Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Earth Rugs!

Hi all...

Yesterday I got home and the Earth Rugs that I had ordered had arrived... yippppppeeeeeee!! I've been waiting about 5 weeks so was very happy to see them!! I know, I know... oh what a gripping life I lead! LOL! There is one runner and one 8x11' rug!

Like a lot of homes, I have hardwood floors and although I like the look.... ok.. to be honest, I'd prefer wide-plank pine floors.. but you work with what you have.. anyway, I hate cold floors as I'm sure you all do!! So early last year I'd purchased a rug for the living room, but it was a tad too small.. see pic: The main colours are blue and burgundy which is a little past its prime now, what with all the "prim" colours that are so popular. In any case, it's what I bought and I liked it at the time, just wished it was bigger.

Earth Rugs came out with a new colour after I bought my other rug.. of course! lol.. the colours are mainly black, gray and brown .. so when I decided to purchase a new, larger rug, I got it in this new colour (for those of you who are interested, the colour is #99)... I think it works much better now, don't you??

As I was moving rugs around, I was also vacuuming, which freaked my dog out. When she gets panicky and can't get away from the situation, she starts panting.. poor baby! LOL

I began recycling my rugs to different rooms; in the kitchen I had a newer #99 rug but it was too small for the island

So the old blue/burgundy rug from the living room went into the kitchen in its place.. I like how it looks now and there is much more rug to stand on!

In my bedroom, I had this little hooked wool rug, which I like but again, it was too small... so...

I put the kitchen rug in here.. it looks great as the colours match my quilt and wall colour.. perfect!!

Sometimes one small change makes a huge impact. Don't be afraid to re-purpose an item into a different space!!

Note.... Earth Rugs are natural jute and very durable. My dog left me a gift one day and since I wear contacts, I can't see very well when I first wake up. Needless to say, I stepped in it. I could never have gotten it clean so I tossed the rug into the washer and it came out beautifully.. even though they don't recommend it. So check them out, they also have stair treads which I use as table mats, mini rugs which I use in a variety of ways, one is used under my dog's food and water dishes. Just have fun with them!

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  1. Thanks Hayley for stopping by my blog and commenting. I love your rugs and yes they are exactly what I am looking for only rectangular.
    Looking forward to reading more about your life.

  2. Great rugs! I sure wish we could get those here in Aus! I might just have to buy some when I visit next year and bring them home!

    You freaked out your dog vacuuming? Dont do it much do ya?? LOL
    Neither do I! I have my hubby trained to do it! LOL

  3. Amy, they come in rectangle as well, in most sizes, the biggest I think is 8x10. Good luck!

    Jazy.. LMAO.. smart aleck! No, I don't vacuum too much but I did in the apartment we had 2 years ago, with all the carpet we had. My dog is really small so she's very close to the floor so the vacuum is really big to her... and loud. lol. Let me know what size you're looking for with the rugs. The one I got retails for $500.. so that's a bit pricey. The small ones that can go on tables are in the $10-15 range. I can get them wholesale but the minimums are high and I might not be able to re-sell any extras. Let me know what you're looking for. Give me sizes and I'll get the retail prices. Take care!

  4. Hayley, where do you get them from? I wonder if they sell wholesale to Aus! I could buy some and sell them on here!

  5. Those are made of jute? Awesome...I'll check them out for sure. Thanks for stopping by my neck of the blogwoods :O)

  6. Hey Cindy, thanks for commenting!! Yes, love these rugs... especially my new colour #99 :D

  7. I am sooooo jealous!!! I LOVE...LOVE your new rugs and even the old ones :) I have the Wholesale catalogue to that same company. But shall wait before I make a order due to other priorities first. But I WILL someday own a few of my own :)

  8. You'll love them Sandy! Let me know when you do get some :)


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