Sunday, January 31, 2010

Favourite things..

I’ve been slacking so much on my blog!!!  I finally finished and mailed my swap item.. a few days ago.. so I can’t use that excuse any more!  LOL

I thought I’d share a few of my favourite things with you.  You may have seen this in other posts.. my Hoosier (actually made by the Hoosier company, who was the first company to add the flour sifter).  I think this one was made in the 1920’s but I couldn’t find a date on it.  I have a fabulous wooden swan on the top that I coveted from a store called Crate Designs.. not sure if you have them in the US, I just know this swan was really expensive.  Finally got it several years ago, I just love it!  Next to the swan is a great checkerboard I bought at an outdoor festival a number of years ago.. again it was very expensive but I HAD to have it!  Then there is the snowlady and her chair that I had sitting on the floor beside my Christmas tree (the real one).. a Christmas stocking stitchery that stays up all year and a little wooden light with a silicone bulb. 


Here is a close-up of the “countertop”.  I just moved a few things around today, added a piece of burlap as a runner and moved the round braided mat from the kitchen.  The saltbox sitting under the flour bin is one of the unfinished paper mache ones I got a couple months back at Hobby Lobby in Michigan on one of my cross-border shopping trips.  I painted the roof and base black and the house rust red.  I know it should have a light in it, haven’t gotten around to it yet :) ..  in front of it is a mason jar with a candle holder that sits on the lip of the jar and holds a tealight.  In front is an old metal tray found at a yard sale that I painted black and added some spices to for texture.  I’ve added several small homespun rag balls and some cinnamon heart bowl fillers plus a larger crackled ball; I made all of these :D.  At the back, I added a dowelled frame that I found at a yard sale last year with two little pieces of homepun hanging on.  Next to that, I have a great prim towel that I purchased months ago from a talented coworker.  She stitched on a cute Raggedy Ann plus some hearts and added a border of homespun.  Love it!!  It’s hanging on a built-in towel rack.. what an ingenious idea!  I’ve also moved my little wooden paddle and pantry cake that I received in a swap with my friend Sandy back in November.. I think it looks cute here in front of my candlestick lamp.  Hanging from one of the upper cupboards is a cute grungy Annie. 


Beside the Hoosier is another of my favourite things, my one-room schoolhouse desk.  I love this piece!!!  My house is very small so it was a challenge finding room for these two items.  Since I cut a hole in the wall between the kitchen and living room (see that here), I lost a solid wall that would have been perfect for the Hoosier .. the other wall has a random window in it and the other two have cabinets and appliances.... oh well, I like it in the living room!!  I don’t have a whole lot on it, some dolls on the seat, a wooden teacher doll on top, a wooden apple in the inkwell as well as a little stack of wooden books.  I also have a silver tray with a brush, comb and mirror set sitting on top.. can’t see these but they are sitting at the base of my little light that I also got from Sandy  :)


Another of my favourite things are old windows.  These ones were bought at a yard sale for $5 each.. I was trying to get them for a lot less but she wouldn’t budge!  They are still sitting in the shed, haven’t decided what to do with them but windows with this many panes are hard to come by so I’m not giving them up anytime soon!


I also love this one that I have hanging over my head.. this one’s been following me for a while :D  I also LOVE this paint colour.  I had a lovely green that I used in this room and my last 2 bedrooms and it was time for a change.  This one is called Caramel Apple from Benjamin Moore’s classic line (assuming I’m remembering correctly.. lol).  It is quite dark but really pretty.  Woo.. I’m brave !  :D


Now just a few little things… my favourite drink (not a coffee or tea drinker!):

My favourite chocolate bar (yes that’s what we call them up here… lol).  If you’ve never had these, you are missing out!!  These are waaaaaaaay better than M&M plain!!!  I promise!

My favourite chips:

Favourite chick flicks (and I am NOT a huge fan of chick flicks!).. Bridget Jones’ Diary.. both of them!

Lastly…. my favourite city (no surprise there!):077

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  1. I like this post a lot! It gives me a better idea of your personality and I like that! Take care and have a super week!

  2. Thanks Anne.. what a sweet thing to say! Hope you have a great week as well. :D

  3. Those smarties look yummy ! Too bad I can't try them =( I'm allergic to chocolate !! Love your Hoosier. And I am an old window collector too lol. I love 'em and someday soon (I hope) Im going to have hubbs build me an end table out of one for my room. I enjoyed reading your fav things =)
    Prim Huggs n Blessins

  4. Hi Hayley, I could look at your Hoosier for hours and hours, its so pretty! I enjoyed chatting it up with you today! I'm sure we'll be talking again soon!
    Stay warm!

  5. TJ.. omg, allergic to chocolate??? That's horrible! I know you'd love Smarties, they are staples for little kids here. I found them at Dollywood 3 years ago in the Irish pavilion.. they're from the UK so it makes sense (I think ours are made here though). A table made from old windows sounds awesome. I've seen things like that before! Hope you get one soon :)

  6. Hey Andy.. I know what you mean! When I first got the Hoosier, I just kept looking at it and touching it to make sure it was real! lol.. nice chatting with you too, we'll talk soon! Take care :D

  7. Hi Haley.
    Now I have seen that bag of chips, I will have to get mine out of the cupboard:) I love the Hoosier.
    Where did you find that one?

  8. Janet, I'd love some chips too! lol.. I got the Hoosier from someone who lives in my city, it was posted on a buy & sell bulletin board. The Hoosier label is plastic and was in pieces and a bit is missing but there is enough to know it's a genuine Hoosier.. probably why the guy wanted so much for it.. lol.

  9. Just love your hoosier cabinet, it looks alot like mine that I have on my blog. Love how you have yours decorated. And the old school desk is awesome. You go girl!!!

  10. Hi Haley.
    Which list did you find it on? I am looking for a Hoosier. That is if they are not tooooooo expensive.

  11. I love your Hoosier! I had one before we had our fire, it wasn't in great shape. I'd been trying to get it down to bare wood and after months of trying I quit. I still have the top but need to find a new bottom.

    Everything looks great!

  12. Lecia, I love your Hoosier! Mine has doors like a roll-top desk but they come from the sides. I leave them open because I got paint on them and haven't cleaned I love your doors! Thanks for leaving a comment.

  13. Hi Janet, I work at one of two hospital corporations in my city, we have access to their online bulletin board and I got it there. Good luck in your search!


  14. Allison, why not paint the upper cabinet (sometimes the frustration of trying to strip it down is not worth it!), and mount it on a wall or place it on a farmhouse table against the wall? Bet it would look amazing!

  15. Hi Hayley.
    I have a Bakers' Table. Have you seen one of those? Two large bins, one for flour and one for sugar.
    It took my 3 years to find it. I finally found it at Christie's Antique show.
    You can see it on my Blog if you scroll down to my kitchen pictures.

  16. Hi Hayley,

    I just love your Hoosier!!! Always wanted one but never could find one around here and if I would I am sure I wouldn't even be able to afford it. But you have everything displayed all so nicely on top. I am liking everything :)

    Love your school desk! I have three...inherited them from hubby's Aunt who lives in Paisley, Ontario, Meninite County. I am so greatful to have inherited them. Like you, my house is quite small so space is limited and now, well I am busting at the seems...LOL.

    I can't wait to see what you made for your swap. I am positive it will be wonderful especially if it's anything near to what I received at Christmas.

    Hope your week has started out good...

  17. Janet & Sandy, sorry for taking so long to respond. I prefer to leave a follow-up comment so you know I appreciate you taking the time to write!

    Janet.. I would love a baker's table, I have seen them and I just think that they are such a clever invention! I will check your blog hon, thanks for pointing it out to me! It's hard to keep up on so many wonderful blogs!

    Sandy.. I love your school desks and how lucky are you to have 3 and with family history attached. That is such a treasure! Keep your eye out gf, you will find a Hoosier! Like Janet, we prim gals have to have patience and the right piece will come along. My swap items (yes, I made 2) were just received yesterday. We Canadians forget or don't know what it's like to have mail delivery on Saturdays. That went out when the bras started burning I think.. LOL.. I do remember it from childhood though. So she got the package yesterday! So nerve-racking to send handmades to such a talented lady! At least the package made it through the mail and Customs!

    Have a wonderful week to both of you.. huggggs! <3

  18. Oh Hayley, I have enjoyed looking at your favourite things. I LOVE your Hoosier and everyting on it! You know sometimes if we truly want something bad enough, we need to reward ourselves with that treasure even if it's more than we would normally spend. I just have to remind myself to not do that very often. Lol!

    I bought that same paper mache house at Hobby Lobby and the two smaller ones that go with it. Mine are still sitting in my craft cabinet. I need a Whatcha Working on Wednesday inspiration to get them out and get them finished! But I had already decided that my biggest house was going to be just like yours-- barn red with a black roof. Now I'm glad I picked those colors, I really like how it turned out and it makes me want to get mine out right now and get started! Haha!

    I love how you have homespun hanging on your rack, I love the look of homespun.

    I also have an old school desk similar to yours. It is the first antique I ever bought and it is one of my most treasured pieces!!

    Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed looking! =]


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