules are:
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1) you must have a blog and I would appreciate you spreading the word about this swap by adding a link to this post
2) you must be a follower of mine.. please feel free to add yourself, I love having new followers!
3) this is open to Canadian and US bloggers* (and I will be randomly matching you up with someone in either country; please do not sign up if you're not willing to send across the border)
4)* this is where the * comes in.. this is also open to other countries, but the catch is, based on the expense of international shipping and the time contraints, your partner must be in your country; if you are my only follower in your country, this is a great opportunity to encourage someone new to sign up
5) please reply to this post if you want to participate, then send your home address to me at; ensure you do both please!
6) sign-up deadline is Jan. 15, matches will be done and emailed out by Jan. 17
7) swap item must be sent out by Feb. 1 at the latest (please check the postal guidelines and if possible send it out earlier) items should be received by Valentine's Day but keep in mind that is a Sunday!
NOTE - THIS GIVES YOU JUST A MONTH TO GET YOUR SWAP ITEM MADE AND SENT!!! Make sure you can fulfill your committment!
8) email me the method of shipping and the tracking code
9) make sure you contact your swap partner to let her know you received the item and thank her

10) feel free to post your swap item on your blog.. we all love to see pics, don't we??

Now, what exactly is the swap? Well, I'm thinking something made of a fabric/textile, as it should be one of the least expensive items to ship and there are so many options.. even for Valentine's Day, with it's limited motifs! UPDATE - THIS ITEM IS TO HAVE A VALENTINE'S DAY THEME & COLOURS.

Item must be hand-crafted; if you're not a crafter you can purchase the item (still must be hand-crafted and not an imported item) but the goal for this swap is to keep costs down. Examples of items: stitcheries such as wall hangings (send unframed to keep costs down if you choose), candle mats, candle huggers, pillow covers (un-stuffed if you choose), towels, bowl fillers/ornies (like hearts, cupids, love letters.. google fabric envelopes??), small dolls, etc. The item must be prim'd, grungied, antiqued, stained etc.. feel free to use glitter glass, mica, very fine glitter if you want, but it still should look old and prim.

You can add any extra item if you want, but it's not necessary!

Hope this is clear, if not, please email me. Let's have fun!!!


  1. Yes Yes Yes! I want to swap!
    I think you have my home addy but will email it to you..

  2. Sounds good Barb, you can get started whenever you want! I'm going to start mine this week!!

  3. This sounds like fun! I would love to join the fun! I will add a link to my blog. Thanks and I love the blog! I am in Colorado.

  4. That's awesome Anne.. glad to have you!

  5. I would love to participate! I will email you my address.

  6. I would love join. Sent you an email.

  7. OK so it is one prim fabric valentine. If that is all, I nwat to play too.

    Let me know

    thanks and blessings

    barbara jean

  8. Hayley, yes it's me your dense what we need to make is a VALENTINE. I was thinking we needed to send like a little kitchen towel or some linen thingy or maybe I am right..Just want to clear up my silly old mind..

  9. Hi Barbara (welcome) and Barb!!!

    Yes, basically if you're interested in making a towel for example.. please be prim and make it from a piece of muslin rather than buying a towel.. I just think it's so much more fun that way! Then.. you can stitch on a little Valentine's motif .. you could do it in reds.. and to really prim it up, you'll want to coffee or tea-stain it! I have one that my friend made, it's so easy, just cut the muslin and hem all around. She also added a border of homespun.. since Valentine's has a red theme.. it is red homespun. For a candle mat, you could use Warm & Natural as a base, then cut out hearts in wool or felted wool or homespun, make penny stacks out of them and sew on (add a back to hide the threads, blanket stitch that on), or just do a stitchery. You can do a stitchery that your partner can frame unless you don't mind adding a frame but that increases your shipping (check the costs first, there might be no difference based on weight).. but that's up to you. Bowl fillers can just be some hearts, stained and with wire twisted around them, or some other variation. Basically take a prim item that we see on all these blogs and give it a Valentine's Day motif. I'd stay away from anything mushy but that might be a personal issue.. seems everyone but me is married!! lol Since hearts are a big design element in prim anyway, it might be easier to google prim heart stitcheries, or prim heart bowl fillers.. or something like that to inspire you. You can always email a pic to me for my opinion.. especially if you're new to prim! Hope that helps.. I'll update my post.

  10. I am a new follower. I would love to join in the swap. I am off to email you now.

  11. Hayley, ok I am getting the jist of prim! I got it, how fun..

  12. I happened across your blog, became a follower and would love to participate. I however am a maker of the cottage style. Not any grunge or primitive of sort. I have many ideas but not for the grunge theme.......I know your rules say grunge, is there any leway on this? Sorry, but had to ask, Char

  13. I'd love to be in the swap! Off to email you now.


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