Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A giveaway at Bittersweet Prims!!!

Just wanted everyone to know about a giveaway. Since I don't know how to put a button on the side of my blog I'll just do a post.. any tips for the button?? :S

Anyway.. Jenn, my lovely friend near Buffalo (she's about 3 hours and one border from me) is having another giveway.. Jenn's stuff is awesome and you have to check her blog, you'll see pics of her booth at a crafter's market (Jenn.. correct me if I'm wrong.. lol).. gorgeous display and I do want to go see it for myself but time is flying by! So.. go on over to Bittersweet Prims @ http://bittersweetfixinsnprimitives.blogspot.com/2009/12/im-having-another-giveaway.html and enter Jenn's Christmas giveaway. Or not.. then I'll win!! Haha!


  1. Oh goodie! I think I already follow her blog but I'm going to go check it out. :) To put a button on your sidebar, just download it to your computer from her blog and then go into your dashboard, click on "add a gadget" and go down to picture and then upload it from your computer. It will give you a place to put a link back to her blog and then the pic will be clickable.

    Oh, unless she already has the html code on it, then you just copy it, go to add a gadget and then, hmmm, I can't remember what it says html code or something like that and it will give you a place to paste the code.

    Good luck. Now I'm headed over to Jenn's.

  2. Thanks for the heads up :)

    Hope all is well with you and you guys are not snowed in like everyone else I see :) They are calling for it to hit us tonight so I guess we sit and wait.


  3. SIGH I'll have to miss out! US and Can readers only!
    SIGH!!!! Woe is me!!!!

  4. Thanks Lisa.. all I could do was add a link, without a pic it's not that noticeable.. Jenn has the pic copyrighted.. makes sense of course!

    Sorry Jazy.. but my wheels are turning for next year.. no worries you won't be ignored :D

  5. Hi Hayley...Lisa on the first
    comment said how to do the pic
    and link, just take the pic off
    my blog and save it, then follow
    her instructions...If you win I
    will mail it to MI, for you....
    I used to live there :)..Post it
    soon, that is one of the rules...
    Thanks for coming by and good

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  6. Oh, here's your comment Karen! LOL.. I did try to follow Lisa's instructions for Jenn's giveaway but it wouldn't work.. but yours did.. doesn't your lovely arrangement look great on my blog? It would look better in my house! LOL!!! Thanks again for entering me.. you rock!

  7. Just found your blog! Signed up to become a follower and would appreciate if you would check my blog out and follow me too! I'm new to this too, but having so much fun with it so far!

  8. Donna.. will do! This is a lot of fun isn't it? I can't post every day but I do enjoy it when I can put something new up. I love comments as well, so thank you!! Have fun in blogland :)


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