Sunday, November 27, 2011

Craft show!

Hi all...

Just wanted to share with you that I registered my business name in the summer.  I didn't blog about it because I was working on how I was going to handle things, what I was going to make and where I was going to sell.  The name I chose is "Charmed, I'm Sure!".  I found a rubber stamp with this saying on it and it spoke to me.  No, I don't make charms, still making prim crafts but I've expanded to include French country, farmhouse and cottage chic.  Prim isn't overly popular in my city and since I do love some aspects of other styles I decided to combine them, enabling me to be more creative and hopefully more profitable.

I signed up for a craft show which is this weekend; it's a 2-day show, today (Sat. Nov 26) and tomorrow (Sun. Nov 27) in the town of Tillsonburg, Ontario.  I had to be approved to attend this show as it's juried, so I sent pics of the craft show I had done last year and was selected!  I did pretty well today, sold a lot of small things and am hoping that tomorrow is a success as well.  Here are a few pics:

I'll be updating my selling blog soon so stay tuned!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ohio.. and an upcycled jewellery holder :)

Happy Thursday!!

Hope everyone is doing well and had a great long weekend... Thanksgiving for my fellow Canadians and Columbus Day for my US friends :)    My daughter and I went to Ohio on Friday and came home Sunday.  We got to Columbus a bit later on Friday than planned so we found a hotel then went shopping.  If you've never been, there is an amazing shopping mall called Morse Crossing (I think :)  .. since I didn't expect to come across this mall I didn't have my camera with me!  It was really cool, had a lot of high-end stores, some "regular" stores.. lol.. a theatre, a large fountain and some clever lighting.  It looked like a village.... we loved it!!!  

The next day we got going around noon and took our time driving to Berlin.  I think we got there around 2 pm and went from store to store, taking in the beautiful displays and discovering some great craft ideas ;)  ..   There is a store called 1817 House (it's in the oldest house in Berlin!), and they're having a clearance sale with everything at 40% off.. here's what I got:

A cute little prim tree, a blown-glass owl ornament, 2 chocolate molds and 2 rolls of antique silver garland.  I love it all, and can't believe that I didn't spend a lot more money.  I decided to get what I wanted and not be too impulsive.  It's so hard to do when shopping in the US, but I managed..  lol.  It was a gorgeous weekend, we had great weather and had a really fun time together.  The best part is that she drove a lot of the way, her first time driving in the US! 

Now on to my upcycled project... I've been looking at the jewellery holders in the stores and of course being a prim lover and a crafter, just couldn't see paying for one of those mass-produced holders that most likely would fall apart in short order.  So I was Googling and saw a great idea for an old rake head, and realized I had one!  Out in the garden.... in the dirt.  Yuck!  Well out I went the other night in the pitch dark, fumbling for this rake head...  you knew I was going to do that, didn't you?  lol.. well, I found it, brought it in and cleaned it really well.  The next day I sprayed it with clear Krylon, glued my plaster fleur-di-lis (which had been hanging on my bedroom wall) on the handle, and added a piece of brown grosgrain ribbon for it to hang from then added my necklaces and some bracelets... I LOVE how it turned out!

Here's a close-up of the rake head:

Hope this little project inspires you, enjoy your weekend :)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Stopping in...

Hi all,

I know I said that I'd be posting more often but time has gotten away from me!  I spent a couple of weeks this month rearranging my living room, my bedroom and my daughter's bedroom, adding more storage to closets and creating more space in general.  I've sold a few things and bought a few things :)   Gone from my living room is the old Singer sewing machine table that I was using for my tv (sold it); in it's place is my dry sink that I had crammed into my kitchen.  Since my house is small and I have a lot of stuff I've decided that any piece of furniture coming into the house has to have storage.  The dry sink is working out so well, holding all of our dvd movies and I love how it looks.  I did have to figure out a way to actually set my tv on it so I took the tray that I refinished 2 years ago and set it in the sink part and put my tv on top.  Works like a charm!   Here's a pic.. I was concerned that the dry sink would look too big in this space but I think it's just perfect.

I've discovered Picker Sisters.. as seen on the tv screen.. lol.. awesome show!

In addition to trading one tv stand for another, I removed my "coffee table" from the living room, which was actually my daughter's trunk which never fit in her bedroom before I re-arranged it; it fits in there quite nicely now.  I'm amazed at how much space she has now!

Once the trunk was moved, I got rid of my couch which was too big for the space, kept the love seat and purchased a gently used chaise lounge.  I found a great piece at a yard sale a couple of weeks ago to use as a coffee table.  I think it's a trunk, but with drawers instead of a lift-up top, it could also be considered a low dresser.  What do you think?


Love it! 

Thanks for stopping by, I will definitely try to post more frequently :)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Roma 2011!


As promised in a previous post, I wanted to share with you some pictures from my trip with my daughter to Rome in February.  She’s in university and had decided to go visit her friend during Reading Week.  Things changed so I decided to go with her.  If you’ve never been there, it’s an amazing city!!  The history is unbelievable, and the monuments and artifacts are stunning!!!

Let’s begin the tour!  Open-mouthed smile

The Coliseum.. breathtaking!




We did the inside tour.. Smile


Yes, that’s me, I wanted proof that I was actually there.. lol


A great night shot


We also toured the Roman Forum which is across the street from the Coliseum



Trevi Fountain!



Spanish Steps!


Love the fountain at the base of the steps..


View from the top of the steps..,. the street right in the middle is the most expensive shopping area.. Prada anyone??


We went out to Ostia one day, which is the Harbour City of Ancient Rome, on the Tyrrhenian Sea


Close-up of the sand.. yes, it’s black!


Villa D’Este, an estate in the mountain town of Tivoli, the grounds are amazing, with hundreds of fountains, evergreens etc; being February there wasn’t a lot in bloom


View from the Villa


Huge wall of fountains


Amazing statuary Smile



Fabulous fountain, I love this shot with the sun shining and the water splashing down!


All the handrails had some kind of fountain carved into them, love this idea!



There were fountains in almost every available niche on the property, love this one!


The Pantheon, almost 1900 years old!


Domed ceiling inside


Amazing architecture..


Now some randoms…

Moving day!  I saw this in Paris a couple of years ago, what an ingenious idea!  Since most of these old buildings don’t have elevators, this is the most efficient way to move.


Vespa!!  This city is filled with these as well as motorcycles and tiny cars Smile  “Bici & Baci” means “Bikes & Kisses” in Italian




“Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi” in Piazza Navona


The Vatican (St. Peter’s Basilica is in the middle), took a ton of pics here and in the Museum..  we were in the Sistine Chapel but no pics are allowed so you’ll have to take my word for it!


I took hundreds of pics, hope you enjoyed this little snapshot of one of the most amazing cities in the world, thanks for joining me!!  Maybe I should have a travel blog.. lol Smile

Monday, May 30, 2011

Christie Lake Antique Show


Happy Monday everyone and a Happy Memorial Day to all my American friends!!  Hope everyone had a great weekend.

I wanted to share pics that I took at the Christie Lake Antique Show this weekend.  This show happens twice a year, in May and September at the Christie Lake Conservation Area near Dundas, Ontario which is outside of Hamilton.  There are approximately 300 vendors selling pretty much everything you can imagine.  Enjoy the pics! Smile


Entering the field.. lots of people!  It had rained the night before and everything was muddy and the day was overcast, chilly and damp, then it warmed up and was humid.. lol..


I loved this booth but wasn’t sure about taking pics.. so I stayed back a bit.  Her prices were very high…  those apple ladders leaning against the tree were over $200.. each!!  The items were nicely redone, looked like everything was Briwaxed Smile.  Loved everything!


Lots of treasures!


Too many people, couldn’t get a good pic Smile


Tons of eye candy!


I loved this display of old doors and windows.  The prices were excellent, in the $20-30 range!


I loved this booth, they had nice displays and the prices were pretty reasonable.. I asked if I could take pics…  lol


Basket full of enamelware..


More enamelware stacked in a trunk.. I loved the white medicine cabinet sitting on the white table but didn’t want to pay $50.. I think the bedframe on the left was only $50, great buy for the right person!


Love the scooter, small table and child’s rocker


I loved this display of type trays, they were a great deal at only $20 each!  Excellent price if you collect them but I don’t so I just took my pics and kept going..



I was really drawn to these displays of the same item.. the sap buckets were selling for $5 each


Beautiful booth reminiscent of French country style.  The chairs were recovered in grain sacks; I love the effect of the rustic fabrics with the more ornate wood frames.  Beautiful!




Who doesn’t love these old apothecary cabinets? There were a lot of these in various sizes and shapes, all very expensive!


Another lovely display, these water buckets were about $25 each.

There were so many beautiful and interesting things at this show but the items that I really wanted were more than I was willing to pay.  I did get a few items:


Old cheese box almost identical to the one I already have.. but this one is shorter


I’ll be sanding the box smooth and Briwaxing it, or I might paint it then sand off most of the paint.. so many possibilities!


Someone told me that the beige enamelware was hard to find.  This must be true as this coffee pot was one of the few beige pieces I came across.  I love the green trim and the chip on the front.  They were asking $18 for this and $20 for the cheese box but we settled on $32 for both pieces.  I thought that was pretty reasonable.


Random hook I found at the booth with the windows and doors, he wouldn’t budge on the $5 price so I paid it, I love the shape and the chippy old paint.  I did come across another booth with lots of these and they were also asking $5 so I knew I hadn’t overpaid.

Hope you enjoyed the pics, I had a great day out with my daughter… makes life worth living Red heart

Have a great week everyone!