Monday, December 7, 2009

Craft show & a tree…

Hi all!

Well, this weekend my friend and I went into a craft show. She’s done many over the years and her work is beautiful, she’s very talented… I’ve bought a lot of things over the last few years from her. I had a few things I’ve been making up so I said I’d rent 1/2 of one of her tables. The show was at an elementary school on Saturday and sadly it was a bust… where are all the parents and teachers who are supposed to be supporting their school? Was it the wrong day, wrong location, not enough awareness? We’re not sure, but she said it was the worst craft show she’s ever been in. She did sell a lot more than I did but nowhere near what she’s used to. I sold enough to cover my 1/2 table rental and pay for the raffle tickets I bought there.. even with hardly any attendees, I still didn’t win! LOL.

Here are the two tables all loaded up..this first pic is my friend’s stuff.. see the snowmen front right? These are awesome mats for mugs or candles with touque-covered pennies all around. Love these, I have one!

craft_show 002

My stuff is on the right half of this table, the basket and enamel bowl on the floor and we shared the tree. The display in the back is my friend's.. great stuff eh??

craft_show 001

The tree... mine are the candy canes, the prim tags (I didn’t make those!), mini plush snowmen and primmed icicles.

craft_show 003

Close-up of the basket holding faux snowballs.. these are just styrofoam covered in fake snow.. cute as bowl fillers. The enamel bowl is holding brown corded light strings.

craft_show 004

Close-up of my mittens that I “whipped up” on Friday night! I think they turned out so cute.. but that's my opinion.. lol. Basically, I found the mittens plain on clearance last year and primmed them up with coffee stain. They’ve been sitting in a bin all year then I came up with this idea.. probably saw something similar on a blog so if I did, sorry, not sure who to give credit to. I did some with gingerbread (simple cinnamon/apple sauce recipe) and others with little felt birds plus greenery, easy-peasy candy canes, a single berry and jingle bells tied on with string.

craft_show 005

Wax tarts packaged in threes; bowl filler made of dried cranberries, with cinnamon sticks, gingerbread men and faux mini snowballs. These smell great as I added a bit of oil.. mmmmmmm.

craft_show 006

Primmed wooden spoons, grungy soap bowl filler (thanks for the idea Sandy :D), candle cappers, primmed light switch covers and prim star tissue paper.

craft_show 008

Antiques signs, shutter angels and several of my wooden painted bowls, better view of the tissue paper.. lol. So as you can see I had a very small space to work with but managed to get a lot of stuff in it... too bad sales were so poor :(

craft_show 009

Oh well, I did sell one string of lights, 3 sets of wax tarts, and 2 mittens.. not much but I'm happy that some people have my things in their homes. You have to start somewhere right??

Saturday afternoon my daughter and I went shopping and to pick out our real Christmas tree. Every year it seems the prices go higher.. but I guess that's the way it is. We've been going to the same place because the trees are a bit cheaper, just as nice and it's a fund-raiser... I think for a local troop of Scouts. We used to live much closer to the place where we get our tree but we are now on the other side of the city and I can't seem to find a good deal in my end of the city. I could go to Home Depot, I think the trees are cheaper but I like that I'm helping support a worthy cause.. so off we go to the Scout fundraiser instead. We ran into the son of a former coworker, haven't seen him in years so that was cool, he was very helpful and patient.. lol.. it's hard to find "the" tree, isn't it?? I did get it mostly decorated last night but plan on making some new ornies for it.. will probably post pics anyway, hopefully tomorrow.

Have a good one all!


  1. I love all your craft show items, especially the mittens! So cute.

  2. Oh that is sad that the show did not turn out. And if it's being held in a school, to bad that there were not enough teachers and parents. Down here when there is a show in one of the local schools, they are always a full house. And even more when they find out it's a craft show.

    You had some really nice things and I couldn't help but notice in the back ground the penny rugs that your friend made. WOW...she does some really nice work also. I have a weekness for penny rugs...LOL.

    Can't wait to see your tree all decked out. We stopped buying real trees when one year it ruined the hard wood floor in my living room. I wanted to cry :( So now we go fake and I just burn a pine candle to at least try and get the real smell...LOL.


  3. wow lots of great stuff!
    I tried to come and buy some from you, but I missed the buss sadly! LOL (probably a good thing, looking at the goodies you had for sale, the family may have had to have bread and water for dinner for a month, at least!)

  4. If those parents see these pics, they'll be kicking themselves for not showing up! Everything looks fantastic. I want one of everything. Maybe 2 or 3 of some. :)

  5. Thanks ladies for all the sweet comments!

    Judy, thanks so much, I actually like the mittens more than I thought I would.. simple but effective and I am only charging $3.50.. seems like a good price?

    Jazy.. if you can get here by bus, that would be a feat.. let me know how that works for you! Oh.. wait, did you mean Airbus?? lol.. we're all still waiting for you to land in North America!

    Yes, I am still surprised at the lack of a turnout, someone said they think 30 people came through! It was in a residential area so that could be one of the issues as well. Anyway, no point in giving up, I'll just have to choose better next time!

    Sandy, she does a lot of penny rugs, she even has a machine to cut the pennies, she does too many to do it by hand. I bought 2 mats from her and cut them apart and the pennies are on my big trees.. sneak peek of the next post.. lol.

    Lisa.. you are welcome to come to London and buy whatever you want!! LOL...

  6. Your items are wonderful!! Sorry to hear that the show didn't do well. I've had some shows like that and it is no fun at all!! You put in all that hard work and then no one comes...kind of bums you out.

  7. Aww... thanks so much Cindy! It's a hard market to get into and the larger ones charge such a high price for space.. I'll keep building up my stock and maybe have better luck next year.

  8. Haley,
    Thanks so much for stopping by for a visit! :0) I see you're a crafter, too! Awesome! Love the mittens- they turned out realy neat! :0)


  9. Thanks Jody! I was pleased with how the mittens turned out as well.. I have sold a few and some of the other items have been selling at work.. slow-going but it's ok :)

  10. Hayley,
    Love those mittens ! Sorry the show wasn't better but it sure wasn't because there weren't awesome things to buy ! Wow I saw several things I woulda snagged right up lol.
    Prim Huggs n Blessins

  11. TJ, thanks so much!! We did have the nicest display.. LOL.. but I'm biased as nobody else had prim/country stuff. I have so many other ideas of things I want to sell but I need the right market.. it's a gamble to be sure. Take care :)


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