Saturday, November 7, 2009

Bartering & a new "window"..

Happy weekend!

My window is finished!!! I'm so happyyyyyyy!

When I bought my house I wanted to open up the wall between the kitchen and living room.. I decided on a "faux" 4-paned window. My plan was to finish each section until someone pointed out how small the openings would be then.. which of course would close in the rooms.

Yeah, kind of ugly, isn't it??? I've lived with this for 2 years now!!

So a few weeks ago I did an organizing job for a contractor. Instead of paying me, I asked if he'd do the finish work on my "window".. he agreed and was able to confirm that the stud in the middle could be cut (one of the reasons it wasn't done before is because nobody could tell me this for sure!).. I was very excited to hear this!! So here is the window right after he removed the stud and cross-pieces; it looks so much bigger already!

Here it is with the inside trim installed and shims to make it level.. oh yeah!!!

Let's skip now to the reveal.. TA-DAAAAAAAAAAAA!! Ain't it cool??? I love it!! I just have to finish it off with a coat of my trim paint and it's completely done :D .. woot woot!!!

Daisy likes it too! Well.. actually it confused her because she was used to clinging to the edge of drywall.. lol.

So here is what I got when I bartered my time!!! How awesome is that? Has anyone else bartered for stuff they want? Leave a comment and let me know :)
I'll be here.. starin' at my "window" :D


  1. Hayley, it looks great, how wonderful it opens up those rooms for much better than the before. I LOVE the picture of Daisy clinging! LOL!

  2. Thanks Barb, I was so excited when he showed up at the door!!! lol.. it looks great.. I love it!!! Funny how such a small thing can make me happy.. :D

  3. Love the window! Love the doggy even more!

  4. Thanks Jazy.. I love it so much, I've been dreaming about it for 2 years.. LOL.. Yes.. Daisy is so adorable isn't she? She's standing up on the back of the couch... :)

  5. I need your guy to knock out a whole wall...LOL! Looks Great! Beth

  6. Thanks Beth! I initially thought of doing that, take the whole section of the wall out or the top half and create a ledge, so many ideas but the house is small so you have to do what makes sense! Enjoy your day :)

  7. Love it! Every house we live in, we knock out walls too!
    Have a great evening, Kimberly

  8. Kimberly, I totally understand! I knocked down a small wall and bulkheads in my old house! When I was looking for this one, every house I went into I was wondering out loud which walls I could know down. I think I drove my realtor nuts!!! LOL. Thanks for the comment :)

  9. Hayley~it looks so wonderful all framed out and finished! What a difference...

  10. Thanks Melissa! Definitely something satisfying about removing that thorn in your side.. lol.

  11. I love how the opening changed the looks of the room. And now you can look right into the living room and watch TV while preparing supper :)

  12. Sandy, thanks! I can't believe the difference either. I truly love it! Supper eh.. would that involve cooking? Some of us don't have your talents my dear! Actually that was the whole idea behind this opening, 2 years ago but I think I lost my drive after waiting too long. LOL. Maybe one day.. we'll see ;)


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