Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Cross-border shopping.. oh yeah!!!


Ok.. so it's been a week already since I crossed the border to shop and pick up some orders from my cousin's in Michigan.. time is flying!!! I was headed to Windsor but I can cross into Sarnia (Port Huron) and drive to Detroit, then cross back into Canada. Much more interesting way of getting to Windsor!

I thought I'd show you a few pics of things I picked up while I was there. I found these oval bowls at a place called Christmas Tree Shops. Cool store! It's in the same plaza as the Target in Shelby Township and is across from Lakeside Mall, on Hall Rd at Schoenherr. I've been in this area many times over the years as my cousin lives nearby, but I have never seen this store. This area is really built up and depending on which road I take, I get turned around easily.. lol. These bowls would be great with Christmas greenery and votive candles (battery operated of course, I would not light real candles in this!) or a string of battery-operated mini-lights. They have both sayings that you see, one on each side, and were only $1.99 each!

I found this plate at Christmas Tree Shops as well, only $2.99! Not sure where I'm putting it, but I'll find a spot!

These felt pieces came from Hobby Lobby.. the only one in the area is in Port Huron. I love this line, Make it Christmas! Very interesting selection of things you can buy.. a lot of the line are craft items that you can make into something else. These were $2.99 each but I think they were on for 50% off.. gotta love that!!! No idea what I'll do with them, but I couldn't leave them for this price could I???
Of course I had to hit the Dollar Tree, and found this jute wrapped wire hanger and jingle bells. The ribbon will be replaced with homespun and I might add this to my door wreath.
Christmas Tree Shops again.. these adorable buckets were only $1 each!

This was a real deal at Hobby Lobby! Paper mache saltbox house, $3.99 and 40% off of that! I can see a hole cut in the back and a light attached to the inside, and the outside all painted, sanded and primmed up! Oh, and the roof is detachable .. I'm sure there are so many other ideas that my prim friends can come up with.. suggestions please?? :)

These cute stockings were also at Christmas Tree Shops. I've already coffee-stained and rubbed some ground cloves on them, but they are cute even if you don't prim them up. They were also $1 each. The spatula and whisk I found at Cracker Barrel.. aren't they adorable?? They look like something our grandmothers would have had.. full-size of course!. These are shown on my kitchen Christmas tree, which hasn't been decorated yet (time is seriously flying by.. oh my!!). Once it's done I'll post pics. These ornies were a bit pricey but oh-so-cute.. $3.99 each.

I bought tons more, but that's it for pics for now!! This is why Canadians cross the border to shop. You have so much that we just don't have over here, and if we do it's often a lot more money. Even if prices are comparable, we just love the variety.. it can really get overwhelming! But.. it's so much fun!!
Have a great day all :D


  1. You shopped well! Great Christmas goodies!

  2. Thanks Christine! I got craft supplies as well.. boring stuff in their natural state.. lol.. working on primming them up!

  3. great shopping hayley! so glad to get to see you with your busy schedule!

  4. You really did well :) Got lots of goodies for such great prices. Like you said it, this is why we cross the border because it is true that we will pay more. But I still look forward to my prim craft show this coming Sat :)


  5. WOW! great shopping! I need to know when you are NOT at home! I'm filling up the car and am going to take all those lovely things home with me! ( haven't figured out how to do the ocean crossing in the car bit yet!)

  6. Thanks Heather!!! Sandy.. so true, we usually pay more which is fine for everyday, but it's nice to take a day and go load up!

    Jazy.. LOL. Sorry, guess you have to fly like the rest of us! At least when you visit America, you can shop, just make sure everyone takes the maximum number of suitcases and the minimum amount of clothing (one outfit/person.. + 2 underwear.. lmao). That way the rest of the luggage can be filled with prim pretties and craft supplies! Don't worry, your bloggy friends will help you fill them!

  7. ROFLOL what makes you think I need help filling them?
    I've got a lot of practice shopping HAHAHA

  8. LOL.. I have faith in you Jazy.. just thought we could steer you on the right road to the best stores, so you don't waste time at the other ones.. the non-prim, non-thrift, non-craft stores! lol...

  9. Wow you got some GREAT deals ! I would love to hit that Christmas store. Sounds like they have really good prices.....
    Prim huggs n Blessins


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