Thursday, November 26, 2009

More trees…

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends (and those who just live there :D ).

I have one more tree done at home, this is my large alpine tree… just love these. The ornies were inspired by the ones that I have on my office tree…. which are for sale if anyone wants them. Pics of the home tree: note the little glass (but might actually be plastic!) pinecones.. I bought them at a yard sale in the summer.. I like the dark colour; I also have 3 little wooden tags, my candycanes, and some brown glittery stars.. can hardly see them but I like the sparkle.. I also “planted” this tree in a pail of joint compound. It weighs a ton, but I’ll probably just store this already decorated.. getting lazy in my old age.. lol. I have this tree sitting behind my love seat, between my two child’s rockers. Years ago I found paper mache deer, one sitting, one standing and I glued some dried flowers and raffia on them.. unpainted. I still like this look and someday if I don’t, I’ll have to prim them up.

large_alpine_tree 001 large_alpine_tree 002

large_alpine_tree 004

large_alpine_tree 005

Here is the office tree, as I mentioned all the ornies are for sale (if my coworkers like them:) .. but I only made the candy canes.. oh and the tree skirt, did that last year.

work_tree 001

work_tree 004

work_tree 005

work_tree 002

work_tree 007

The last one is the “topper” that I made up freehand.. lol. It works I think.

Have a great day all!!


  1. Looks FANTASTIC!!
    I'm not allowed to get the Christmas stuf fout til Dec 1st, hubby thinks that is early enough!
    I can't wait!!

  2. Hi Hayley,
    I just discovered you via Jana's blog, so nice to meet you! I really love the topper in that last photo, thata's something I'd be proud to haveon my tree.
    You mention that you're new to blogging, welcome!
    And hope you had a very Happy Thanksgiving, too!
    All the best,

  3. I love your tree! It's perfect and you know, I really like the reindeer as is.

    The decorations in the office tree are really cute too. Oh what the heck, I like it all...LOL.

    I am hoping by Sunday I will have the house all decorated. I spent the whole day yesterday cleaning just the main level and putting certain seasonal things away, making room for my Christmas Decorations.

    Today I will be off to my parents to celebrate my baby sisters birthday and then we will be off shopping. The mall is staying opened till midnight. Try to get some more gifts done.

    We have a busy couple days ahead of us since tomorrow will be tied up all day with Tabitha. Looking forward to it :)

    So have a great weekend! Looking forward to more decorations.

  4. Thanks so much for all the wonderful comments!!

    Sandy, I agree, I like the reindeer as is too.. each year I pull them out, look at the flowers and decide that I still like them.. even in dusty rose.. LOL! I know Tabitha (and Abby and mom & dad) will be very excited about her singing when the Olympic torch goes through town, what a great opportunity.. wish her well from me! Have a blast decorating, would love to see some pics.

    Anne! Thanks for the warm welcome and the Thanksgiving wishes (but I'm Canadian.. LOL.. so it's just a little bit late ;) but I appreciate it!! I took a quick peek at your blog.. luvin' your junk and those Santa mugs! I'm following it now so I can check back.

    Jazy.. oh, let me tell you the joys of being single.. all I hear is a comment or two from my daughter, which I ignore.. LOL!! Nobody else to deal with.. times like this, I'm very happy to have nobody in my life.. lmao.. of course, if I ever do meet someone, he will have no say in decorating.. so it'll still be win/win for me!

    Have a great weekend ladies :D

  5. Those reindeer are perfect ! You have such pea pickin' cuteeee trees !
    Prim Huggs n Blessins

  6. Thanks Willow!! I won't be changing the reindeer anytime soon.. lol!


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