Sunday, October 25, 2009

Microwave board!

Hi all!

I just love those stove boards (a.k.a. noodle boards, stove covers etc), don't you? They are somewhat pricey so I'm going to attempt to make one at some point, but until I do that, I came up with an idea to make a board for my microwave. I started with a yard sale tray which I paid $1.00 for. It fit nicely on top of my microwave, but it was a very bright red, definitely not in the prim colour wheel! Well maybe it is but not in my world :D .. here it is before:

I started by removing the front piece as I wanted to be able to view what's on the board, so I removed the front. I did this by mangling... uhhh... I mean cutting... with my jigsaw (the one with the wobbly blade.. grrrrr.. I need better power tools!). Aaaaanyway... once the front was off I realized that there was a gap.. duh.. which I didn't care for.

I then took my jigsaw and cut it along the groove that runs horizontally. Due to the wobbly jigsaw and the fact that I was holding it in place with my foot on top of a small stepstool.. it's a bit uneven in spots.. to say the least.. lol. No problem!! I just made a few little dents in the rest of the tray... after all, I'm trying to prim it up, right??

Once the piece was glued and nailed back onto the tray, I painted it all black, sanded it down to red and/or bare wood in spots and stained the whole thing.

Here is the finished product... I LOVE IT!! On the top of the finished board you'll see a shallow yellow bowl with fillers on top. I got the bowl at a yard sale and painted it myself. In the bowl is a super-prim and cute turkey made by my new friend Lex over at .. make sure you visit her Etsy shop, she has great handmade prim pretties at great prices. I have a cousin living in Michigan who has allowed me to use her address for some of my online shopping when I can't get things shipped to Canada, or the cost is too high.. thanks Heather! Lex sent my order there and I crossed the border to visit with my cousin and my aunt and do some shopping. I was so excited when I got my order!!! Lex is very talented!

Now.. this is my first post and I really hope I'm able to get this to work. I love to read blogs but it's been a bit scary thinking about starting this.. so here goes nothing! Thanks for taking the time to read. If anyone has any suggestions on how to make my blog prettier please let me know. Thanks.

Hayley :)


  1. Great blog Hayley!

    Your FB pal Jazy

  2. Hi Hayley!!

    Welcome to blogging girlie:)

    LOVE your re-do, it looks fantastic and SO creative:)

  3. Hi Hayley~You did a fantastic job on your first post! I, for one, throughly enjoyed it!
    I love that idea of a microwave board...and yours turned out fantasticly prim.
    You are a girl after my own heart!!
    I'm glad I found you on Jenn's Facebook page..I always love a new prim blog to read!
    Welcome to blogland, and I am looking forward to reading more!
    Have a great week!

  4. Isn't that just prim perfect?!..thanks for sharing this with us!

  5. Welcome to Bloggie Land Sweet Lady *smile*...
    Well for someone who is just starting out blogging, you are certainly doing a fabulous job!!!!! Really REALLY love your post and what a magnificent tray transformation...but then no surprise, as you are so very talented!
    Awww thank you sweet friend for mentioning me and using my lil gobbler in your beautiful display :)
    Folks, you HAVE to follow this blog, cause if you don't, you'll be missing out on some terrific postings by this very sweet and talented lady!!!
    Wishing you great success sweetness, all bundled up in big ole HUGS!!!

  6. Hey! We have lots of power tools that aren't in use. Next time you come we could find them in the garage and you can have them because it isn't like we will be using them anytime in the future. Let me know. I know we have a couple of sanders too.

  7. That sounds great Heather, thanks! I'll be there probably on the 11th, I'm placing an order this week, I'll let you know when it's shipped.

  8. What a great idea and it looks great!

    It's so fun when we live close to a border. I had a American address right it till a couple of weeks ago. Now we are looking for another one so I can get other items shipped.

    Looking forward to seeing your makeovers, new items and journeys :)



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