Saturday, November 14, 2009

Lamp makeover :~)

Happy Saturday!

Hi all!!! I've been away for a couple of days visiting family and friends in the city where I was born, and haven't posted in about a week! Before I left home I did a little project that you might like. My daughter had an Ikea hanging lamp that I bought her a few years back and she no longer wanted. Rather than throw it out, and since we need a lot more light in the living room, I decided to cover the shade. I chose tissue paper because it was a cheap fix and I figured I could re-cover with fabric if that didn't work.

Here are my main supplies: the lamp, spray adhesive and prim tissue paper in the crow pattern.

I started by dividing the lampshade into 4 sections and drawing pencil lines on the shade. The tissue paper would not wrap around the shade properly so I had to do it in sections. I sprayed the adhesive on one of the 4 sections and laid the tissue paper on top and smoothed it out. I then trimmed the sides, following the pencil line. Yeah, I know, wasn't really straight and the edges get a bit raggedy when you cut them since the tissue paper isn't on a flat surface. I didn't really care, so it was all good! If you want it to be exact you will need to cut it before attaching and spend a LOT more time on it than I did. I really wanted a very quick, easy fix.

Continue on completing the other 3 sections. One you're done, spray the inside rim at the top and bottom (do one at a time) and tuck the tissue paper into the groove if your shade has one. Trim the excess. Warning, this adhesive is very, very sticky and I spent a lot of time scrubbing it and pieces of tissue paper off my fingers. Might want to try gloves. Oh, another tip of course is to spray outside or in your section of the basement or garage where you use spray paint.. this stuff is stinky!!

This picture is showing me using a yard stick to copy the pencil line onto the tissue paper, in hopes of cutting it straight. Yeah, right (snorts)!!! lol

Ok, final product! Notice how the pattern doesn't line up and you can see the seam?? Don't care! This project was practically free and I think it's cute and will work for now. My dream of course is punched tin (so jealous of Lisa over at Primitives from Above!.. lol, just kidding, am very happy for her :) ... but in the meantime, this serves it's intended purpose.

Here it is hanging in front of my LR window, above the love seat. How lame am I? I left the white aluminum mini-blinds and white sheers (after bleaching them of course!) up; these were left behind by the previous owner! I can't seem to figure out window treatments!!! I do have something up my sleeve for the kitchen but what do I do here????

Hope you enjoyed!


  1. Thank goodness you're back! I was getting ready to head a search party!!
    FANTASTIC idea with the lamp! I've got a little table lamp that would look good like that!

  2. Hayley~That is a fantastic idea!!
    Honestly I barely see the seem, and isn't that what prim is all about? Imperfection!
    Very nice tutorial...I will definitely add this to my favorites!
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Hi Janene,

    Thanks for the lovely comment! Yes, that's what I thought and almost said.. if you want perfection you don't want prim.. lol. I appreciate you adding it to your favourites, I am honoured my friend!

    Enjoy your weekend also, the weather has been lovely here :)


  4. Hey Jazy!

    You crack me up gf, all the time! Oh the pressure now! LOL.

    That would be great if you could do this on your lamp, make sure you post about it.. can't wait to see it. I also considered burlap but really liked the crows... maybe next time.

    I'm sure we'll be in touch on FB over the weekend! Enjoy :)


  5. I love the lamp. someday when I have my own place I will be able to do cute things like that, until then I will just look at yours!

  6. where did ya get the paper from? need to order me some too! can't find it here in Aus so need to order online

  7. That was a really neat idea for the lamp shade. Such a easy prim poject to do. Thanks for sharing!

    And how did your gettaway go? Do lots of shopping :)

  8. Thanks for the comments all! It really was an easy project but now I'm seeing it separate a bit at the seams so I'll probably use some white glue to re-attach. Nothing's perfect is it? LOL. Sandy.. I had fun, I did get many things I was looking for across the border, thanks. I went to Hobby Lobby, Dollar Tree, Walmart, Target, a cool store called The Christmas Tree store.. got some deals there! It was good, didn't get pulled in so that was awesome. :D

  9. Your light looks GREAT!! I think it is absolutely prim perfect especially for free.


  10. Thanks Lisa! Free is one of my favourite words! :DDD .. and it's so nice to have the extra light in the living room.. due to buying the wrong furniture and odd placement I don't have any end tables.. been a challenge.


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