Sunday, December 13, 2009

More trees and a lovely gift!

I’m finally getting around to posting pics of my real tree.. we bought it last Saturday at a place that sells them as a fundraiser, we’ve been going to this lot for many years and although it’s halfway across the city, we still end up there. I’m glad the money goes to a worthy cause and the trees are nice.

We’ve had the tree decorated for a week now so I’ve been procrastinating on posting. I’ve actually tweaked it a bit, moved a couple of ornies around and added some.. so I’d say it’s complete now! I also finished my “red” tree as I call it. This was done a week ago as well, until my blown glass Raggedy Ann fell off and shattered! I was so upset I was almost in tears. I have been collecting these ornies for a few years and I just love them, and Ann is one of my favourites. My daughter hopped online, found one in stock in Arizona and I had it shipped to my cousin’s in Michigan.

My real tree pics:

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Closeups of some ornies; a blown glass Eiffel Tower (bought last year before I had any idea I’d see the real one this year!); :


Felt mitten ornie handmade by my coworker (the one I did the craft show with), she custom-made this one of my dog


An old favourite that I bought at a craft show many years ago.. a wooden reindeer with twig antlers


Blown glass piper to honour my Scottish heritage; handmade ornies that I purchased from my co-workers (the stocking and the mitten were part of a set of 6); the snowman face fabric bulb and the snowman light bulb on the far left were made by another crafty co-worker.. I love handmade ornies!


Yes, there’s actually an ornie on this tree that I made.. my warm & natural ice skate.. you can’t really see the runner very well, but it’s on there :)


Blown glass character from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer movie, I forget his name!! Also fabric Santa’s long johns, wooden snowflakes and a penny (bought a mat from my co-worker and cut the pennies apart to make ornies); you can also see my cinnamon muslin candy canes that I got from my swap partner Sandy.. there are 6 on the tree :D


Another character.. I know this one – The Abominable Snowman! You can also see a bit of my NYC taxi ornie


More painted lightbulbs from my co-worker, I bought 6 in total, 3 snowman faces and these 3 coloured ones. These are antique small lightbulbs that her SO had from his days working for the hydro company (if I remember correctly!).. aren’t they awesome??


Blown glass suitcase ornie


Blown glass globe next to a fabric angel with rusty wings (yes, handmade by my co-worker :D! ).. I like the contrast of handmade and the blown glass


Blown glass airplane.. we have a bit of a travel theme going on here :D


As mentioned, I did tweak the tree a bit.. moved a stocking to make room for my new, very prim Raggedy Ann on my tree.. this was a lovely, thoughtful, surprise gift from Lex over at NorthwindStar Primitives. It was tucked in with my order from her Etsy shop (I went to Michigan yesterday to pick it up along with the blown glass Annie).. go to her blog and there is a link.. I love her handmade items!! I ordered a set of her cardinal bowl fillers, but they are currently nestled on branches of my tree.. this is my favourite bird so they needed a place of honour for Christmas.. they are so gorgeous and well-made and will find a home for sure after Christmas, no hiding these sweet birds!! Thanks so much Lex for the wonderful Annie.. I know you don’t make a lot of dolls anymore so it means an awful lot to me that you’d make her just for me… I love her.. and she also is NOT going to be packed away after Christmas!!!


Isn’t this cute?? It’s Cinderella’s coach, just picked it up yesterday 50% off at Hobby Lobby!


I thought I took more pics of my “red” tree.. but here it is from a distance, sitting on my Hoosier


Close-up of my new Raggedy Ann along with Andy… this tree has a tartan ribbon on it, a fabric sock monkey, some small soft teddies (dollar store, believe it or not and they’re cute!), a fire engine, fire hydrant, some paper mache stars, a Winnie the Pooh, some glitter Mickey Mouse ears and many other things. It’s a fun tree!


Arrangement on the top of my Hoosier; I found the framed stitchery at Winners (Canadian TJ Maxx) a couple of years back and it stays up there all year. The woodland Santa was bought a few months ago at a rummage sale, seemed to be unused, I paid $3 and the price tag was $27.99.. good deal!


A snowlady sitting in a mini chair.. bought at Winter Wheat .. along with one of the 3 trees that came with my order of cardinals from Lex


My decorated sled…


My country bin in my kitchen.. Gingy was also made by Lex.. how cute!! I’ve also added one of her trees. The cubbies are holding a lot of candy canes, some gingerbread ornies that I made, some greenery, cinnamon sticks, wooden snowflakes etc


Bowl of greenery, gingers, a rusted metal star, faux snowballs; Mason jar with a candle holder insert, cranberries covering the bottom.. and a plant.. all sitting on one of my Earth Rug trivets.


Well, that’s all for now, hope you enjoyed it all!


  1. WOW! Everything looks fantastic!
    I love all your ornies ;)
    That cubby filled with candy canes looks great...
    and...Your Hoosier is a beaut!
    All your special touches are just wonderful!
    Thanks for sharing, I so enjoy seeing everyones homes all decked out for the holidays!
    Enjoy your week :)

  2. Good morning haley!
    This is my first visit here and I really enjoyed my tour! Your blog is wonderful.
    How sweet of your daughter to find you another Annie ornie....and it's adorable.

    Thanks so much for the great Holiday tour.

    I see you are a follower of mine...welcome!

    Hugs, Karen

  3. I did enjoy it all. So pretty and Christmasy. :)

  4. Thanks Kath.. I love that Hoosier!! Next to it is a one-room schoolhouse desk, these are my 2 favourite furniture pieces!! I also really love seeing everyone's homes all done up! So festive :D

  5. Hi Karen and welcome! Thanks for your kind comment and I'll be sure to pop over to your blog. Have a great week!


  6. This is my first time to visit your blog and I love what you've done! I enjoyed looking at all your pretty ornaments! That Cinderella's coach looks familiar... I work at Hobby Lobby and have purchased quite a few of their ornaments (among lots and lots of other things!) over the years! Looking forward to more pictures, more inspiration! Have a wonderful week~

  7. looks great Hayley!!! I love the pictures you post. hopefully I will see your house in the future! Have a great week! 11 days to Christmas!

  8. Welcome Angie! I just started shopping at Hobby Lobby, didn't realize there was one in Port Huron (I live in Canada, about an hour away).. so I've been stopping in when I cross the border to shop (and visit my cousin Heather.. comment above :)

    I was there on Saturday and saw the country spruce trees.. omg, how gorgeous! I like how sturdy the branches are so it would be a good substitute for my real one. There was only a 7.5' and 9' left and they are expensive, even on sale!!! I hope they go on clearance and I'm able to get one, might shop on Boxing Day.. if I'm brave enough.. lol.

    I'll pop over to your blog now.. take care.

  9. Hi Hayley,

    Love your trees :) You have some really awesome ornanments. I really like the penny one made of felt. Such a neat idea. Got my brain going now for a tree for next year...LOL.

    I really love your Hoosier. Hope to own one someday. I also have '3' one room classroom desks. Hubby's Aunt gave them to me a few years back. I love them and will treasure them forever.

    Thanks for the tour! I am sure you have more pics to share :) I need to get my up on my blog. Hopefully tomorrow...

  10. I was thinking of you Sandy when I was cutting those mats apart and putting the pennies on the tree.. lol. I'm sure you'll get a Hoosier someday, mine's an actuall Hoosier, I know there are other companies that made them. I love it, it still has the flour sifter in it! Next house I buy it will be back in the kitchen! Wow, can't believe you have 3 of those desks! It has been an end table, a night table, a phone table.. the list is endless! lol.. such a great piece of history! I bought it at an antique show at one of the malls here in Jan/97 and didn't have a car at the time.. the woman who owned the business packed the desk -- and me! -- into her car and delivered us home! Will never forget her kindness :)

  11. Hi Hayley, I love your sorry about your Rageddy Ann, but sounds like a nice one on its way..thank you for your tree tour!
    I also love what you did with your background, you are really catching on to this blog thing! Hugs and Merry Christmas...
    PS My cards are going out monday I promise!!got behind with carl's surgery!

  12. Thanks Barb! I don't know about catching on. I'm missing Santa and half a reindeer I think on this background. Tried both versions and this was the better one. Not sure how to move the margins :S

  13. your decorations are beautiful! I love the glass blown ornaments but with two cats and a dog, they wouldn't stand a chance here. Love your blog!

    Merry Christmas,

  14. Thanks so much Debbie. Merry Christmas to you as well :D


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