Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy Wednesday!

Good day all :)

I thought I'd walk you through my kitchen renovation (actually these are just befores & afters, never thought to take "during" shots). The renovation was done in April 2008 but I didn't have a blog then ;) .. and I still love it and would like to share it with you.

When I bought my house 2 years ago, I swore I would NOT, I repeat WOULD NOT... buy a house without an updated kitchen as I had done one on my last house.. and I just didn't think I could live through another one.. So as I was signing the offer papers and calculating the cost of cabinets, sink, faucet, flooring etc. I was silently cursing my luck.. again. Oh well.. after months of planning, I called my kitchen guy.. yeah, who has a kitchen guy?? Moi! After coming to see the kitchen all my plans went out the window.. can't move the sink more than 5 feet without installing a new vent, can't install banquette seating because the kitchen is small and some people are not (his point not mine.. lol), blah, blah, blah.. lol. Anyone who has ever swooned over those awesomely perfect kitchens in a magazine, and smugly thought "I can do that!" will know exactly what I'm talking about. Reality brings you crashing right back to Earth.. *sigh*.

So, the before pics were taken on the day of the inspection .. shhhhhh... don't tell anyone! This is how the sink wall looked before. The only counter space is on this wall and most of the cupboards too.. not very user-friendly is it? Anyone see a dishwasher? Nope, 2nd house (actually 3rd, my first house was a condo), no dishwasher; I love the prim look, but seriously, I'm no Caroline Ingalls and I need to have a dishwasher!

So here is the after; I moved the fridge over to this side of the kitchen, you'll see where it was soon... my kitchen guy builds 2-ft deep cabinets to go over the fridge and for this kitchen, he installed baking sheet and platter racks inside. I didn't know he was doing that but it worked out well since it is a small kitchen. So this is a good idea for anyone thinking of re-doing their kitchens.

A before shot of the other side of the sink wall.. still no dishwasher! The door on the right leads to the basement.

The after shot.. a dishwasher!!! Also a new sink, I bought the deepest one I could get since I only wanted a single sink, and the sink base cabinet was custom-built to fit; this leaves more room for the other cabinets. Another cool thing the kitchen guy came up with is the shelf above the cabinets. In my other house, my daughter and I took the bulkheads down and it was a difficult job.. the solution? Create this shelf that is attached to the underside of the bulkhead. A groove was cut to hold things and this is the result.. ingenious and I love it!! It completely made the bulkhead disappear.. and it gave me more space to display things I love.. who wouldn't want that?? :DDD One thing I want to point out is that there are no drawers right under the counters. If you want to re-do your kitchen this is a great idea, the cabinets end up being so huge you have to find stuff to fill them up! I did this in my old house and it worked so well that I had it done in this house too.. love it!

Ok, this before shot is where the stove and fridge were, side by side.. notice the lovely brown range hood ;) .. putting these two appliances together just doesn't work for me, there is no counter space to put things you take out of the fridge or to place things you need for cooking.. so the fridge got moved. Oh.. notice the wallpaper? It was like removing cement.. so this wall now has a "texture".. LOL.. (I also SWORE I'd never buy another house with wallpaper.. this one and my last house appeared to have been put onto bare drywall .. sheetrock for my US buddies).

And here's the after: I love, love, LOVE this wall, it's just such a fabulous transformation!!! Here's a little note on the backsplash - I've struggled with each house I've owned with the backsplash, I like tile but am too afraid to commit, I thought of getting beadboard or stainless steel, etc.. but finally decided on anaglyptic wallpaper. This is that textured paper that you paint, mine is a tin ceiling pattern. I think this would be a great place to put Graham & Brown beadboard wallpaper! I used a simple semi-gloss paint in the white that I chose for the rest of the house (doors and trim). Notice the awesome bank of drawers!! They are custom made to about 31" wide and they hold so much.. love 'em!

Here is another view of the after, showing the basement door and a tiny bit of the island that I purchased unfinished; I painted the doors and sides black and stained the top and the shelf at the bottom.. love it!!!

A couple more things.. I installed the floor all by myself! You can't see it, but it's a vinyl plank that resembles wood planks and it was fairly easy to install, just time-consuming. I also looked for months before the reno for the perfect colour. I ended up with something called Thomas Point Light and I don't even remember what company it's from. It ended up being a really weird shade of green that looks khaki in certain light but I really like it.
I hope you enjoyed this little tour of my kitchen. The things on the island and counter have been swapped out a few times and I've replaced furniture pieces over the last year and a half but that's what decorating is all about isn't it!!
thanks for reading!!!


  1. Love love love your kitchen!
    What a great "kitchen guy" you have!
    The color on the walls is so great!
    It looks green in these pics, which I love!
    I would love to have a big kitchen like yours!

  2. Thanks Janene! It's actually quite a small kitchen, it's barely able to hold a table! lol.. in fact when I sell I'll have to stage it and remove all the excess stuff I have against the other wall, and the island, and put a small table to show that it can hold one. Yes, the colour is a green, I can't even describe it but I like how it turned out :D.. next house can't need a remodel because it won't be in this city and I don't want to have to find a new kitchen guy. Have a great day! :)

  3. Love the pictures! can't wait to see what else you have done with your house. You are so talented!!!!!

  4. Thanks Heather.. comes from hating the ugly decorating of the 70's.. LOL

  5. You did a awesome job redoing the kitchen. I must agree with you and say that your stove area is the best! Also love the idea of the it being all drawers and big ones at that!

    Can't wait to see more of your beautiful home...


  6. Hi Hayley, I saw your link on TDC on facebook, Sarahs new blog page announcement..If you email me your email I can send you some blog websites that I LOVE for design..

    I think you have a great blog going, I am fairly new blogger and its really, really addictive. Stop by mine on Saturday for Pink Saturday, I am having a giveaway, my first giveaway...

  7. Thanks Barb, do you just want to add me on FB and then you can email me that way? I'll check your blog and add myself as a follower.. thanks for the nice comment hon! Take care :)

  8. Sandy.. thanks so much! Yes, I love those drawers, I've always found that the small ones were never wide or deep enough so I gave him specific sizes. I put my pots & pans in the stove drawer (where I used to put the baking pans.. but I have racks for those.. yippeeee).. so I didn't need deep drawers. I did have the deep drawers in the old house but didn't like how heavy they got. I use my top one for cutlery on one side and misc. small things on the right (in baskets), 2nd drawer has spices, drink mixes etc (in, 3rd and 4th drawers have plastic containers and wraps. It works well! Well I'm going to do a quick post for tomorrow.. tired tonight.. lol.. take care :)

  9. Hayley, I came back and took a closer look at your kitchen re do...Awesome..I love the tin like wallpaper you put as a backsplash by your stove. I am with you, i do not like stoves and frig's next to each other, seems like yin and yang or something..not meant to be next to each other without counterspace between..It looks great! Later!

  10. Haha.. thanks Barb, I agree! One is hot (well not mine, I don't like to cook.. lol) and one cold.. in most kitchens ;)

    I love that wallpaper too and since I used semi-gloss paint on it I can wipe it down. The other thing I don't like is the stove up against the wall but putting the wallpaper there solved it because I can wipe it down. If a piece gets damaged I can replace it; if I find another solution I can easily replace it, this roll cost about $20 so it's really a cheap solution.

    Have a fabulous day!


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