Friday, November 6, 2009

Yard sale finds..

Over the summer, like most of you, I got up early on Saturday mornings after having scouted the local yard sale listings, and checking my wallet for small bills and change. I grabbed my umbrella (we had a wet, wet summer and most Sat. mornings were no exception) and headed off on a treasure hunt. I'd head to the areas of the city where I thought there'd be "good" stuff.. you know, the older areas, or the more upscale. In a lot of cases, the upscale had a lot of junk and children's items, which I don't need so would quickly retreat when I saw those, and head to another area; the older areas could be hit or miss, sometimes the antique dealers had already been there so there wasn't a lot of stuff left that I wanted. However, there were great things that I found in parts of the city that didn't quite fit into those categories of older or upscale; it just goes to show, you can't judge a yard sale by the neighbourhood it's in. I've attached some pics of things I purchased all over the city and even in one of the outlying towns. Enjoy!!

This child's rocker is in excellent condition, needs a quick refinish but in the meantime I just cleaned it and will put seasonal displays on it; paid $3 and I LOVE it!!!

This rabbit is made of some type of plaster and the ears had fallen off and had been put back on (but not secured!) so when I picked it up, the ears fell to the ground. They were asking $3, I offered $1.. and got it. I took it home, glued the ears back on and touched up the break. Cute!

This huge pile of treasures was at the same sale that I got my white dresser from. It was a fundraiser for a small flight school and they had many volunteers working there to make deals with customers. I had purchased the dresser and come back with a wonderful friend with an SUV to pick it up. We were perusing the many leftover items (it was raining and there weren't many people left!). The same man I negotiated the dresser with is the one I dealt with for this sale.. final price? $5!! Yeeeeeees... 6 wooden bowls, a wooden shelf, 2 baskets, a cutting board, 3 picture frames, a metal divided tray, a wooden spoon, 2 magazines and the coffee table!!

This pile of treasures was also purchased at the flight school yard sale.. it was my first set of purchases and I ended up paying a bit more than the treasures above.. it was also early in the day and the rain had not swept in quite yet. So my total was $8.50 for an old window frame, the dowelled frame thingy.. (ANY IDEAS ON WHAT TO DO WITH THAT.. ANYONE??), a whale tale holder, wicker picnic basket, small leather suitcase, wire basket and green excelsior.

This is one of those finds that I came cross in an older area that is tucked into a not-so-nice larger area of the city. I got that huge newel post plus 7 of the white spindles and 2 of the brown legs for $1 total!!! She was asking $8 then when I was asking her about them, just said how about $1 for everything? I love those deals, where they practically give it to you and you don't have to offend or grovel! lol...

At the same sale as the spindles, it turned out that there were a couple of ladies holding it but they were in one backyard and their stuff was mixed together.. how I wish the spindle lady was also the window lady! To me, these windows have an old farmhouse/thatched roof feel to them. She was asking $7 for each and wouldn't negotiate too much, so I ended up paying $5 each.. you can't get a steal all the time, right? She also had a couple of much larger, 16-pane windows but wanted $40 total.. can't justify that so I left my number in case she changed her mind or they didn't sell, but she never called :( .. at least I got these beautiful treasures!

I found this table (the things on top were already mine) at a yard sale that I happened upon when I turned off a main street. She was asking $3 and it's in great shape so I paid it. I gave it a very light sanding and then some stain over top.. that's it.. !

I found this awesome old Coleman cooler at a junk store that was advertising a yard sale.. basically moved stuff from inside to the curb.. lol.. paid $3. The copper teakettle (one of several I own) was probably $1, the green basket was $1, the wooden bench was also $1 and the red lantern I don't remember.. my coworker found it and brought it in for me... all these items were from different yard sales. The blue lantern I bought new years ago and the geraniums and holder are from a little shop.

That's all for now.. I just love finding treasures, but my house is getting very crowded! A lot of things that I plan to refinish have been relegated to the shed, to be dragged out and hopefully re-done after the winter.. maybe :)


  1. Wow Great finds!
    not many yard sales out here! but am looking forward to going to some auctions!
    last year I got about 7 old suitcases at an auction. price you ask?? 0 dollars! yes you read that right 0 dollars! They didn't sell (hubby wouldn't let me bid on them as we were after a cupboard, not suitcases)
    But when I went to pay after the auction, the auctioneer said, I know you collect them, so just take them, we're just going to throw them out!
    I tell ya it pays to flirt with the auctioneer!! LOL
    I go to so many they all know me

  2. What fantastic finds - I especially love the spindles!
    Best wishes

  3. Oh Jazy, that's awesome, congrats!! lol..

    Thanks Christine, I sure snapped them up fast at $1.. I have a couple of ideas for them, just have to get to doing them :) ..thanks for leaving your comment!

  4. Jazy, I haven't worked up the nerve to go to auctions! Guess I have to find an auctioneer to flirt with, maybe I can get in behind the scenes! lol

  5. I need to start going to yard sales and thrift stores!! Great finds and your blog is wonderful!

    Have a wonderful day!!

  6. Mary, thank you! I'm checking out your blog next ;)

    I definitely like yard sales better, at least you can negotiate! I don't go into thrift stores often, but I did last night and found a small bowl made of pottery for $2.. it's very hit or miss. Good luck, hope you get to some and find some great deals!

  7. OMG...what great finds!!! Garage Sales can be the best :)

    I LOVE everythying!!! Especially the window panes :) Someone mentioned to me using them as a door and make up a prim cabinet. Now of course I am on the hunt for some more. My father had a couple in his old house when he bought it but they are not quite the ones I am looking for. Yours are PERFECT!

    The brown spindles would make perfect legs for a table of some sort all primed up.

    The spindle thingy could be use to hang different prim fabrics or towels on. Just a idea that came to me now.

    And those lucky! I have yet to be lucky and find any at my garage sales. And old things, well everyone is on the look out here, so you have to be there at the right time.

  8. Sandy, great ideas! I haven't quite gotten around to doing anything yet. Char did a great tutorial that involved a sign and a spindle and I loved the idea so will probably get around to it at some point.

    There is a store near London that has made cabinets with the windows as doors and they're charging a small fortune! Have your furniture guy make one for you and post about it (or at least to me).. would love to see it! Keep an eye out for the windows, they're not too hard to find. Good luck!


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