Friday, November 27, 2009

A favourite place…

I’m sure everyone has a favourite place that they love to visit.. maybe the lake, a park, a store, etc. One of my favourite places is a charming little shop nestled amongst a stand of very tall pine trees and beautiful, interesting gardens. Winter Wheat is located just outside the tiny village of Sparta, Ontario (Canada) and features artwork by Lucy Ogletree, who owns the store along with her partner Mike. They live in a restored home on the property, which you will pass by as you make your way to the store in the back. On the property are several little buildings… my favourite one is along the driveway just past the house. I love to sit in it and relax on a cold winter day when the stove is turned on.. it’s very relaxing; in the summer the back doors are left open on nice days and there is a lovely breeze floating through. There are other buildings as well, check the pics or their website.. :D

Each time I go to Winter Wheat I see something new that interests me. It seems that Lucy and Mike make changes to the grounds and stores on a regular basis.. which is one reason I keep coming back. I don’t always make a purchase, but customers are always welcome to come in, sit in one of the little buildings and relax a bit (there’s also an area inside the store where you can sit a spell!).. be sure to read the rules before you enter the property. There are cookies, coffee and tea offered for free but a donation box is set up at each station (for charity), so be sure to throw in some change, it could make a difference.

I’m attaching some pics that I took in the summer and last Sat.; Lucy and Mike don’t mind if you take pictures but I only take them outside, out of respect for their business. They have pictures of the inside of the store on their website, so link up and check it out.

Over the years that I have been visiting and shopping at Winter Wheat, I have brought friends out to see the property and everyone who has been there loves it. My daughter and I brought our exchange student from Italy out there and she absolutely loved it.. they don’t have anything like it at home. I even brought her back for a second visit just before she returned to Italy so she could buy a few things to take home. Then last year my daughter’s friend from Italy came to visit Canada and we took her out to Winter Wheat, and she also loved it. Lucy and Mike provide journals in the little buildings where people can sign their names and you can find people from all over the world in those books! Amazing!!

Enjoy the pics, first set was taken in the summer!

I thought I had several pics from our visit in January but could only find one. My favourite little building was jammed full of visitors on Saturday so I didn’t get any pics inside; it's the one with the blue door. The larger building with the Winter Wheat sign is the store.. love that porch!!

If you’re in the area, stop in.. you’ll want to go back time after time! Have a great weekend all!


  1. I enjoyed stopping by your blog. I will come back again. Your story on Winter Wheat was interesting and what a delightful place it would be to visit. Thanks!

  2. Hello - What a cute blog you have! I'm looking forward to reading more! Thanks for stopping by to visit me! I will look forward to hearing from you again.

  3. Thanks Cherry & Vickie!! I always love comments from "new" bloggers.. Hope you stop by again and enjoy what you read. I appreciate your kindness.. enjoy the rest of your weekend :)

  4. Ohhhh how I'd love to visit there. It looks soooo inviting. Wish we had places like that here. Maybe I need to take a trip across the border =)
    Prim Huggs n Blssins

  5. Yes, a trip across the border is always fun Willow!! I'm surprised you have nothing like it, living in Indiana.. are you anywhere near Shipshewana? What a place.. love the flea market (or did oh, 12 years ago now.. omg, that long???).. it was so cool to see hitching posts all around! Not much like that here. Let me know if you ever come up this way, I'll make sure you get directions to Winter Wheat :)


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