Monday, November 23, 2009

Swap finish & Christmas trees!!

Hi all…

I want to thank Sarah of Thrifty Decor Chick and Barb of Dogmom Diva for encouraging me to try Live Writer.. so far so good!

Had a busy weekend, crafting my head off.. lol. I finished up my swap gifts for Sandy of For The Love of Prims and managed to decorate 3 of my trees! I can’t post a pic of what I made for Sandy.. fun for me and you but not for Sandy.. don’t want to spoil the surprise! I just hope she loves (or likes.. or tolerates) what I made.. and only one thing was store bought, but I know it’s something she’ll love.

Now on to my trees.. been so busy lately but yesterday I forced myself to decorate some of my trees.. I know, “forced” and “decorate” should never be in the same sentence but I’ve been procrastinating and feelin’ the pinch.. especially since my blogger buddies seem to be all decked out.. lol.. but I feel better now!

I have had a kitchen tree for years and although I keep most of the same ornies, each year I seem to add one or two or ten new ones so this year I ended up adding a 2nd tree.. haha.. all you decorators and crafters know exactly what I’m talking about! Here are some pics… (fingers crossed, trying this on LW for the first time!!)…

OMG.. seems to work!!!!! Never mind, I spoke too soon.. can't seem to get some of the pictures to rotate and can't edit the photo album... HELP!!!

Anyway.. the tree sitting in the crock is the original kitchen tree and the one on the floor (please ignore missing baseboards :P) is the back-up. It’s been set in joint compound inside a bucket from the dollar store.. and I placed red ticking fabric (coffee-stained and baked of course) on top. The tree inside the crock was also set in joint compound into a metal bucket.. I have several trees I’ve done this to.. works out well! The great thing is, they’re not overly big so I can put the lights on (leave them on) and probably even leave the ornies on, place them in plastic bags and they’ll stand up in the storage room, ready for next Christmas, when all I have to do is bring them upstairs.. good plan! Notice the Santa, Angel and Snowman teapots? Got a great deal on them years ago, they're teapots. I also have nutmeg graters, mini whisks (they were keychains I bought at a kitchen store a very long time ago, only got 2 and couldn't find them again), a blown glass frying pan with breakfast in it, a blown glass pretzel, blown glass Christmas pickle (google Christmas pickle, it's an old German custom).. the red & white striped stockings I got in the US last week.. faux gingerbread rocking horses, gingerbread candy canes I made last year, various cookie cutter ornies, etc.. I try to put things kitchen and food related or whatever I think will look good on this tree. The backup tree :D .. hahaha... has a gingerbread and candy cane theme. I just used striped pipe cleaners and primmed them up with coffee.. and baked them of course to get that crisp feel. The ceramic gingerbread were made by me many years ago when I took ceramics classes.. wish I could take credit for the eyes but they were done by the owner of the shop, she had amazing talent for eyes.. brings them to life!

Next is a tree that I found at a rummage sale, think I paid $3.. hey, it was for the orchestra so I paid “full price”.. lol.. anyway, it’s one of those tacky tinselly gold ones but I had a vision.. a Mardi Gras tree! I already had strings of lights (yellow, green and purple bulbs...official colours of Mardi Gras :) that I bought in New Orleans and I was so shocked to go into my local Walmart a couple of weeks ago and find masks in the ornie section.. it was like karma people!! I also found some small sparkly ornaments that I added, plus a mask on a stick ornie that my daughter and I picked up on our trip to NOLA last year.. it never really fit the themes of my other trees so it was perfect here. I also tossed on a bracelet in the traditional colours. I have a silk tye-dyed scarf I won a few years back so may place that under the tree as a skirt. Again, I think some of the pics are sideways.. sigh... and there may be duplicates... oh well, it's not like I'm paying for this blog right?? LOL

Now I just need to get my “red” tree and my other two prim (alpine) trees decorated.. oh and the one for the porch and one for my office (to feature ornies for sale :) … and my daughter still wants a live one… ugh, I’m so tired just thinking about it!

On a sad note, my laptop seems to have been fried (hope not, hope not, hope not.. say it with me folks!) .. so no computer at home right now. Comments will be approved tomorrow.. if I get any.. :DDD .. have a great evening.


  1. Hello my Friend:)
    ...and a Happy Monday to you I say whilst keeping my fingers AND toes crossed that your laptop isn't crispy critters!!
    Just love love love your beautiful assortment of decorated trees!! What fun!
    Well, am back to blogging after getting my prim bloomers in a twist and deleting it! I've snagged ya back too *smile*.
    I can't wait to see what you finally decided in giving Sandy aka lucky girl, for your swap. Ssshhhh, you send me a sneak peek to my email *grin*. I know whatever it is, it is FABULOUS as you're so talented!

    You're going to have to share what this Live Wire is all about. I think you did great on your pics btw.

    Keep warm my sweets and have a delightful week!!
    Hugs from your Corn Field County friend,

  2. WOW! great looking post!! Now what is this Life writer thingy??

  3. Love the trees! We will have our little tree in the living room up probably this weekend or early next week. Depends on when I finish Lily's costume for her play. I hope to see you soon!!

  4. Hi guys and thanks for the compliments.. I decorated another tree tonight.. and the little one for my desk at work is covered with ornies for sale, did that when I got to work this morning... I feel like I accomplished a couple of things today!

    The program is Live Writer, you can just Google it, it's easy to find, you add your url and select the type you use (blogger or whatever) and it links it.. but I'm not totally sure about it yet. It was easy to write the post but the pictures, which were easy to add, didn't seem to have an edit feature. Something to try to play with I guess... in my spare time.. LOL.

    My laptop is working again.. needed a new adapter.. it was $100 with taxes!!! Not happy, but the computer has a stay of execution for a while at least!

    So happy you decided to jump back into blogland Lex! We need you!! After it slows down for you maybe you can try Live Writer too and we can figure it out together. Hope the weather is decent for you.. we've been beyond lucky so far!

    Prim hugs my friends :)

  5. Hayley, I told you you would love Live Writer..sooll easy. Pics don't have an edit feature, but you can drag them and make them bigger and smaller..I like how easy it is to add the links too..keep playing with it. I am so hooked, I can type a good sized post in just a few minutes...

    Love your trees, that is what you were working on!!! Beautiful.
    Hugs... Barb

  6. Thanks Barb! Not being able to edit the pics is a real drawback, however it certainly is much easier to write a post! Take the good with the bad! I will keep fiddling with it, I'm sure I'll get really good at it... if not, I'll holler at you for help.. lol.

    Thanks for the comment on my trees.. 4 down now, 2 more to go plus one I want to put on my (open) porch.. so it must withstand snow.. and then a real one.. lol. I'll be done by Dec. 24, I swear!

    Hope you're enjoying your vacation :)


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