Sunday, November 14, 2010

Craft show

I did a craft show yesterday, I was the only one not selling crocheted items, jewellery or food :(  .. needless to say, I sold very little, just slightly more than enough to cover the cost of the table.  It's very disappointing to me, so I'm going to work on stock for a much larger show that I'd like to go into next year.  Here are a couple of pics of my table. 

As you can see, they put me right beside an outside door.  Although we've been having a relatively warm November, it still got chilly just sitting there! 

Check out my selling blog, I've added a few things and marked some things down.  Next on the list of things to do is clean up the spare bedroom where I keep my craft supplies and finished crafts (and my and put away the things from the show, was just too tired today. 

Have a great week everyone!

Monday, October 4, 2010

A dry sink!!

I am so excited!!  After many years of desperately wanting a dry sink, I finally have one.  My Facebook friend and fellow blogger Rochelle (see previous post) found it on Craigslist, contacted the vendor and negotiated a lower price, then went to pick it up for me.  This transaction took place over the course of a couple of weeks…. I really admire and appreciate Rochelle’s dedication!

On Sat. she brought it to me in Ontario, Canada, from her home near Pt. Huron, Michigan, I think the drive is about 1.5 hours in total, one-way.. and of course having to deal with Customs both ways isn’t exactly a fun prospect!  What a generous thing for her to do, I really appreciate her bringing this to me, but it makes me wish that I had a van!  She had to be home by early afternoon so we went out quickly to pick up some Briwax then off for a nice lunch.  I really had a blast chatting with her and I look forward to having a new friend to visit and go shopping with when I cross the border.

Now what would an awesome prim purchase be without pics??  Before pics:


There’s a lot of varnish on this and lots of dings and nicks..  nothing a ton of sanding can’t fix!   :D


This is exactly what I’ve always wanted, the actual sink part plus a small counter with a drawer underneath.  I also love the shelf on top.. any extra display space is always a good thing!


These pics were all taken by the vendor for his ad.  He said he had purchased it in 1971 and it wasn’t new at the time, so the age is questionable but it’s at least 40 years old.

After pics:


Before tweaking..  nice shot of my butter churn!!


Moved a few things around, added a few things plus fall decor


Close-up of the top..


I put this one in to show the knob.. replaced the white porcelain with the glass one that matches the one on the shelf above.  The dry sink is now in my kitchen, but originally I wanted to put it beside my front door.  Despite measuring before I got it, the space by the front door is actually too small.. LOL.. so I moved a few things around and it’s in my kitchen.  I love it!


Since Rochelle wouldn’t take money for gas or her time, I gave her this Valor kerosene heater as a thank-you.  I have another one so I was happy to give my extra heater to someone who loves it as much as I do.  Thanks Rochelle!!! <3

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Meeting prim friends!

I’m back, trying to catch up on some posts! 

On Sept. 18 I went to Holly, MI to meet some prim friends from a forum I joined called A Primitive Journey Community.  Since I live in Canada, about an hour from Port Huron, MI, I joined the Detroit and Lower Michigan chapter.    They have chapters all over the US so check your area - A Primitive Journey Community.

Unfortunately I wasn’t snap-happy with my camera that day :(  .. so I’ll just have to tell you that we shopped in all the cute little stores which included Holly Hills Primitives (if you remember from a previous post, I went there in July with my friend Janet), so I got to see Dawn again.. what a sweetheart she is!    We also went into a few antique stores.  In one, I found a potato masher for $5 so I thought I should grab it.  I found a potato ricer for $4 in another but my find of the day is this crock butter churn which I got for $39!!  I don’t think I’ve ever seen one for under $75 so I grabbed it really quickly!  There is a chip out of the lid but it’s not a fresh one, and other than that it’s in perfect condition.


I had such a fun day meeting so many prim friends, there were 8 of us in total and the director of our chapter is Rochelle, who has a blog called Prairie House.  Rochelle lives just outside Port Huron so it’s a double bonus for me, as I can go shopping with her when I get over to Michigan.  Actually, I have to do a post but have a piece of furniture to refinish first.. and it involved Rochelle so I will do a post when I have it completed.

As I always do, I went shopping at one of my favourite stores before I went home, Christmas Tree Shops.  I found a small bench with an ugly “prim” saying painted on top, stripped off the paint as best I could then painted it a nice mustard colour and topped with some Briwax.  It’s small enough to sit on my countertop so that’s where it is!  Here’s a pic… (sorry, no “before” but trust me, it was not pretty.. but it is wood!)


I put the potato masher on top and the ricer underneath… also propped an old muffin tin on top.  The little quilted square was a find in a shop in Holly.  I think it’s a Boyds Bears accessory which I got for $1.50.. it fits perfectly here!


A bit of fall decorating, I don’t really go over the top.  I rearranged my countertops and moved this bin back over to the counter beside my sink, I like it better in this spot.  See the fire extinguisher?  Got it at an estate sale… which I thought I posted about, but haven’t!  Ok, well I can add a few pics …


Got to go to the estate sale the night before and I was allowed to poke around in the basement.. which was going to be off-limits the day of the sale… and this is what I found!  I’ve since sanded off the outside finish and used some Rustic Pine Briwax to give it a nice glow.  I don’t have an “after” pic .. but it turned out nicely; since my house is small and this is a big piece, it’s currently sitting in the laundry room on top of an old drop-leave table. 


More stuff.. an old galvanized washtub, a chenille blanket (in perfect condition so I don’t think I’m cutting this up), a flannel blanket (unopened), a watering can, gas can, the fire extinguisher and a bow saw.


Yet more stuff… the owner’s son found these old medicine bottles (two still have drugs in them!), an old coffee pot, jars and a coffee grinder.


Jars, a chicken candy dish, enamel pitcher & flour sifter.


Old coffee grinder.. it can be mounted but the bolts on the back make that difficult.

Can you guess what I paid for all this??  NO?  $40!!  Yes, that’s it for all the estate sale items.  I was very happy with this!!

Ok, that’s it for a few days, I do have more things to post about but still working on them.. so till then.. :)

Saturday, October 2, 2010

I’m still here!!

Hello everyone!

I didn’t disappear off the face of the earth!  Just had a lot going on.  August and September flew by so fast, I can hardly believe it.  In August my daughter and I went to Orlando.  Initially I wanted to go to Pennsylvia, to the Lancaster area and maybe on into West Virginia but I never did get things organized.  Maybe I just don’t consider it a “real” vacation unless there’s a full-body scan involved.. LOL.  I would prefer Pa. to be a long weekend type of trip so I’ll save it for that.

Here are a few pics of our trip, although I’m sure most people reading this have been there!


Orlando Airport.. so pretty!!


The smartest thing I did was rent a car!  This is a cool red HHR, what a fun car!  I was so happy to have some freedom, we were able to take a couple of side trips while we were in Orlando. 

This is our room (in the album), a 2-bed. unit with a full kitchen, 2 bathrooms (check out my Miami Vice-inspired tile.. LOL), washer & dryer, and a screened-in patio.

Having already been to WDW, we decided to go to Universal Studios.. we were there mainly for the new Harry Potter attraction.. what a cool place, but the lineups were crazy, even for getting into the stores! 

We also used the car to go to West Palm Beach, but chose Sunday, not knowing the whole town shuts plus it ended up raining!  


See the rain?  LOL.. it was coming down in sheets!


What a cool tree, it was such a pretty place!


A few days later we went to Cocoa Beach, which was much better!



The sand was powdery closer to the water.. loved it!

Well that’s it for now, I spent a lot of time digging up my front yard so I could get a sidewalk poured.  I have a bit more to do to clean it up then I’ll post pics.. thanks for coming back!


Sunday, August 1, 2010

Another overdue re-do!

I bought a ton of stuff last year at yard sales and rummage sales with good intentions of transforming them into something fabulous.  Unfortunately it rained every weekend last summer so most of my finds just ended up sitting in the shed all winter.  I envisioned this shelf holding bowls but it would have been too much work to create a 2nd shelf as it would have needed some support from underneath so I had to re-think it.


There is one shelf across the middle, hearts on the inside bottom section and holes on the bottom cross-piece where you’d put wooden pegs.  There is also a dowel near the top that is in an odd place.  I knew I wanted to put wooden bowls on this shelf but the dowel would have to be removed.


A closer look at the hearts.. the middle part creates an indent so most likely there was a dowel here at one time.  Oh, the 90’s!!  lol


Ok, so the first thing I did was remove the dowel at the top.  It was just in such an awkward spot that I would only have been able to put a large shallow bowl on the shelf and I wanted to have more options.  I moved the dowel down to rest on top of the shelf, to form a lip which would stop a bowl from slipping off.  See the closeup in the next pic..


I also added pine beadboard to the back of the entire shelf, filled in the peg holes at the bottom and sanded the whole piece.  I left the holes in the top, for screwing to the wall.


Here it is, basecoated barn red with black on top, sanded and Briwaxed.  I’m going to be looking for some old hooks to attach to the bottom section to hold bonnets and will also be looking for a few bowls to add to the top.  Thanks to the lip I created, I don’t think I need to add anything else to hold bowls in place.  Now I have to decide where to put this in my house..  maybe that odd wall in the living room that I always seem to end up with!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

An overdue re-do

I bought this ugly shelf at a huge yard sale last year (remember this dresser?  same sale)  .. I really debated about taking it because it’s one of those more open-grain woods that I really don’t like.  I got it with a ton of other stuff for $5.. so technically it cost around 50 cents or less… so I just threw it in the mix!


Last night I finally started making it over.  After removing that ugly wooden knob and sanding off that varnish, I painted it barn red, and sanded it back a bit for wear.  I then took some Tudor Brown Briwax to it.  Oh.. I found Briwax in an unfinished furniture store in my city a week ago.. took me a bit to figure out how it works.. lol..  but I think I like it now!  I’ve been searching everywhere online to find a retailer and didn’t have much luck.  The only place in Canada where I could find it was Western Canada and I live in Southwestern Ontario.  Imagine my shock when I went into that store to look around and found it, in every colour!!  After using it on a piece and not liking it, I decided to read the instructions.. LOL..  and found out that it liquifies in warm weather so I had to bring it back to a solid.  Once I did that I really enjoyed the finish.. I think Briwax will be my new bff now!

Back to the shelf :D  ..


I put it on a section of kitchen wall that has an ugly phone jack on it.. since I don’t have a landline this is just an eyesore.  The shelf is straighter on the wall than it looks.. lol.  It might be hard to see but I added a little piece of wire at the bottom.  I also replaced the wooden knob with a crystal-look one.


Here it is, all loaded up!  I added my wooden potato mashers, wooden paddle and a hand chopper (I think that’s what it is!), got them all at a yard sale a few weeks ago (see this post).  I also added a couple of painted wooden spoons sticking out of the drawer and my little Raggedy Ann doll that was a gift from my friend Lex of Northwindstar Primitives (check her Etsy shop for awesome handmade prims!).  I hung a handmade Raggedy towel (purchased from a coworker) from the wire.   I love how it turned out!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Meeting a fellow blogger!

On Saturday I met a fellow blogger who lives just outside my city… she’s been following my blog and had made comments and I thought I had checked hers and was following.. didn’t realize until a couple of weeks ago that I hadn’t checked her blog very closely and wasn’t following and she lived so close to me!!!  Boy, was I feeling bad about that, definitely wasn’t snubbing her but I’m sure it looked that way for a while.  I have no defense.. lol.. but I think Janet has forgiven me!!  It’s just a surprise to find a fellow Canadian prim blogger, let alone one in my own back yard!  Check out her blog, Olde Crow Primitives, she’s got a gorgeous house in the country, a new summer kitchen and she makes fabulous quilts!!  After profusely apologizing to her for my oversight, we spoke by phone and then decided to go shopping in Michigan.. and she told me about a place in Holly, called Holly Hills Primitives..  what else could we do?  So off to Michigan we went..  lol.

Mapquest wanted to take us through Flint but I knew there was a shorter way, close to where my cousin lives in Utica.  I drove and we went first to my usual Dollar Tree then couldn’t quite figure out from the map where to go next.  I had an idea of where I should be but wasn’t totally sure, so we stopped and asked for directions; when we got off on M59 and up to Van Dyke I knew exactly where I was.. since my cousin is just down the road!  This is where I thought I could link up with I75.. should just have emailed my cousin!  lol..  Next time, I will take the route I’m more familiar with!

We made it to Holly, MI and found the shop quite easily.. on the main street in this small, quaint town with angled parking… I love angled parking :) :)!  After lunch at the Bittersweet Cafe.. very cute little place with great food… we found Holly Hills Primitives across the street and met the owner, Dawn, who was very warm and welcoming.  We had a fabulous time visiting with Dawn and the owner of a cafe attached to the store called Zanie Janie’s… Janie’s such a blast, it was fun meeting her!!  Holly Hills is a really cool store, packed with antiques and prims, and lots of handmade items.  The walls on one side are lined with several facades from old buildings that were rescued from the wrecking ball.  Such a unique idea and honours the heritage of the town!  Both Janet and I found the prices to be very good and we both found some treasures that didn’t break the bank.

holly_trip 001

I picked up this antique folding laundry rack... got a great deal from Dawn so I couldn’t pass it up!

holly_trip 002

holly_trip 003

Can’t wait to get that nasty green paint off!  I’m not sure where it will go.. really no space for it but I’ll figure something out! 

holly_trip 007

All Patriotic items were 50% off.. I am Canadian, but hey, the U.S. is right there!!  lol  I think my doll is so cool and very prim!

holly_trip 005

These were my Dollar Tree finds of the day!  Yes, they’re getting their fall stuff in already and I knew if I didn’t snap these babies up I’d never find them the next time I cross the border.. since I’m not totally sure when that will be!  They are so pretty and nice quality for $1!!

Janet and I did manage to find one yard sale… but didn’t realize we’d be driving down a gravel road to get there.. but it was a nice road, with the trees forming a canopy.. I got this corn bread pan for $1.  I think I’ll paint it flat back and display it. 

holly_trip 004

Thanks Janet for such a fun day!!

On to the next adventure.. wherever that may take me :D

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Look what I got for free!!

I was on kijiji a couple of weeks ago and came across an ad for a free wooden ladder for my garden.   I didn’t realize this person lived about an hour away so when I found out I said no thanks.  I mean, free is good but I wouldn’t drive an hour for a free ladder.  About a week  & a half goes by and I get an email from this person.  She still has the ladder and needs to get rid of it and she was coming into London on Tuesday (July 13) if I still want it…. and offered to drop it off at my house.. can you believe that?  I told her I might not be home but if she didn’t mind leaving it I would really appreciate it.  As it turned out I was home (but totally forgot about it… where is my mind lately?!) and she gave me the ladder!  Turned out she was quite chatty but has some interesting things to say.  All in all, I think it was a good thing that I was home.


Here’s the ladder.. can’t you picture birdhouses on it?  Anyone have any other suggestions?


No idea what this middle stretcher/brace thingy is called but it’s kind of cool :)  Notice the round back rungs??


Look at this gorgeous ornate metal thingy!!  Again.. really no idea what it’s called but it holds the top to the rungs.. so cool!!  See why I appreciate old things???

So now I need to find a place in my garden to put this so I can add some birdhouses (YES, looking for freebies.. anybody??)… and whatever else comes to mind.  I think my yard will have more cool prim stuff in it than it does flowers.. ;D  haha.. at least “stuff” doesn’t need weeding!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Long weekend pics.. finally!

Geez, a couple of weeks sure fly by don’t they… here we are almost mid-July already!  I wanted to post a few pics of my long weekend getaway.  A couple of friends and I went up to Wiarton (friend #1’s mom was raised there and lived out her last 20 years there).  We visited a great old log cabin out in the country that’s been converted to an antique/gift shop.  I believe the cabin came from Quebec and was re-assembled in Ontario.  The store is called “The Bruce Beckons”.  The area where we were is Bruce County.. makes sense :)   Over the course of the weekend, we also went to Sauble Beach; a lighthouse at Cabot’s Head (I think I have the name right), on Georgian Bay; and Tobermory. 

A pile of logs near the store.. I thought they made an interesting picture!  Since I forgot to take a pic of the outside of the log cabin store, this is as close as you get!  lol


Above 3 pics are of the loft area of the cabin, I didn’t get pics of the main floor.. geesh, what is wrong with me!  Check out the interesting antiques, that round ceiling fixture (made with some round metal piece and T-bar), the chimney in the middle of the floor and the numbers on the beams.  That must be from when they moved the building, they would have disassembled for shipping.. cool isn’t it??


Cute little shed with Dutch doors beside the main building.  What do we have in the section on the left??


A bathroom!  Awesome.. I love it!

Something to look at while you’re sitting around!  lol

I thought this was really sweet.. rustic log and pump next to delicate purple petunias.

One of the out-buildings

Kind of self-explanatory :D


Love all the window boxes they had on the out-buildings!

Okay.. moving on…

Cool sand castle (or is it a coral reef?) at Sauble Beach


Sunsets over water are always beautiful!  This is also Sauble Beach


Georgian Bay, on the way to the lighthouse


Here it is!

View of the Bay from the top of the lighthouse.. proof that we still have blue water in Canada!  Who knew???

Another view, very pretty!


Look what we saw on the way back from the lighthouse!  If I hadn’t been looking out the passenger side I would have missed it.. so we stopped for a photo op… I love waterfalls!


My foot in the clear water.. if you’ve followed my blog for a while you just knew that was going to happen!  LOL


Look closely, how many frogs do you see?  :D


The waterfall drains into a culvert on the other side of the road, right into Georgian Bay


Queen Anne’s Lace (I think!) on the side of the road.. used my macro setting!  Haha.. was just told about it so I’m using it. a. lot!


Tobermory!  This area is known for it’s scuba diving as there are many sunken ships off the coast.  Combine that with relatively clear water and I can understand the attraction!  Since we got here kind of late in the day, we didn’t have time to do the glass-bottom boat tour, just had dinner and did a bit of shopping before heading back to London.



Thanks for stopping by!