Monday, October 26, 2009

Thanks for the lovely comments!!

Thank you so much for the lovely comments, hope I can keep up with all of you!

Have a great day ladies :)

ps.. Lex, you are very welcome, I love your sweet prim items and I tend to rave when I find something I love... so be warned! LOL



  1. OMG i love the microwave tray.... i want my husband to make one for the stove but hes been cutting out so much stuff i am giving him a break for a little the blog...

  2. Thanks Patti! Are you a crafter?? I'm thinking so, what kinds of things do you make? I also really want a stove board but haven't quite figured it out yet. I don't really have the proper tools so I'd have to find someone to cut the wood for me. I'm hoping to make some and sell them. Time will tell.. take care, Hayley :D

  3. yes i am and of course busy thistime of the year..i also have a kandle buisness you can check out my page pattis kandle kottage....

  4. Oh, I've come across your name before I think.. I will check it out for sure, thanks!

  5. Of course I've come across your name.. I'm a fan on FB! LOL.. well if I can't laugh at myself someone else will! :P .. you have great stuff, I'm going to check it again. Take care :)


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