Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Olde Fashioned Christmas Swap, Part Deux!!

Ok all y’all (sorry, that’s for my Southern readers.. lol :D) .. so here are the rest of my pics of the prim pretties that I received from Sandy!! Woohoooo.. uh-oh, that might mean that Jazy will speak to me now! LOL.. well that is the chance I have to take (sorry Jazy, you know I love ya, but I just couldn’t let that one slide.. hahaha).. sooooo… Let’s get started shall we? I left you last post with an open box and a peek at the treasures inside. Now, before you scroll down, I’d like to suggest you get something to drink, maybe a snack and go to the bathroom! There’s a LOT to see (please ignore my kitchen in the background :)

Oh.. I just have to say that everything was packaged up so adorably! Love this cute brown paper bag done up with a great prim tag and tied with jute.. it had an awesome pantry cake inside.. my first!!! Love it.. and that sweet mustard paddle (wooden item) beside it is now holding my new pantry cake.. perfect size for it! Don’t you love that Christmas card??

swap 001

Ok.. so I had to give up taking pics layer by layer.. LOL.. Sandy was soooooooo generous!!! So I pulled everything out and set the box aside. You can now see my pantry cake on the left (pic below), and behind it is a sweet painting (wooden item #2) of a saltbox house and a sheep and some trees.. done by a lady that Sandy knows.. she told me that she’s bought a lot of things from this artist.. love it! I also have several packages of wax tarts (smell good item).. they smell yummy!! There’s a package of prim nutmeg icicles, some handmade tags, a bottle of room spray (also smell good item :).. smells great, like pound cake! The next pic shows the items on the right a bit better.

swap 002

So now you can see those lovely tin sconces (wild card item!).. I just love these, have wanted something like them for a long time, just couldn’t figure out what I wanted.. so thank you so much Sandy for these!! I also got some electric candles (lighted item), all primmed up so nicely.. these are great tucked on a shelf and they come complete with silicone bulbs.. oh my! Resting on one of the sconces are wax bowl filler balls.. these are so cute!! I would never have thought to make these, I’m not sure I’ve seen them around here.. in front of those are 6 candy cane ornies (ornie item).. cute in cinnamon-covered muslin.. they will go so nicely on my real tree! In front you can see my mini battery-operated tealights (more lighted items :).. all primmed with spices!! I have everything resting on my new, HUGE tree skirt (textile item)!! I love the stars sewn on and the mini rusted bells.. this is awesome!

swap 003

Here are some close-ups: pantry cake, tealights, icicles and room spray.. mmmmmmmmmmm!

swap 004

Close-up of one of the sconces! Oh I just love these.. I’m not sure where I’ll be putting these, but I will have fun trying different spots! I have battery-operated candles that I primmed that fit perfectly so they’ll be going in these once I find a home for them.

swap 005

Close-up of the pantry cake paddle.. cute!!

swap 006

Have you seen this many wax tarts outside a store???? lol.. Love the scents and the chunky ones in the front are chocolate and they look good enough to eat :) .. and the wax balls are on the left.. they look like rum balls don’t they? Okay, rum balls might be a tad smaller but I like the look! Here are my electric candles!!

swap 007

Close-up of the painting… I just love that saltbox, it’s one of my new favourite things! This is a beautiful classic scene.. so peaceful :)

swap 008

Handmade tags.. these are great, I can use them on the tree or a package.. love them!! They feature vintage Christmas scenes and are covered in glimmery flakes.. pretty!

swap 009

Here are my cinnamon-covered candy cane ornies!! I just LOVE candy canes, it’s my newest ornie “thing”! These are going to go so well with all of my ornaments, I’ve got a nice collection of country/prim now! I love the jingle bells, they add a little something extra. One more thing.. I figured out how to rotate the pic on Live Writer!! Woohoo.. it’s like a Christmas miracle! lol.. :P

swap 010

Ok, last pic but not least! This tree skirt is quite large, I think it’s about 3’ in diameter (my island is 4’ long).. I’ve been wanting a new skirt for my real tree and I think this will fit. I haven’t bought the tree yet so this has been carefully folded up, awaiting the tree.. this weekend most likely! Will post it when it’s up and decorated. I love these little jingle bells and the stars are white.. so it’s really a Canadian tree skirt now isn’t it?? lol..

swap 011

I really want to thank Sandy, she went above and beyond, everything is wonderful and smells great, not only did you cover the rules, you threw in so many bonus items, I don't even know what to say except a humble thank-you!!! Her daughters also helped with some items and helped her pack up the box.. thanks to Tabitha and Abby.. you girls are awesome!!

Best of all, most everything was handmade and you can’t beat that! I have learned over the past couple of years to appreciate and love what goes into making something by hand and then to have someone enjoy that hard work. It’s a great feeling for all involved.. so thanks again to Sandy, the time you put into all of this means a lot to me.

Well I’m sure by now everyone needs a bathroom break (but lucky me for being able to write a nice long post and have lots of pics to share!!!)… so I think I’ll send this to post and let you all drool over my box of treasures.. oh yeah, be jealous! lol.. thanks for hanging in with me. Oh.. and Jazy.. you will leave a comment, I just know you won’t be able to resist.. hahaha!

Have a fabulous day all and see.. you didn’t have to wait all that long!!!



  1. OH WOW!! great stuff well worth the wait!
    AND I got a mention in the blog too! I'm Friggin Famous now! LOL

  2. LMAO.. yes Jazy, you are definitely famous and OOAK!!!

  3. looks like you did well! Hope you enjoy your stuff!

  4. well duh! after my parents had me they were too scared to have more kids!! My baby brother was an accident LOL

  5. Hi Hayley,

    I am sooooo happy that you liked everything :)))) I had lots of fun making everything. My first time participating in something like this and I think I will do it again.

    As you mention, you realize the time going into making something makes you appreciate handmade that much more. That is why I prefer something handmade rather then store least most of the time...LOL.

    I will reply back to your emails...hubby downloaded Windows 7 on my computer and it litterly took the whole entire day! I am just getting caught up on things now :)

  6. Jazy.. LOL. I'm sure your baby brother likes being known as an accident.. lol!

    Sandy, I totally agree.. well most of the time I like handmade but store-bought has it's place too! I think I'll do a swap next year and maybe a giveaway. It's addictive isn't it???

  7. Hayley, how wonderful..I have only participated in a couple swaps so far, but they are alot of fun..Hope all is well in Canada land..we are tired:(...

  8. Thanks Barb!! All is well here.. no snow yet.. woohooooo!! However, the forecast is for Wed/Thurs to get a snowstorm.. ugh :(


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