Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I got my Christmas swap package!!! But…

Well, Tuesday evening really got away from me.  I spent A LOT of time unwrapping my Christmas swap package from Sandy of For the LOVE of Prims..  LOL…   I was so excited when I got home and saw the box!!!  After unwrapping everything (Sandy was SO generous.. omg!!) and taking many, many pictures, I sent Sandy a thank-you email then started working on some things for a last-minute craft show I’m going into with a very talented co-worker.  Sandy gave me some awesome things that got me thinking and I pulled some supplies out and started making some new things.  I was also trying to sort and organize my items for sale.   So.. I’m sorry to say that before I knew it, the clock struck 11 and it’s now after midnight.. have to get to bed but here are a couple of pics.. teasers really.. LOL!!!  I will do a new post tomorrow to show you everything else, so be sure to come back Wednesday evening.

Here’s the package (with our addresses covered of course!)


Opened up!  Oooh.. chips ;)


Okay.. here’s a quick peak inside the box!!


Ok, ok.. one more, but this is it!!!


Alright.. so you can probably figure a couple of things out from this pic.. but there are tons more to come.. stay tuned for the next post.. Wed. evening!!

Till then, my prim friends :D


  1. Oh you cruel cruel woman you!!
    Teasing us like that is just plain mean and nasty of you!! I may not talk to you for the rest of the week!

  2. LOL.. don't you make promises you can't keep!!! hahaha!!!

  3. Huh? Hayley...Hayley...Hayley, so not fair!!!!!

  4. LOL...your just too funny :))))

  5. LMAO.. sorry everyone. Someone did tell me once to build up the suspense... spread a long post over a couple of days! However, it was not intentional, I really didn't manage my time well.. stuff I can organize, time not so much! More to come... :D

  6. Hayley, this is kind of a stupid questions, what exactly is a Prim??

  7. Barb! Prim is a method of decorating and the definition varies from person to person... but it's short for Primitive. Some love Colonial times and others like early 1900s, the decades and centuries vary a lot. I guess the common thread would be a sense of a simpler time, however, when you are aware of what they had to do to survive, there was nothing simple about it. I love a prim/country mix, nothing overly fussy anymore. The best thing is to check some of my blogging buddies that I follow.. you'll see a wide range of styles but a lot of us like to use cheap and unusual things to decorate. Like old windows or gates, old Crown jars, quilts, stitcheries, etc.. the list is endless. Let me know if you want to know anything else.. :)


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