Monday, December 28, 2009

It’s over.. what now???

So.. I’ve been reading one of my favourite blogs (and yours too, I know).. Sarah from Thrifty Decor Chick. Click on over, Sarah is already taking down her Christmas decorations!! *GASP*!!!

I just don’t think I’m quite ready for it yet. I’m also not ready for the carcasses of Christmas past that lay broken and unloved in the stores till mid-January either!! However, the alternative of all the Valentine’s Day crap is not a happy thought either. Now you know how I feel.. what about you? LOL.

So in answer to Sarah’s question of when we take down the Christmas decorations, I usually start New Year’s Eve.. I’m such a partier!!! Break out the big-girl glass of Diet Coke, maybe some Baked Lay’s, and the leftover candy canes, surround me with my new, smaller, clear plastic organizing bins (I had giganto-sized bins that I couldn’t see into.. or carry up from the storage room without getting a hernia for that matter... I’ve now gotten over my fear aversion to seeing all that crap inside the bins and got me some fancy see-through kinds that I can actually carry safely)… and my evening is all set!!


Woohoooo.. jealous??? Yeah I know, right? :P I still haven’t decided if I’ll put everything away starting New Year’s Eve and continuing New Year’s Day or not. We’ll see!

In my quest to make Christmas decorating a bit easier, I decided to “plant” my fake trees in buckets of drywall compound this year.

214 212

My thinking was.. decorate the tree this year, wrap it in bubble wrap or tissue and a clear plastic bag - fully decorated - put them in the aforementioned storage room for about 11 months.. and just bring ‘em up next year, unwrap, fluff and voila!!! Easy peasy, right? Uhhhh… maybe not. Problem.. two of my trees have revolted.. the lights are now out.. I mean.. COME ON!!!! They are clearly from the era before the “one bulb burns out the rest stay lit” light strands…. *snooooooooooort*.. like those really work! So at least two of my trees will have to be stripped down, ornies packed up, lights replaced and we’ll try it again next year. Sigh….

Speaking of Christmas, I’m not usually one to go buy a bunch of decorations afterwards. I usually find some cool stuff ahead and if I wait, they’ll be gone so I buy what I want when I see it (well, if the price is right of course!) Today I went to pick up my daughter and on the way home, we drove through Stratford. Anyone who lives in Canada and most likely the northern States probably knows about Stratford. As the name suggests, this small city is dedicated to Shakespeare’s legacy of plays.


People come from miles around to see a play at the theatres of Stratford. Famous Canadian and American actors frequently perform in one of the dozens of plays put on every year. One actor who has appeared this past season is the legendary Christopher Plummer… Google it, I dare ya!! :) Stratford is a charming little city worth exploring. As we drove down the main street, we pulled into a parking spot.. omg.. I actually parallel parked with very little fanfare!!! Snaps for me!!! LOL. We walked along both sides of the street and popped into a few shops. Most had some kind of sale going on. At the British store I found these funky shiny ornies.. they’re sort of a bronze colour and I’m picturing them on a chocolate brown tree next year.. if I don’t find one already done I’ll make one next year.. stay tuned!!! Three of them are made of a bottle-brush, tacky garland- type of material then covered in grommets. The other two are made of some sort of glittery twine.. well look for yourselves ladies.. a picture is worth a thousand words! ;D

Close-up.. what do they call this shape.. onion?.. ewwww! Not sure but it was a bit more interesting than the matching round ones. Original price was only $2 each.. really quite a deal at that.. the sale price was only 20% off, but I still think I got a good deal. Even though they’re not prim, they do have a funky vintage quality to them, don’tcha think?? I like a bit of sparkle and shine on my trees, regardless of what theme I’m going for. This was a good find!


I also found these very cool Spode plates. I think they’re part of a collection, one has 2006 on the back, the other 2007. The 2006 plate was marked at $1.00, the other $5.00 and the sign said $5.00 for each plate. At the cash, they charged me the prices marked on the plates, because some did come in at $1. So I thought that was just a super deal for a nice smooth china plate made in England! I’ll be packing them up with the other Christmas decorations and decide how to use them next year :)



Finally… I thought this little tartan moose would make a cute ornie on my full-size or my “red” tree. I think the tartan is the Mackintosh; my mother’s ancestors were septs of the Mackintosh clan so in essence, it’s my tartan… and the moose is a symbol of Canada.. oh my, how patriotic of me! LOL….


Well.. back to work tomorrow.. UGH.. have a great week all :)


  1. love those 2 plates! you need my snail mail addy to send them to? it's not long to my birthday you know!!
    Starting to pack away my christmas stuff today! tomorrow is Lewis's birthday so no cleaning up then!

  2. No Jazy.. you gave me your snail mail addy already.. I'm feverishly wrapping these up and will send them by car immediately! Look for them!! :D

  3. Hi Hayley, unfortunately, this year we took the Christmas decor and tree down yesterday, we normally will wait unti the day after New Years, but we had our younger son Scott here for a couple days after Christmas and he pretty much took it all down for us, inside and out..We could not manage with Carl's shoulder surgery and my pain..just wanted to let you know that I think leaving everything up and festive until New Years is the norm! At least for us it is..

    Love those ornaments, and the color is beautiful..I want my tree to have a theme next year..not sure what theme, but will give it some thought. I have so many decorations and ornaments to give away it's not even close to funny..will deal with it after Thanksgiving next year, lol.


  4. Hey Barb,

    That's great that you had some help.. take it when you can get it! Next year you can go crazy.. lol.. just follow these blogs for inspiration! I need to get my real tree taken down because the recycling depots open up Jan. 2, so I guess I'll be doing that this weekend! Have a happy new year!

  5. Great deals, great finds! I can't believe that 'wrapping the tree' idea didn't work. It sounds easy enough... I wonder why the lights went out. Oh well, good try. I still have 3 trees up! Lol! One is a holiday tree that stays up year round-- I just switch out the ornaments for the different holidays. I decorated it for Valentine's Day yesterday. I know, I know... you're not a fan of VD. We don't do much for that holiday, but I love the vintage looking hearts. I still have my snowman tree up. It'll probably come down at the end of this month. Then my red cardinal tree is still up, just because we still have snow... and it's my favorite tree. =]

  6. Hi Angie! I just put the two trees I had to take the lights off of in the basement last night.. slacker! lol.. I think a cardinal tree would be awesome!! I have those great cardinals I bought from Lex of NorthwindStar and I love them! I think it's a great idea to keep at least one tree up and swap out the ornies.. if you just keep clear lights on they're good all year. Have fun with yours!


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