Thursday, December 31, 2009

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010!!!!!


Most people agree that as you get older the years pass much more quickly. I blinked and almost 20 years have passed since my daughter was born. I’m so proud of her, happy she’s doing well in school and has grown up to be a mature, kind-hearted young woman with a bright future. As each year end passes, I think back over the previous year and wonder where it went. This past year I gave my daughter a trip to Paris for her birthday gift; I can’t believe we landed at Charles de Gaulle airport 7 months ago, on May 31!! Seems like just last week.. I hate that time is marching on so quickly that Paris is quickly becoming a distant memory (of course I plan to go back within the next few years!.. lol).

I wish you all a very Happy New Year! For those who had a difficult 2009 I wish for you a peaceful, more content 2010. For those of you who are going this journey alone (no spouse, and/or no children), I wish for you the love you may be looking for (me included.. where is my Mr. Right Forever anyway? ), or continued happiness in your life. Finally, I, like billions of others on this planet, wish for world peace. I don’t understand inflicting pain and terror on others, whether it’s another human being or an animal… we all share this rock, we deserve to feel safe!

Thanks to all my followers, it feels wonderful to have 49 after only 2 months of blogging. I value your support and comments, so please keep them coming!


  1. Sending you mega wishes sweetness for a truly blessed and fabulous 2010! HAPPY NEW YEAR Hayley!!
    XOXOX Lex

    P.S. Now that the holidays have come to an end with all the hustle bustle...I'll send you a longggg email my friend!!

  2. Happy new year! Keep on blogging - it's good to hear from you!

  3. Thanks so much Lex.. I look forward to your email :D .. I hope you had a successful holiday season! Wishing you love and happiness.

  4. Thank you Christine!! I am certainly trying to keep my blog up, keep people entertained and do something new.. I appreciate your support!

  5. Hayley, thanks for stopping by & Happy New Year to you. I knew everyone would get a kick out of all the changes over the years. Fun to look back.

  6. All the best for 2010 to you too!

  7. Ah, you're so sweet, girl!

    What a wonderful trip for you and your daughter! Hold fast to those memories. Enjoy making new ones with her.

    I wish you much happiness and a filled life in this coming year, 2010, my new blog friend! =]

  8. Thanks Angie for the lovely sentiments.. wishing you all the best as well and good luck with your new blog! We can't wait to hit the sand and surf! I'm hoping for a couple of excursions, including a stingray swim and a catamaran sail.. can't wait!!!


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