Thursday, October 29, 2009

A swap and an inspiration!!!

If you haven't heard yet and who hasn't as I've been telling EVERYONE.. I'm in my first swap ..3 days into blogging!!! .. sponsored by none other than Char of The Pickled Pepper Patch.. .. I think almost everyone in blogland knows who Char is and I was lucky enough to have been chosen .. and my swap partner is Sandy of For the Love of Prims .. .. go on over and check out her blog (sorry, not sure how to link it.. lol.. but if you go into my kitchen comment she's in there, click on from there :)! Her home is so prim & pretty, I'm going to be hunting all over to find things to copy it.. I love her bowl shelf and I do have something similar but it is a re-do so I just might work on it this weekend .. stay tuned. I want to say welcome to Sandy, she's a lovely lady who lives in New Brunswick, can't wait to get her package ready and sent out to her.. this will be fun!

My inspiration was from another lovely lady, Barb of Dogmom Diva who left a comment on my blog :) I had a quick peek on her blog and it's obvious she loves dogs.. me too! So here is a picture of my little girl, Daisy. She is a purebred Chihuahua, will be 4 in a month and is such a joy. My daughter and I just love her. She is afraid of everything, hates my hardwood floors and doesn't bark... at all.. ever.. hurraaah!! I know, barking is natural but the ones who never stop can get on your nerves just a li'l bit.... so here is a picture of her sitting on my little hooked rug, I just bought it in May and couldn't decide what to do with it so I tried it on the floor and the next thing I new, Daisy was sitting on it. She totally loves carpeting!!

Well my dears, I am very tired and I apologize for this short postie but I need to get to sleep. I may not post tomorrow, but I will be working on something for the weekend if I do miss. Thanks so much to my followers, I really appreciate your support.. have a great night.

:) Hayley


  1. Hayley! That is SO sweet of you to mention me, thank you, you are so nice!
    Jump over to my blog, I hope you dont mind, I introduced you as my new blogger of the week..


  2. PS and hi to sweet Daisy, our first Dalmatian's name was that name..she looks very very sweet!

  3. Hi Barb.. thanks for all the great comments.. love to read them! Yes, Daisy is such a cute name for a dog isn't it? It's becoming quite popular. When I decided we were getting a Chihuahua, my daughter wanted a girl so she could name her Tinkerbell.. to which I replied "over my dead body".. LOL.. so she came up with Daisy and I just agreed.. anything was better!! Love dalmations.. they seem so sweet! I will give Daisy a hug for you ;) .. happy Saturday!


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