Saturday, December 26, 2009

Over already!!

Hi all!!

Wow.. as someone said, weeks of preparation and it's all over! Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas day with family or friends and created wonderful memories! My daughter and I broke tradition and opened all gifts on Christmas Eve. She already knew about her "big" gift.. a trip to Cozumel with mom during her week off from university in Feb.. and.. my birthday is that week so I'll be lounging on a beach!! I bought her a few other items to put under the tree and she got me a new carry-on piece of luggage.. (planes seem to be getting tinier and my carry-on was too big on my last trip.. so it's a great gift to get!) and it was all good.. we had a nice night. Yesterday we drove about 90 miles from home to meet up with some family that she's just getting to know (long story, skipping that).. they live much further away and I felt it only fair to share the driving. She's now at their house till tomorrow or Monday. I was just a bit lonely yesterday but it's all right.. kids grow up and move on and when you're a single mom, you know you'll be alone when they go. I would never stop her from spreading her wings, so I have to learn to live without her here all the time.

No pics this time, just my wishes to everyone for a safe and fun holiday. I think I'll work on posting more travel pics.. whatcha think about that? ;)


  1. Got room for another on that Cozumel trip ??? lol ohhh what a way to spend a birthday ! Wooot Wooot Glad to hear you had a wonderful Christmas.
    Prim Huggs n Blessins

  2. Hi Hayley,

    Nice to know that you and your daughter have a wonderful Christmas Eve. I dread mine growing up, but I do know it does go quickly.

    I was thinking of you yesterday. To bad we didn't live closer because you could of joined us. We always have room for one more :)

    Can I be packed in your suitcase to join your trip??? LOL

  3. Pack your bags ladies!! I'll see you there.. :D

  4. Hi Hayley; I am so glad to have found you! I live in Michigan and if you ever want anything or are coming here for a visit let me know I would love to meet you. I live about three hours from you ; I used to live in Burlington,Ont. for three years and shopped in London many times. How I miss it so. I love Canada so much and hope one day to again make a home there. I also know Jenn; isn't she fabulous?

  5. LOL! I forgot to say I love that Daisy! My lil boy bully loves Chihuahuas and small doggies! I have three bulldogs; I had four but my sweet Canadian bullie Niles born in Schomberg, raised in Burlington and later MI) passed on this summer; still heartbroken over that. Give Miss Daisy a bone and a hug from us!

  6. Hi Merrie!! Clearly you lived in Canada.. at least long enough to learn how to judge distance like we do!! LOL. Every time I do to the U.S. and need directions and I'm told.. it's a mile down the road.. I have to ask how long it will take to drive it!!

    Of course all I know of Burlington is Ikea, been there a few times and stopped into Fortino's once or twice. One time I went to the mall (left out of Ikea on the other side of the overpass.. no idea what mall it is). So I'm thinking you know London much better than I know Burlington :). I used to live quite close to White Oaks Mall but now I live closer to Argyle.. you might not know it. Where in Michigan are you? My cousin is in Utica, I often shop in the Lakeside Mall area, there is so much there. I usually take 23 Mile Road in (to my cousin's), so I hit the Target there and the Shelby Township Walmart. There is a new Dollar Tree I just discovered on 23 past Hall Rd I think.. it's huge! I just realized there is a Hobby Lobby in Port Huron so I stop there too now. So much selection in the U.S.!

    Yes, Jenn (Bittersweet Prims) is awesome.. so funny and sweet! I plan to visit her booth at some point, but I don't get to the Niagara area often; although my sister lives in St. Catharines she works a lot so we don't see each other that much. I'm seriously considering moving in that area once my daughter has moved out of London.. no reason for me to be here if she's not. Where would you live if you could come back and what brought you here?

    Love your dogs too.. I especially love bulldog puppies! My Daisy is such a sweet little girl, don't know what I'd do without her. I'm so sorry about your Niles.. I know how much that hurts!

    Hoping you enjoy a happy new year. Thanks for following :)

  7. Hi Hayley, sounds like a wonderful Christmas..and listen, can you sneak me aboard that plane to Cozumel? Goodness that sounds divine..what a wonderful break and vacay for you both!


  8. I won't be asking for a room in Cozumel.
    Nice for your daughter to get to know family!
    Pity you felt a little lonely, ya could have come and visit me! We had a quiet Christmas here, only 1 of the 4 kids at home and it was darn hot too!

  9. Sounds like that's going to be an awesome birthday!! You two relax and enjoy that trip!

    Glad you were able to have a wonderful Christmas together!

  10. Thanks everyone!!! You want to come to Cozumel, no problem!! So sorry I can't pay for you.. lol.. it would be fun to travel with a bunch of friends though!


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