Tuesday, November 3, 2009

travellin' Tuesday - Paris!!!!

Happy Tuesday!!!

I just wanted to share with you a few pictures I took in June when my daughter and I went to Paris, France. In my younger days, I didn't really have an interest in going to Europe.. well some countries had always held a fascination, like Monaco and Greece, but France had never really held the same interest for me.

It wasn't until my daughter was growing up and expressed her love for Europe that I started to appreciate all it had to offer. In Aug/07 we welcomed a girl from Italy... the first part of an international student exchange that my daughter asked to be involved in. She did the work, learning to speak Italian in high school, in just 3 years (actually 3 semesters), so I agreed. In Feb/08 my only child boarded a plane to Italy.. it was the longest 3 months of my life, but I was so happy to be able to have a hand in making one of her dreams come true! While there, her host family took her on several trips, including Venice, Troia, Pompeii and Verona... and Paris! Yes, I was shocked and she was elated!! She does speak/read & write French also but is more fluent in Italian. So.. off to Paris they went; when she told me about it, she described it as "breathtaking & surreal"... I was converted!!!

In April this year I found a package to Paris that was an amazing deal, but even more so when I used Air Miles to pay for 1/3 of the cost!! The trip, including flight, hotel and transfers cost me just over $1500 ... for both of us! My daughter was so shocked that she was going back to this magical city just 14 months after her first trip (and it was her birthday gift to boot) and I was excited beyond belief!!!

On May 30/09 we boarded a trans-Atlantic flight to Paris, arriving at noon the next day. We had a free Seine cruise but had to use it that day... so we hopped on the Metro and headed down to the dock.. at the base of the EIFFEL TOWER!! Words cannot adequately describe what I felt when I saw one of the most recognizable monuments in the world.. so I've attached a picture!

This picture of the Eiffel Tower was taken during our cruise on the Seine.. isn't that an amazing colour??

As the week went on we visited A LOT of the tourist spots. The next picture is a beautiful stairway we took to climb to the top of Montmartre.. you can see for miles around up here!! This was my favourite part of Paris! If you look closely, you might be able to see that the steps resemble logs.. sweet!
Artist alley section of Montmartre.. there were dozens of people there drawing and painting.. very cool! Lots of shops and restaurants there as well. Loved it!!

Sacre Coeur (French for Sacred Heart).. one of the most beautiful churches I've ever seen. It was unbelievable inside!! There were so many people and hundreds of candles and shrines.. no pics allowed though. Breathtaking!!

Now on to culture... the Louvre!!! There's the famous glass pyramid on the right, this is actually one of the entrances. We entered below ground, as the Metro stops inside the building. This is a huge building with lots of gorgeous fountains outside.

Speaking of.. my feet were burning from walking for hours.. so I cooled them off.. lol..

Pic of the courtyard from inside one of the statue galleries at the Louvre.

This is a bit of a strange pic but the history of the Catacombs is very interesting.. it dates from the 1700's. Heart-shaped skulls... :S

Beautiful carvings inside the Catacombs. Probably a history of Paris centuries ago.

Yes, this is me, posing in front of one of the service doors... I checked very carefully first to make sure nothing was lurking.. LOL.

Another famous and beautiful church.. Notre Dame! There was quite a lineup so we didn't go inside. From here we could walk to the Latin Quarter, loved it there as well.

Most people know that gasoline is expensive in Europe and people who have cars usually have very small ones.. but I found these pizza delivery vehicles to be the coolest things ever!!! Oui, Pizza Hut!

My daughter and me, taken by a helpful stranger, so it's kind of on an angle but I thought it was interesting :) .. this is one of the pics in my bathroom picture frame. We were actually standing on the other side of the Seine.. quite a distance away but the Tower is huge!!! :DDDD

I hope this inspires you to fulfill your dreams, no matter how big or small they may be. I guess this is what the catch-phrase "the bucket list" is all about. Travelling is something we just love to do and I have more for next week. Do you want to see more Paris pics or somewhere tropical?? Leave a comment and I will post according to what you want. Thanks for stopping by!!



  1. ok now I wanna go visit Paris!!

  2. I know Jazy.. I would love to spend several months there, it's just amazing!!! It's not nearly as expensive as people think.. you can eat cheaply if all your meals are not in 4* restaurants!! Souvenirs were a great deal. My favourite area was Montmartre for sure.. great shopping up there! So.. are you voting for more Paris pics next weeks.. or something tropical?? Majority rules!

  3. I do hope someday to make a trip to France myself. I almost went last year because my baby sister was over there for a year teaching English. She got to travel ALOT! And posted new pics every time she went somewhere new. All I can say is WOW!!!

    I am a genealogy freak...I know how lame and boring BUT I love it!!! My family comes from Normandy so that is where I would love to go. And there are so many old buildings, castels and land. and might I add ALOT of history :)

  4. Sandy, there is so much history there, we just don't understand it here! One of our oldest cities is Montreal and it's beautiful but only about 300 years old (might be wrong on that). Our exchange student and my daughter's Italian friend were both enthralled with the houses here, they both said it was like in the movies. We just don't see it that way do we? You would just love Paris, it's really an attainable goal, nothing wrong with making a long-term plan to go. Bon chance!!


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